Crysis 2: "A mind-blowing new direction" means new Setting?

New setting for Crysis 2? PC Games writes: "Screenshots reveals a city park, which is equipped with banks, garbage pails and different trees."

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kaveti66163284d ago

What in the hell is this mess? LIES!! I've seen this pics before. And wow, comparing these console screenshots with PC screens of Crysis really shows the weakness of consoles.

Barragan3283d ago

snes is so weak compared to this so is sega genesis

bacon133283d ago

Crysis looks amazing. I played this on my friend's beast of a PC and from what I remember the graphics were equal to if not better than Uncharted 2s graphics. UC2 looks amazing but PC's will always win in the graphics department.

ExgamerLegends23283d ago

I wouldn't say consoles are weak. But pc's are stronger. And crysis does look better on pc. But that's not saying much. Crysis is a beast but considering what it takes to run it, it's not that impressive. Killzone 2 and uncharted on the other hand are very impressive. 1.)because they are running near crysis level with "lesser" hardware and 2.) because the hardware they run on is difficult to program for.

On top of that the kz2 engine i hear has been modified to have bigger levels, more pple on screen, and 5x poly count. Considering the poly count was pretty high to begin with I'd say that's an impressive feat.

likedamaster3283d ago

"Biggest Douche Comment" goes to... Kavet!


on topic/
I hope its a different setting than the played out island scene.

Barragan3283d ago

is level size, other than that killzone 2 and uncharted 2 are top dogs

BattleAxe3283d ago

Lets hope the online is good, because Crysis wars sucks.

ia_studio3282d ago

I just peed a li'l, that's what next gen could be, in consoles, I hope so or even better, games will look better, I hope less shooters for the future spread your wings developers I know you can.

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fossilfern3283d ago

Lets hope the engine is better optimized this time around wonder if a 5850 will hold up well ? im sure it will but anyway cant wait till i see some PC shots :D

bozebo3283d ago

wow, different trees!

AnttiApina3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Oh my GOD, what a beauty!

Alcon Caper3283d ago

Looks better then Uncharted 2.

Fishy Fingers3283d ago

The original Crysis looks better than Uncharted 2, if your graced with an Uber PC.

This is where people have to be careful, any Crysis 2 shot released, unless clearly marked, will be taken from the best PC money can buy.

BYE3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Yeah. I'm sure a lot of people will see it in this quality on their PC.

bjornbear3283d ago

hopefully Crytek will trim the code enough so i cn run it on on my next comp.

Letros3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I will and will love it, you should invest in a good PC, hey you're probably going to drop $600-700 on PS4/720 in the near future.

FYI PC's are scalable, meaning you can turn graphics down to accommodate for your hardware, therefore that majority you speak of will be running at what PS3/360 are capable of.

See I can make asinine comments too.

DaTruth3283d ago

And Uncharted 2 looks better than everything else!

Alcon Caper3282d ago

BTW, I posted that to show how ignorant people are by disagreeing.

Ju3282d ago

Looks good (at least @ 600x388). Doubt it will look like that on my quad in full res, though, if I want to play it instead of "watching" it as a slideshow. Anyway, I'll get it it for the console anyway. I hope they can match KZ2/UC2 level on the PS3, though. Then it should be all good.

BYE3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )


You have a PC that runs a Crytek game perfectly on launch day?


Nihilism3282d ago

A lot of people do, as said above, the game is scalable also, I run crysis warhead on high and get 45-60 frames, on very high it doesn't run as good, but I still get a 30 frame average, but pc gamers don't consider 30 frames up to scratch. There's no such thing as perfect for a game, my idea of perfect is 1080p with 16qaa, 16af, ambient occlusion and get constant 60 frames with vsync, if you mean that, then no, no one does, but the game is future proofed on pc, which is why the first game is still the best looking game in existence almost 3 years after launch. It will look better as time goes on, which is the opposite of what happens on console

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Bluemaster773282d ago

The game looks good wonder how insane the rig will have to be in order to reach that level , those pics sure as hell arent from the console versions

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