LTD, YTD NPD hardware sales

Check out the life-to-date and year-to-date hardware figures for the PS3, 360, Wii, DS, PSP, and PS2 updated from the most recent NPD sales report.

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Valay3278d ago

The DS has just been fantastic since the first version of the system launched. I would have never guessed that the DS brand would be this successful when Nintendo announced the system.

I wonder what kind of year it'll have next year - Another iteration of the handheld, the DSi XL, will be out in North America early next year.

Elven63278d ago

The DS does great but the software is telling when great games like GTA: China Town Wars for instance sell like crap, with over 100 million units you would think at least some of those people are into mature rated games?!?

Great numbers with the PlayStation family, especially the PS2, I'm surprised those things sell this much!

The 360 isn't doing that bad either, I expect it will reach 20 million easily before 2010 is over. The PS3 will also go up to maybe 12-13 million by the end of 2010? Great software for both system, tons of stuff to help move consoles. :)

Traveler3278d ago

Indeed, it is truly amazing how well the PS2 has continued to sell. I am also surprised to see that the lifetime sales of the Wii in North America isn't too much greater than the sales of the 360.

rroded3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


PS2: 44,981,318
DS: 35,416,758
Wii: 23,324,381
Xbox 360: 17,320,986
PSP: 16,182,836
PS3: 9,768,696

Saaking3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

People wonder why 360 games sell so much more in the US than PS3 games and call the PS3 a "failure" becuase of it yet they almost always seem to forget that:

1. The 360 leads 2:1 in NA

2.NA is the only thing keeping the 360 from being outsold (even with a ONE year head start.

Seriously people, use your heads. A good example is MW2. It sold 4 million on the 360 and 2 million on the PS3. Given that the 360 leads 2-1 that means that MW2 sold, technically, the same on both consoles.

Menech3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


Your also forgetting the UK you know the 3rd biggest gaming market in the world... Where the 360 completely storms the PS3 most likely more so then it does in America.

I know alot of tech heads and have alot of mates that enjoy gaming. I can name 3 friends that own a ps3. And at least 15 friends/people I know that own a 360.

Everyone always forgets how important the UK is to the console market. Its almost as important as Japan and where the PS3 is destroying the 360 in Japan, the 360 is destroying the PS3 in the UK Microsoft knows that all to well.

You can pick up a new 360 here for 109.99 a new PS3 is going to cost you 249.99. In the UK the 360 is better value then the PS3 unlike America and the rest of Europe/Asia.

I know the PS3 is catching up due to the rest of Europe and Asia just though I would correct you though. Maybe next time you should do a little research before you preach to people about using there heads.

Saaking3278d ago

Um, I'm not talking about the UK though. I'm talking about game sales here in NA. People bash the PS3 for not doing the same as the 360, but forget that the 360 leads 2-1. It's OBVIOUSLY going to make bigger numbers. Get my point?

Xi3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

the point isn't that a single game is selling 2-1 on the consoles it's that the number of games in general.
(page 42 has the top 20 games)

4 of the top 10 selling games in novemeber were 360 titles, and 7 of the top 20, compared to 2 and 4 respectively for the ps3, 8 for the wii. That's double the number of games, selling at double the amount.

the total sales for 360 games versus ps3 games is much greater then the 2-1 your implying.

it's not like this will persuade developers to drop the ps3 for development. You shouldn't really care as long as you're buying an enjoying games.

Menech3278d ago


Well clearly you just edited your first post from saying the US is the only place the 360 outsells the PS3.... But whatever I will let that slide.

Fact is your talking on technicalities think activison care that the PS3 version only sold 2 million in the US because the installer base is half as big? Nope they couldn't give a stuff when it comes down to business sense the 360 sold twice as many Modern warfare 2 games as the PS3.

All your doing is giving us reasons why it didn't sell as much on the PS3. Doesn't matter if them reasons are correct modern warfare 2 still only sold half as well on the PS3 as it did on the 360.

Let me make it nice and simple Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 outsold the PS3 version 2 to 1 FACT!

Reasons why purely speculation.

Rampant3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

MW2 sold 4.2 million on the 360 and 1.87 million on the ps3. Which works out to 2.2:1.

So... yeah. A good example all right.

IdleLeeSiuLung3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

It's also nice of you to round the numbers in favor of the PS3, but whatever. The real numbers are there for people interested in factual data.

Not only that, but the percentage of the 360 userbase that owns MW2 relative to PS3 is higher as well. Furthmore, if we are to believe all the fanboys spelling doom and gloom over RROD, then the penetration rate for MW2 (and most other games on top 20 list) just skyrocketed!!!

stonecold13278d ago

here in australia and same for newzealand

BRG90003278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Your argument about the 2-1 sales is a true statement... larger install base is a big part of stronger 360 game sales. However, you haven't made any effort to show us why that matters whatsoever. Game publishers and developers don't make money based on what percentage of an install base buys their game. They make money for the raw number of copies sold, pure and simple. So when a game sells twice as much on 360, regardless of the reason, the pubs/devs ARE seeing double the revenue from the 360 than the PS3, and depending on development costs and other varables, around double the profit. That is what is important.

People "ignore" this little fact you bring up in every sales article, because there is no reason to care about it.

3278d ago
3278d ago
elpresador3278d ago one said jack about the ps2 being out a FULL YEAR ahead of the 360 and game cube so to try to use that as an excuse now is retarded.

Second, percentages tell the whole story, not raw numbers.

Take MW2 in NA...

PS3 1.87 mil

X340 4.2 mil

Number of systems in NA

Xbox 360: 17,320,986

PS3: 9,768,696

% of PS3 owners that bought MW2: about 19%

% of 360 owners that bought MW2: about 24%

So, you see, if it were a true 2:1 like ya'll say the percentage would be equal, not off by 5%. To be equal to the 360, the ps3 would have had to have sold just over 2.34 million (give or take a 100k or so) to get thta magical 2:1 ratio and we are off by about 474k, which near half a mil is a big number.

Also, the people talking about 1 mil banned consoles, it was only 600k and though i could see rounding up a few thousand, or even 10k, rounding up 400k is fracking retarded.

Finally, you are assuming those 600k all bought new consoles and seem to think that they are useless when you can still play single player. Ya'll act like the banned consoles no longer work and cant play games at all.

Rampant3278d ago

So you mean to say the 360 attach rate is even better than the numbers show? That is pretty amazing then.

Perkel3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

@ Menech

UK is not 3rd market it's 4th after germany. ?And germany is PS3 domain.

Also don't consider UK as the biggest nation in Europe. erope consist of more than 40 countries and UK isn't biggest at all.

Uk in europe is only 360 based. France,Germany,Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal are all ps3 based.

insomnium3278d ago

The PS3 has so many games launched in 2 months time for example that it's extremely impressive the percentage is off only by 5 percent.

I don't know how can it be possible for you guys not to think about facts of life. If I just bought 3-4 exclusive games in a couple of months it's more than likely I don't have money to buy MW2 even if I wanted to.

I've been playing Ratchet and Uncharted 2 and I'm not at 100% on neither of those. I have a family to support so my time spent gaming is limited to a couple of hours per day.

I haven't even bought Demon's Souls or GOW collection yet so why do you have to wonder why the percentage is off by 5%

I just bought PJ Shooter as well so That even further postpones my MW2 purchase. In addition to everything I just said I'm still playing all the older great games Battlefield BC and 1943, Hot Shots golf, Red Alers 3, Singstar and Agarest for example.

Like I said it's extremely impressive the percentage is off only by 5 percent for MW2. We are little older compared to you x360 folks. We have a family and a career. Boy I wish I would still live in my parents house with little to no worries in life whatsoever. It would be heaven if all I wanted to do was play games.

I'm happy with my status in life and I'm happy with my gaming. If you find happiness in pointing fingers on sales then so be it. For me it's TOTALLY irrelevant in the end. I just don't want to listen to you brats trying to be smart and laughing at us adults for reasons that are so OBVIOUS.

Menech3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


Ermmm sorry but your wrong, It's true that people original thought german overtook the UK but that information was proven false and asked to be ignored.

Nice try though and I know the rest of Europe like the PS3, The 360 is more expensive and closer to the price of the PS3 in the rest of Europe.

I have nothing against the PS3 selling well I was just correcting a mong, he said that said the US is the only place where the 360 is ahead. Before editing his post to save himself looking retarded..

Evidence: http://www.computerandvideo...


One of them links is only 10 days old from the biggest news paper in the UK, Unless something suddenly changed UK is still firmly 3rd.

And to be honest it doesn't matter how many countries in Europe are PS3 "based", America's market makes them all look like chicken feed expect for the UK and possibly Germany it seems.

Not that I care to be honest I own both consoles and I like the PS3 better. Am just not pathetic enough to let it delude me from the truth PS3 is firmly in 3rd place and its gona stay there at least until 2011.

Yeah because the banned 360 owners couldn't of just saved there banned console to played chipped games offline and bought a PS3, Moron... And even if your deluded little fantasy where true it would of only helped the numbers by as much as 2 percent if you take into account the attract rate.

That's if everyone of them 600k banned bought a 360 back right away and not one of them bought a PS3, Seriously the crap that you PS3 fanboys type do you even believe it yourself you can't be that stupid Right? Right? Someone please save what little hope I have for humanity and tell me they don't believe the crap they type...

And honest I though the reason the 360 sells more games is because there owners leave the house to earn money to buy games ya know? Makes more sense to me then sitting at home all day like the PS3 fanboys on this site do thinking of pathetic none logical 360 conspiracy theory's.

But hey what do I know this is N4G right, I will make more friends simply typing: Death to Microsoft 360 owners burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!

vhero3278d ago

360 2:1 in us eh? Bannings have helped with that number definitely! But yeah thats why games sell more on 360 in US and when they don't well.. Enough said.

elpresador3278d ago

you are trying to act like an adult yet you didnt get the point i was trying to make and you are arguing about videogames. Furthermore, you dont know me or what my family life is so to talk sh!t is pretty immature. I am willing to bet that I am older than you are. ANd having this dumbazz attitude that somehow PS3 gamers are older and more mature and all have families shows how immature you are as well. I honestly couldn't care less if you are buying a good amount of games instead of using that money on your family.

Me personally, I'm a gamer and own all 3 systems. Notice I didnt hate on any of them I was just pointing out numbers and correcting a glaring error being made here and the fact you pun it the way you did shows what a super duper mature individual you truly are (sarcasm).

Bottom line, take your wannabe elitist azz out of here please. And really, I dont care about you or your "family" because just like I have no way to prove anything I say to be real, neither do you. Also, if you are so up on family and they are so important to you, why are you (Assuming you are in the US) on a vid game blog at anywhere between almost 2 am pst and 5 am est? THen again, I guess big man of the hose would rather play video games all weekend long instead of spending time with the wife and kids you SAY you have.

I guess the old saying is true. One should never argue with a raging idiot since they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience

NickIni3278d ago

Got any evidence to prove that the 360 really does "storm" the PS3 in the UK? Because I don't really call a sample of 15 people proof for an entire country of 6 billion.

Yes, chances are the 360 is outselling the PS3 in the UK, but I haven't seen any reliable sources proving this, and I have a feeling that the PS3 is doing much better than people think.

insomnium3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

WOW you're defensive. Did I offend you?

Just look at most played games on xbl. Halo and COD. Halo especially wreeks of teenage angst. There's no way to get around that period. The fact even strengthens when we look at how many players are online all the time. Kids love Halo so kids playHalo. Kids do play a lot more than adults do once again because of obvious reasons.

FYI I live in Finland and our kids 4yo and 6yo are outside playing right now. I'm 28yo.

IdleLeeSiuLung3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

"Got any evidence to prove that the 360 really does "storm" the PS3 in the UK? Because I don't really call a sample of 15 people proof for an entire country of 6 billion."

Not to be picky here and your argument is valid but what COUNTRY has 6 BILLION people in it?

Unless you consider the entire world population is living in one country, but just spread around the world....?

DaTruth3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

I thought the US was the only country with a population of 6 billion; Because a lot of people on this site think its the whole world!

PS3 world wide 10,000,000 + 4,000,000 + Europe 10,000,000-> E3 2 yrs into life est. 6 months of sales plus early Christmas sales 3,000,000 = 27,000,000

360 world wide 17,000,000 + 1,000,000 + Europe MS recently confirmed 360 passed 10,000,000 = 28,000,000

Edit: Forgot to factor in post price drop for Europe on PS3. Must be selling like hotcakes... love me some hotcakes

NickIni3278d ago

Ahh fudge. My bad ahaha. 60 million*

Seferoth753278d ago

1.1 -
The DS does great but the software is telling when great games like GTA: China Town Wars for instance sell like crap, with over 100 million units you would think at least some of those people are into mature rated games?!?

Oh You must not have looked at the PSP sales of China Town wars. It bombed worse on PSP.. I guess PSP fans hate mature titles as well then..
Next time you want to pull up some BS at least make sure you know what you are talking about... You cant just pull up one game as proof of something. Especially when that same game bombed on other platforms with sales that were far worse

DaTruth3278d ago

Chinatown wars is a decent looking game for DS. It is a cheap port for PSP. PSP has 2 GTA games that b1tchslap it all over!

4Sh0w3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Interesting numbers for the US, 360 year headstart was 5.5mil when the ps3 launched, now its at 7.5mil ahead in the us, so outsold the ps3 about 2mil since ps3 launched in the US. Japan ps3 easily outsells the 360, not sure what the exact numbers, but what I find interesting about all this sales data stuff is that if you look at vg gap chartz (I know its vg chartz, but they do correct their LTD numbers, when better data is released) 360 is at 35mil, while ps3 is at 29mil, a difference of 6mil worldwide which means considering the gap at launch,(360 released in all territories, so it was closer to about 7mil WW) BOTH CONSOLES HAVE SOLD ALMOST THE SAME AMOUNT OF HARDWARE WITH ONLY THE YEAR HEADSTART BEING THE DIFFERENCE IN SALES.

Sure if you want to be really technical depending where you stand with other regions sales data, probably one or the other has sold 400-500k more than the other worldwide,(Euro numbers hard to get exact) but really thats not a huge win either way whoever might come out slightly better. This is good news for both camps, even with the heated competition both consoles are selling on par worldwide when its all said and done. Good time to be a gamer!

sikbeta3278d ago

Hey kid, do you realize:

+100m > +50m ....... right?

"You must not have looked at the PSP sales of China Town wars. It bombed worse on PSP"

It bombed worse on PSP, but the DS fanbase is 2 times bigger than PSP fanbase, so where is the logic here?

Oh, there is not logic, OK then

SilentNegotiator3278d ago

First of all, what 1.30 said.

Secondly, they advertised Chinatown Wars even worse on the PSP than on the DS. And they hardly advertised that one at all!

Rockstar has no one but themselves to blame for poor sales.

DaTruth3278d ago

If 360 has only sold 17,000,000 in its biggest territory, how the hell could it sell 18,000,000 in Japan and Europe knowing Japan is only 1 million and MS just announced having passed 10 mil in Europe?

Oh yeah; Teh inphamous otherz region!

VGChartz is so garbage it is unbelievable. Way to way overtrack!

likedamaster3278d ago


on topic/
Excellent numbers for both Nintendo & Microsoft.

wpggamer3278d ago

I thought that the 360 sold more because of...
1 million banned consoles..
rrod rebuys..
e74 rebuys
MS reporting shipped numbers..

So that must mean that there are only a few more xboxes than ps3's. So the software shouldn't be 2:1. Which one is it?

morganfell3278d ago

You are assuming that every 360 owner bought MW2 and every PS3 owner bought MW2. They didn't.

There are a greater number of PS3 owners that realize MW2 is mind numbing, corridor shooter, full of realism inaccuracies and brain dead AI so tightly scripted it can't catch it's breath.

PS3 owners have a plethora of choices, not just one. As was stated this weekend after the new SOCOM maps were released, try the same brain dead run and gun tactics in Uncharted 2 and SOCOM that are used by 13 year old kisds in MW2 and see how long you last. Not long, not long at all.

edhe3277d ago

That going from the powerhouse of the last generation the playstation brand is now absolute 3rd in the US.

That fact proves that MS have managed what they were after - to discount the Playstation as the go-to brand for gaming.

No matter how many sales figures get published, and aside from the Wii, this generation will be remembered as the one that Sony lost outright their massive incredible lead of having their primary system under the tv.

MS have already managed more than their expectations - a larger install base than their competitor in the US. Sony have achieved theirs - a blu ray player in millions of homes.

Anything other than that is fanboy rhetoric.

socomnick3277d ago

"try the same brain dead run and gun tactics in Uncharted 2 and SOCOM that are used by 13 year old kisds in MW2 and see how long you last. Not long, not long at all."

Not long at all because anyone with half a brain will stop playing that garbage game within 5 minutes. Socom Confrontation could definitively go up there among the top 10 worst games this gen.

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NateNater3278d ago

Nice numbers across all platforms, especially DS. But I have to hand it to PS2. Almost 10 years later and it still sells strong.

sikbeta3278d ago

Can someone explain WHY the DISAGREES

Is NOT a lie, the PS2 still selling, you can't disagree with that

Unbelievable lol

Shadow Man3278d ago

We Bots didn't have any games to play this year, but at least we had sales.


Elvfam5113278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

lmao thats just US and one year lead but you're still cool :)

ssipmraw3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

it can stay that way for all i care, it makes me happy knowing bots like youself are missing out on so much which the playstation 3 offers

disagrees? bubble up for everyone but the bots

Kevin Butler of Sony3278d ago

IN before a bot cheers even though ps3 has beaten 360 every year in WORLDWIDE sales.

*looks up*

oh wait

Karooo3278d ago

by the look of that comment it seems you are 10 years old, why did you buy a gaming console? to look at sales?

the PS3 is 2.5 million ahead of the 360 for this year.
So you bots didnt have any games and no sales as well.

ZBlacktt3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Do you think that is because 1 million of you got banned by your father ( MS )? Then they had to go out and buy another Xbox to play the games they still have? Being for real here. One million banned Xbox users gone. What did they buy next?

To the person that disagree's with my factual post. Here, maybe you are unaware?


Traveler3278d ago

But you can't play sales.

I don't know why you are even saying that. I played games on my PS3 and my 360, so there were definitely games for both systems in 2009.

ZBlacktt3278d ago

good reply, as a gamer.

rroded3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

this console buis is way 2 serious lol

pretty sure bud was jus makin a funny n even if he wasnt its still a laugh.

ps12&3lover3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

shadow women did you read what you know how stupid you sound..seriously when did you stop becoming a gamer and started working for microsoft??

its so sad when someone can admit their console has no games but are happy with this really where the generation of games is heading cause if it is than im done with gaming..

i rather have the best quality in games than have i work for microsoft??? i get a cut from what they make?? wtf would i care about sales..dont ever call yourself a gamer cause you obviously dont care for games..360 owners should be ahsamed of your @ss...go play sales while i play games... ps3 #1

Pirateogta3278d ago

I'm a bot and I had games to play. The games I can remember playing this year are Prototype, Halo Wars, GTA IV: The Lost and Damned, Shadow Complex, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, Borderlands, Halo 3: ODST, Left 4 Dead 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, Trials HD, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (LIVE Arcade), Sonic and Knuckles (Live Arcade), Assassin's Creed II, Forza Motorsport 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum, 1 vs. 100 (Xbox LIVE), and select other games that I still enjoy from other years, such as Gears of War 2, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Modern Warfare 1.

And I sure can't wait to play BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Brink, Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach, Fable III, and possibly Metal Gear Rising (I hated MGS4) next year.

Man_of_the_year3278d ago

I think people are disagreeing with you because you are assuming they ran out and bought a new xbox 360. How do you know that? Where is your proof that they did buy a new 360 and not a Wii or PS3?

ZBlacktt3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Did you just not assume as well? I asked a question with a ? mark. If I had a bunch of games for a console. Now the console is dead. It's really cheap to get another one. I might go that route over say buying a totally new console and start over on the game collection. Tell me that doesn't make sense..... More so if this was the console I loved over the other two anyway. If my PS3 went dead. There is no way I would just run off and buy another brand. I'm so used to the Sony console ( 15 years now ). This is where I was going with those that feel the same way about the Xbox. The games they still have are for it, their friends are on XBox live, etc,etc... They replaced the console with a new one more than not.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3278d ago

Poor droids... How did the Playstation brand go from first to last in one gen? "we don't play sales" what else are you going to say "we play last place" sales are the number 1 sign on how healthy a system is. Poor sales = failure and devs/pubs start jumping ship kinda like what are doing with the PS3

cyborg69713278d ago

Whose jumping ship? I bet out of all of you xbox only fans none of you graduated at the top of your class if at all cause your all a bunch of dipsh!ts. Why can't we get a world wide number total to shut everybody. Especially you bots. What crap argument will you douches come up with when the ps3 passes your xbox with your precious sales? Will it be psn is so far behind live? Which even at the moment is neck and neck. So what will it be? I think it will be something like wait till next gen the ps4 will be done. Just admit defeat now or get a ps3. There's no use looking like such a drone banging the same beat on a drum the rest of your gaming days.


we play games, you play sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u get a cut from ms profit you loser, since u play sales.

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Wile3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Basically even YTD numbers for PS3 and 360 in the US. Heavy competition between these two is only going intensify now. Gamers/Customers FTW!

Traveler3278d ago

Very true. The competition is good for everybody.

Xi3278d ago

I wonder what will happen with the ds2.