Qriocity, The Name Of A New Sony Handheld Or Online Service?

Sony filed a "curious" trademark in USA for something called Qriocity.

Two things caught Siliconera's attention. Qriocity is registered for use with "portable gaming machines" and "game services provided on-line from a computer network."

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DeforMAKulizer3200d ago

I think its the name of the PSP Game rental service... Every game if you check its information you find "Expires on"... So it sounds logical!
You are curious to try the game... Thus Qriocity...

zeeshan3200d ago

Whatever it is, the name is abysmal!!

Noctis Aftermath3200d ago

You are spot on in my opinion.

randomwiz3200d ago

pachter should learn a thing or two from you...

NecrumSlavery3200d ago

Q riocity

"Cue" riocity


--solved by professor layton, still awaiting a thorough analysis

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lordkemp0073200d ago

Qriocity- Name of new Sony handheld?

Atrocity- Name of new Xbox 720?

zeeshan3200d ago

Hahaha! Nice one buddy!

Sarcasm3200d ago

lol best comment in awhile

sikbeta3200d ago

Thanks for that one...non stop lol

Nambassa3200d ago

Hahaha bubbles my friend! :D Thanks for making me laugh so much. :)

nefertis3200d ago

lol, Im curious to know wat sony will bring to ces

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3200d ago

with a tie in to the GPS for PSP.

Neo Nugget3200d ago

I guess it's continuing the pattern of names like Qore.



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