Billionaire buys up 11% of Take-Two

"Carl Icahn increases stake in Grand Theft Auto publisher; news of his interest boosts share price more than 11%, sparks speculation of shareholder revolt.

When a group of angry shareholders led by Strauss Zelnick overthrew the Take-Two board of directors and installed a new executive team with Zelnick as chairman in March 2007, the publisher's stock was trading for more than $21. Yesterday, Take-Two stock closed at $8.25, and some analysts suspect Zelnick might himself be the target of an investor uprising."

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fire233285d ago

There is no doubt that he will try and get EA to buy them

Saaking3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

GTAIV saved Take Two from EA last year. Unless they suddenly come out with GTAV, EA is finally gonna get their hands on T2.

RememberThe3573283d ago

They have quite a few games coming out next year with Read Dead, Max Payne, Agent, Bioshock, and all the other crap I can't remember. They will not have a problem staying independent.

Elven63283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Take Two is banking a lot on Bioshock 2, Mafia II, and Red Dead Redemption (even releasing it two years to the day of GTA IV), Max Payne 3 should do great and hopefully the Agent delivers and people buy it. Borderlands should have some legs as well, "Fallout" + Co-op = Win!

I'm also always up for a good third person shooter so hopefully Spec Ops: The Line delivers, it looked promising in the trailers. Hype for it in 2010 should do a ton for Take Two in 2011. Sales for Episodes from Liberty City will hopefully pick up, 4 GTA games in one! I remember a time when the PSP versions alone would sell million! =/

I feel sorry for Take Two, they aren't as "evil" as some of the other companies their side yet they have to go through all this s**t!

sikbeta3283d ago

I thought T2 was a Huge Publisher/Developer to end up being part of EA, knowing how big GTA games are and the amount of subsidiaries it has

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SasanovaS19873285d ago

sony will save take two with the exclusive deal they have. im sure sony paid up alot of money for it

Saaking3284d ago

Actually I think Sony made a deal. In exchange for letting GTA go multiplat I think Rockstar offered 3 exclusive games. At least I think that's what happened.

RememberThe3573283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

That seems to be how it went down. From what I've read over the years it seems it seems like it was all planned form the beginning.

It seems that Sony and Rockstar had a deal to make GTA4 exclusive, but with the rocky start of the PS3, Sony and Rockstar worked out a deal to let GTA4 go in place of 3 guaranteed exclusive new IPs. Sony was planning the price drop and slim launch from the beginning, so I'm sure Rockstar was much more comfortable make exclusives for the PS3 after Sony had smoothed things over with the launch of the Slim and the price drop.

sikbeta3283d ago

Remember that Sony and Rockstar have a good relationship, by making GTIV multi, Rockstat offer a new exclusive game, AGENT

sashimi3283d ago

This guy is always trying to cause trouble for companies ~_~ i used to always see him buying stock in various companies and whatnot.

bigjclassic3283d ago

What are they doing with the money?

jesterlives3283d ago

Who is to say that someone doesn't buy up TAKE2 and EA by the end of 2010?

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