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Best Buy discounts Metroid Prime Trilogy to $20

Best Buy has discounted Metroid Prime Trilogy to $19.99. (Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wii)

Saaking  +   1867d ago
Great deal.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1867d ago
For reals. No one should miss that buy.
NecrumSlavery  +   1867d ago
Trebius  +   1867d ago
Thats worth every penny!
The Great Melon  +   1867d ago
That's ridiculous. Even if you have played 2 out of the 3 games, you ought to buy this. Heck, I bought even though I already have played them before for the new features and controls.
Nugan  +   1866d ago
Wow, this is an insane bargain. It was already a great deal at $50. $20 is obscene.
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hello006   1866d ago | Spam
EvilTwin  +   1866d ago
$20 for 60-80 hours of some of the best gaming ever pressed to disc?

I paid $50 on release and thought I had a good deal.

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