Five Reasons Why Halo: Combat Evolved is the Most Important Game of the Decade

What makes the most important game of a decade? Most many units sold? Best critical rating? Most swear words per sentence/nude pixelated women? I think we can take it one step farther. How about most consoles sold?

Individual game don't sell consoles. That's a general rule that you find for game consoles, something PC gamers don't have. If you wanted to play Doom 3, you bought a brand new videocard, and that was final. But if a game comes out on the N64 and you have a PlayStation, screw it, you'll play it at a friend's house.

And then there was Halo.

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Digitaldude2798d ago

Agreed, Xbox would be no where near what it is without Halo.

Saaking2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Halo literally carried the original Xbox on it's back. Halo made the Xbox not the other way around. It also helped push FPS on consoles (following the success of Goldeneye and PD) and online competitive play on consoles to new heights. While I'm not very satisfied with this gen of Halo games, there's no denying that Halo CE and Halo 2 really paved the way for this generation.

7thNightvolley2798d ago

no matter how many may refuse to give halo credit that game single-handedly made paved a path for today's gaming psyche.. need to play FPS on console... coop-ing with friends in all sorts of matter to vehicle( damn i remember getting in a warhog in halo1 with a friend that was some freaking amazing thing when i played it on PC.. i was like omg we are playing together.. ).. then it really pushed XBOXlive and which made PSN in away more competitive and jump into online gaming ... coz frankly i remember when ps3 was out .. it was not really coined as used heavily for the online part.. it was there for the rituality but not till there are so much buzz to play over the internet with a friend..

halo1 and halo2 made me a game freak.. yes.. it got me to buy my first xbox1 and get into hardcore gaming.. as i am today..

all respect well given to this title..

hate it or love it.. BUNGIE did some big big stuff by making this game..

if there was not halo= NO XBOX = and extra 7 YEARS plus b4 online console gaming really takes off = NO COMPETITION FOR AAA TITLES from both sony and MS.= NO CONSOLE WAR :P... (cant leave the bad stuff out lool)

Bungie2798d ago

very true

nobody can deni the power of Halo

Halo just screams Quality

DaddyPoppa2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

But i would say it was the most important game for the fps genre....Most important game of the decade has to be gta3, even if halo sold xbox's and kept ms relevant, I strongly believe that gta3 had a bigger impact on the gaming landscape than halo:ce

Blaze9292798d ago

Halo single handily showed that FPS games can be down very well and be popular on home consoles. Not only that, they continued that innovation again folllowing up with the release of Halo 2 and Xbox LIVE. This time showing that not only can online gaming be really done on a home console, but also done really well for a FPS. Halo 3...didnt do much.

I think Halo really is the most important game, or at least, series of the decade.

Kevin ButIer2798d ago

I still play Halo CE with some friends,

We love Chil Out map lol

likedamaster2798d ago

"Halo 3...didnt do much."

"Halo 3 was the first console game to have not only map creation and sharing, but game recording and video uploading, to friends and to your PC."

Halo has always innovated. Can't say the same for most other games.

ico922798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

one thing that you have to give credit to Halo CE was that it was probaly the 1st game to perfectly balance and tune weapons so you never felt that you had the short end of stick,lets say if you were using a pistol and someone else was using a needler (pistol is my weapon of choice)you had just as much chance of killing that person as each weapon has its ups and downs , even to this day there arn't many games that have nailed what halo has done in weapon balancing.

Halo Combat Evolved is one of my all time favourte games which is saying alot especially seeing as im not a big fan of FPS.

edgeofblade2797d ago

True. Halo is immensely important to Xbox.

I love Halo. It did a lot to define MY decade of gaming...

BUT I'm not about to claim it's the most important game in a DECADE. I think it did some important things and brought some important innovations to the genre, and it might be the most important if you want to look at total sales of the entire series. But I'm not about to pretend it satisfies all the potential measures of "most important", and I would never in a thousand years expect everyone to agree either way.

evrfighter2797d ago

Most Important game of console online gaming this decade I can agree with.

I downloaded it on my pc...Played it for a total of 2 hours.

A pc gamer had cs, battlefield, call of duty, mechwarrior and many many more online games to choose from back then.

Halo was miles and miles and miles away from comparing with online gaming on the pc. Still is actually

derseb2797d ago

It may be true that Halo was important in terms of impact on the gaming industry.

But overall I think it is sad that these games are so successful. There are so many games out there that are actually funny, aesthetically pleasing and challenge your imagination and intellect.

Nevertheless people only seem to buy shooters where the setting is only focussed on delivering a stage for special effects and blowing things up (COD:MW2). War has been degraded to a background phenomena that is accepted and not thought over (just like in the real life in the US).

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inSaneELF2798d ago

The Xbox 360 arguably wouldn't even exist without it.

SaiyanFury2798d ago

True. HALO to the Xbox is very relevant. It also made FPS games the most popular on the family of consoles. Unfortunately, it also made the FPS genre, the single-most popular on the systems. Many FPS gamers flock to the 360 because of all the FPS games available on the system. Many gamers only get a 360 FOR the HALO games. Not a bad thing, but many of the really big games in different genres on the 360 don't do nearly as well. You can't say that RARE's games on Microsoft's platforms do nearly as well as they did on Nintendo consoles in years past.

There are far more properties on the other consoles that identify them. Nintendo does have Mario, and he's the single-most recognisable character in the family. As well as Samus Aran, Fox McCloud, Link, and the entire family of Mario characters.

Even more games identify the Sony brand. On the original PlayStation, Final Fantasy was possibly the largest brand that identified with it. Other than that, many JRPG franchises continued the tradition. If not JRPGs, many developers saw their companies come to life on the PS family. Naughty Dog had the Crash Bandicoot trilogy. Insomniac had the Spyro games. Konami and Kojima Hideo had Metal Gear Solid. Capcom continued the Breath of Fire series from the SNES on PS1. Naughty Dog had the Jak & Daxter series on PS2. Insomniac continued their greatness with the Ratchet & Clank series on PS2. Kojima continued the excellence that is the MGS series on PS2 as well. The Final Fantasy series continued on PS2 with 2 great JRPGs in FFX and FF12. They had even more games than that which proved great like Valkyria Profile 2 and much more.

On PS3, we have the new Uncharted series, the new Ratchet & Clank series, Resistance, WipeOut HD and so on and so forth. The largest and greatest diversity of games comes on the newest PS platform, as it has always been since 1995. Argue if you must, and as always, I happily invite peoples' disagreements.

Foxgod2798d ago

By the time the 360 arrived it had plenty of franchises.
When the next gen arrives, the MS platform will be the leading platform for exclusive franchises.

sikbeta2798d ago

Well, is M$ flagship title, is really important for M$ and its Fanbase

SaiyanFury2797d ago

So much for intellectual diversity. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, but I was hoping people would present their arguments openly.

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kaveti66162798d ago

Microsoft is playing a game of chess with only one piece. Arguably, it is a strong piece, like a Queen, but Microsoft isn't going to win against all of Sony's rooks, bishops, knights, and pawns.

EvanVolm2798d ago

Tell that to Nintendo and Mario ;)

kaveti66162798d ago

Nintendo is an exception to the rule that proves how relevant the rule is to reality. How many times has a console which is so full of crappy shovelware and so scarce in quality games become the most successful console in the market?

Saaking2798d ago

Mario and Halo just don't compare. Mario is leaps and bounds more popular and beloved than Halo or arguably any other video game franchise will ever be.

7thNightvolley2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

dude seriously .. u really REALLLY think halo is that generic that if something has halo slapped on it IT WONT SELL?.. are u f**king kidding me.. tell me one thing that has halo that hasnt sold.? isnt tha brand awareness ?... mario is big big big.. but halo is just coming right behind to become some pop-cultural figure.. weda u like it or not.. its happening already.. watch the sales of anything halo ... it is sure to sell..

edit: not to mention its a franchise that made.. multiplayer so freaking A MUST HAVE of everything now...
every FPS on console has taken a page off halo in some sort of way especially in the MP department...
its the reason y there is so much saturation of FPS on consoles now.. it was the reason Resistance was made to be the HALO many halo killers have come since halo was made.. should i start to mention? HAZE, RESISTANCE, KILLZONE.. lol come on..and u think halo didnt make an impact... lol

heck i looked at my achivements the other day.. i have played a total of 179 games to date on my 360 and 48 of them are FPS that is alot.. and i play all sorts.. not just FPSers

vvvvv reply..

dude u statement was u refered to halo and another franchise .. and i said.. mario is big big big.. but the whole halo and master chieft stuff.. is getting bigger by the second it wont be long that some ppl will grow out of mario and may want to embrace a more .. mature figure who do u think is next of kin.? with popularity in gaming ... the man in the green armour.. obviously.

Saaking2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Oh no, Halo will sell that's for sure. I'm just saying Mario (the character) is a lot bigger than Halo or any other video game franchise could ever be. I mean think about it. Mario is associated with gaming as whole not just Nintendo consoles, but all of gaming. I'm not bashing Halo or anything, but a LOT more people around the entire world know about Mario yet don't have a clue who Master Chef is. See my point?

And where in my comment did I say it was generic or lame or that it doesn't sell? Seriously, some people read too much into my comments.

GiantEnemyBOT2798d ago

You happen to forget to mention that Mario games span across different genres whereas Halo just covers one, the FPS. Also, Nintendo also has additional popular franchises like Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid etc.

DelbertGrady2798d ago

Last time I checked Halo Wars wasn't a FPS.

@kaviar6616 "Microsoft is playing a game of chess with only one piece"

So, what should we call Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, Splinter Cell, Fable, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Crackdown, Mistwalker's & Rare's games?

Are they not chess pieces? I beg to differ.

DatNJDom812798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I know what Mario is but what's a Halo?

I'm kidding. I dont know about game of the decade but definitely an important game for the xbox brand.

jamezrp2798d ago

Guys, it's not game of the decade. It's the most important game of the decade...has little to do with how good or bad it was. It's based on influence on the games industry.

Eric Barrier2798d ago

He makes a valid point while Halo is undeniably Microsoft's biggest chess piece that doesn't mean they don't have lots of rooks and bishops moving around on the board. Just like Mario is Nintendo's biggest player doesn't mean Metroid, Zelda, Pikmin, etc. aren't playing as well.

sikbeta2798d ago

Yeah, that's why you have to see Mario everywhere in every game at every time

At least M. Chief stay in Halo sequels and not in every freaking Game developed by M$

Probably Next E3 Nintendo will announce a remake of this:

likedamaster2798d ago

LOL. Saaking can't bear the thought of Halo(from Microsoft's console) could possibly be an icon like Mario. Good stuff.

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reintype2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

From the story, characters, voice acting, great graphics, well thought-out gameplay, memorable boss battles, incredible production values, all wrapped up in an unforgettable cinematic experience that was unseen yet for a videogame at that time.

You might say it's the blueprint of modern videogames. Alot of videogames we have now today owes alot to MGS, and yep that includes HALO.

inSaneELF2798d ago

You clearly didn't read the article.

reintype2798d ago

5. This reason fails, because Golden Eye, was the one that popularizes FPS on consoles.

4. Machinima? Good grief, I've been watching machinimas long before Halo's 1st and for the most part made from Unreal and Source. Besides the only machinima I know from Halo are Blue vs Red.

3. It's called milking. Maybe you haven't heard of other dairy produce like Mario and FF? As for map creation and sharing, other FPS have done it before HALO, besides I thought this was about Halo: Combat Evolved being the most important game of the decade? Then how come you list features from other Halo game? If the first game didn't have them , then it didn't have them. No need to pull feature sets from other game in the series to somehow prove your reasoning is true, because it isn't.

4 and 5. Well they are both the same, I won't argue because it is true.

I still stand by my first argument, I think MGS is the most important game of the decade and that this article should be renamed "Halo: Combat Evolved is the most important game for XBOX and MS".