NVIDIA gears up for 3D Blu-ray nice and early

The folks at Engadget were lucky enough to have recently gotten a taste of NVIDIA's 3D Blu-ray ecosystem on one of Acer's upcoming LCD beauties, the 120Hz NVIDIA 3D-ready 24" G245.

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Nihilism3282d ago

Thanks god, finally a 120hz 24" monitor, now I have a reason to upgrade :D

No sense in getting another 22" just for 120hz, this monitor= win/win

samoon3282d ago

I really don't see the point of 3D TV's if we still have to wear 3D glasses for them....

ChickeyCantor3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Its not that they are 3D tv, its the hertz making them compatibly with those glasses.

Smart marketing by calling it 3D tv's.
The real ones don't need glasses, seen them in action, kinda cool.

I need to get myself a FHD LCD tv, @ 120hz...i want these Nvidia glasses.

"120Hz NVIDIA 3D-ready 24"

Its not saying 3D tv, its just saying it can be used for that nvidia product

Nihilism3281d ago

I'll be buying one of these monitors, but I personally don't care about 3d, because unlike supposed "120hz HDTV"'s this actually displays 120 individual unique frames, whereas hdtv's display each frame multiple times to give the illusion of smoothness, this will be an awesome gaming monitor, 120frames with v-sync? yes please

ChickeyCantor3281d ago

Well doesnt the input need to support that rate? Else it will always be a duplication of the frames in between.

Nihilism3281d ago

that's right, 120 frames for blu ray etc is just duplicating the frame, but for gaming you get the whole 120 frames, each frame unique, using a supposed "120z HDTV" for gaming would only increase input lag, due to the fact thew you would see the same frame 4 times before noticing mouse movement etc, which is the exact opposite of responsive which is what this monitor is for, 3d gaming still seems like a gimmick to me, even those that use it and say it's cool, still say it hurts their eyes after a few hours, which is not good for me as I like a good 8 hour session on an rpg etc, 120frames per second with v-sync would be dreamy though *drools*

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fossilfern3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Wrong zone :( but even still cant wait :D

kaz-hirai3282d ago

bu bu bu bluray is uzelezzzzz all we needzz iz DVD9ZZZZZ

Oh chatboxes why cant M$ just admit Blu ray has always been needed ? ;-)


Nihilism3281d ago

You do realise that as of right now there are over 100 3d games on pc, and they have absolutely nothing to do with blu ray, good old consoles, getting hand me down pc tech

3281d ago
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