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Submitted by Nineball2112 2244d ago | article

Latest 'Final Fantasy' may be Sony PS3's final chance

Can active time battles, characters called "Lightning" and "Snow", and a convoluted story set in the fantasy world of Pulse turn round Sony's PlayStation 3?

With the launch of Final Fantasy 13 in Japan yesterday (from publisher Square Enix) Sony has entered a crucial period that will seal the PS3's fate.

Final Fantasy is one of Japan's most popular games and in the domestic market number 13 will only be available on PS3. Analysts think that 500,000 Japanese households may buy a Sony console just to play it. The PS3 has lagged well behind Nintendo's Wii and Sony urgently needs to sell more consoles if it is to profit from subsequent software sales.

It now has a chance. (Final Fantasy XIII, PS3)

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Sevir04  +   2244d ago
News must still be slow on the other side.
The Ps3 is doing fine in Japan and it'll continue to do fine. in other markets. This article is Lame. We'll here the same thing in another year when both Versus and a new Kingdom hearts game is released on the PS3 in Japan. Lame
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Saaking  +   2244d ago
Final chance for what? PS3 leads Japan 4-1 compared to the 360, is beating the 360 in Europe, has the best lineup this year and next, has some of the highest rated games this gen, offers a wide variety of features, and is selling like crazy.

This article is so full of FAIL.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2244d ago
What is the point of reporting articles? so many people reported this article yet it still gets approved.
Megaton  +   2244d ago
Hilarious that this trash got approved. All-star roster of 360 fanboys in the approvals.
DatNJDom81  +   2244d ago
Oh no......
The PS3 is dooooooooomed! LOL. God it just doesn't stop does it....... How the hell is it? It's been selling well this year and will sell alot more units next year once the next round of exclusives come out. There are so many more unannounced exclusives in the works being that there is a 10 year cycle. It will attract more gamers eventually. Just as 360 and Wii's price drops, do they really think PS3 price will stay at 299? Remember, with time, the price of manufacturing will drop as well. Another thing. They make it sound like Natal is the second coming. Although I don't doubt Natal will sell, to say PS3 is done because Natal is coming is just retarded.
SilentNegotiator  +   2244d ago
Approved by the following Haters:

Poor delusional guys.

EDIT: LOL, you have to be registered to read the delusional, statistic-less, knowledge-lacking article.
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Marceles  +   2244d ago
lol it's hilarious how the news has been since FF13 has come out. This isn't even news, just a bunch of BS articles getting approved
duplissi  +   2244d ago
someone please! tell me how a system that consistently outsells the closest competition world wide is doomed?

the only place in the world where the ps3 is third is the US, everywhere else the 360 is third........ so ah what logic did they use?

i spit out my drink when i read the title. lol
Danja  +   2244d ago
This article is pure rubbish ..

First of all the PS3 lasted 3 years without a single RPG from the SE the biggest publisher of RPG's in Japan..

Sales have been healthy and to be honest the PS3 really doesn't need FF13 to be a success because its already a success , "SE needs the PS3 more than Sony needs a SE RPG right about now .."

Either way FF13 will just boost the PS3 sales and continue the momentum the price cut started into the new year ..

And then Yakuza 4 will take over in February ...
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TheDeadMetalhead   2244d ago | Spam
GameGambits  +   2244d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4

Little Big Planet

Resistance 1-2

Uncharted 1-2

Demon's Souls

White Knight Chronicles

Killzone 2


Heavy Rain

God of War 3

Gran Turismo 5

Last Guardian



Etc, etc etc have all been noted/will be noted as Sony's final chance. Come on morons, wake up and smell the coffee. Heck I didn't list nearly all the exclusives there are and will be, but if I tried to do that same movie with 360 I'd fail, because there isn't even close to that many games to mention worth playing.

Butt hurt poor people who can't afford PS3s are the sadest fanboys there are.
Anon1974  +   2244d ago
So, being the third fastest selling console in history is a bad thing?
Seriously, what world do these guys inhabit? Last chance? It's probably the last chance for sites like this to spout their anti-Sony nonsense before reality winds up and kicks them right in the gonads.

Fact, the PS3 as a platform is already profitable, confirmed by Kaz himself. Fact the PS3 has outsold the 360 since it launched worldwide. If they think the PS3 is in trouble, I can't wait to hear their take on how the 360 is doing. I'm not going to hold my breath for that one though.

This is the second time the Financial Times has run an article trying to give the impression that something is wrong with the PS3 despite it's strong sales. They reported in another article

"The high-spec – and high-price – PS3 has struggled against competitors. It has sold 24m units, compared with about 30m Microsoft Xbox360s"

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of Google can check the quarterly reports for both companies and see the PS3 - A) Launched a year later and B) Has outsold the 360 since it's been available worldwide.

It's like they either didn't bother to check their facts or they're purposely trying to paint the PS3 as a losing console. Which is it?
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TheBlackSmoke  +   2243d ago
The only last hope the PS3 has is the superior version of star ocean 4.
Valcore01  +   2243d ago
I agree
Just from the title I knew this article was going to be stupid and pointless. Not even going to bother reading it because it can only be a desperate attempt for hits. The ps3 is doing great and has an awesome lineup for 2010 as well.
SaiyanFury  +   2243d ago
Yeah, it's the PS3's last hope. It's not like the wealth of games available on the system contribute anything to the platform. MGS4, the Uncharted series, the Ratchet & Clank Future games, the Resistance series. As well as the plethora of RPGs coming. Yeah FF13 is the PS3's final hope for success. And please, let's forget about the PSone games coming out on the PS Store as well as the games like WipeOut HD and Flower. The PS3 is doomed and only FF13 can save it.

/end sarcasm.
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sikbeta  +   2243d ago
This article FAIL real bad
The real thing could be:

"Latest 'Final Fantasy' may be SE final chance"

If this game became a crappy seller like every JRPG on xbox 360, well the problem goes to SE

SONY is doing excellent, I want to see what this guy is gonna say when GT5, the PS BEST SELLER IP comes out

Delusional Level of Ignorance in "Game Journalism"
CrazzyMan  +   2243d ago
My thoughts were exactly oppositive
Since, FFXIII is First Game this gen in Japan, which sold 1M on first day and probably over 1.5M on first week, and THAT on 4M userbase!
Now Japanese 3rd party developers will know, that on PS3 you can SELL games. And will announce much more exclusives for PS3!

And GT5 is not even released yet. PS3 will be UNSTOPTABLE!
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Oner   2243d ago | Spam
Assassin Creed  +   2244d ago
Latest 'Final Fantasy' may be Sony PS3's final chance LOL
nefertis  +   2243d ago
its last chance or its doom. FAIL
GabeTheFatPrincess  +   2244d ago
Awful article
FFXIII will be a huge success for Sony in Japan, they will finish ahead of the 360. The Wii will stay at the top because it caters to casual gamers, nothing will catch it.

The writer is a hack.
Redempteur  +   2243d ago
"a ps3 is dommed article ???"

Now at this périod of the year ?

PS3 it really does everything including making haters desesperate ...

the final chance when the console is second place in both JP and EUR
the final chance when it's selling very well 'more that a mil already )
the final chance when all the great games including 3rd party are selling ?
the final chance when THE Rpg flood hasn't begaun yet ?

STUPID article ...
sikbeta  +   2243d ago
This guy is a Nøøb

He really believe that FF is the only HUGE SELLER game for SONY

GT5 is going to be REAL HUGE and it seems like this guy don't know about that

Poor Soul
unrealgamer58  +   2244d ago
did'nt know 4 mil was chump numbers >_>
holdmedownma2008  +   2244d ago
these age of gaming, is not about a good game anymore, it's all about sales, it's so disgusting. For example, if a game sell 600k it's a flop, because games don't sell like MW 2 and Halo. It's sad where we are at in gaming.
Saaking  +   2244d ago
If 4 million is bad, I wonder what they think of the 360's meager 1 million.
NotSoSilentBob   2244d ago | Spam
Nathan Drake2  +   2244d ago
is he talking about the console which outsold x360 by 500k units just in november?
nemesis enforcer  +   2244d ago
It's not their final chance...
I think the author is saying that the xbox360 version will sell more in Japan and then the rest of the world, because he only speaks about the ps3 version... HA! HA! HA! and LOL! LOL! LOL! Got my point?
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2244d ago
I wont even read the article. looks lame
unrealgamer58  +   2244d ago
@nemesis enforcer
the writer can't be so stupid that he doesn't know ff13 isn't being released in japan
nemesis enforcer  +   2244d ago
Hey man, you are right, i forgot the xbox360 version won't sell in japan, only in the rest of the world in 2010 (same for the ps3 version)... I apologize to you, i'm sorry, but IMO, is not the final chance for SONY...
emk2004  +   2244d ago
wow just wow
is this what really passes as game news now. who ever wrote this garbage should just give up on writing in general because he obviously doesn't do any research.
Silly gameAr  +   2244d ago
....thanks for the article :\
kewlkat007  +   2244d ago
Will there be any other game BIGGER then Final Fantasy 13 in japan?
Shadow Man  +   2244d ago
Star Ocean IV Xbox360s Last Hope In Japan.
Silverwolf  +   2244d ago
More craptacular articules based on nothing more than speculations. Nor Sony or Microsoft will be going away anytime soon.
happy_gilmore  +   2244d ago
who cares about the wii
that POS only has slightly more games than the failbox. only little kids and old people play it anyway
PS3 is where it's at. 500K this December is what i predict
theDutchFella  +   2244d ago
"yeah you should come play the Wii"
"yeah, alright see you guys there" *thumbs down* PPPPPPPPPPP (fart noise) lol
silverchode  +   2244d ago
last december the ps3 sold 726,000 so you're expecting it to sell lower? lol
Sigh  +   2244d ago
final chance?
I don't wanna make a list of what PS3 is getting in 2010. Think everyone is aware of that already. Crap article.
Henry Cain  +   2244d ago
What a waste of an article.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2244d ago
It's the final chance to show Squeenix that console RPG's can sell just as well as portal one's.

The title is misleading.
Mikeyy  +   2244d ago
Final chance for ps3? LOL has this guy even looked at Console sales numbers since 2007? The PS3 is doing fine

35 mill Xbox 360s
29 mill PS3's

Is the ps3 really "Failing"??? The gap is tiny. also the Xbox launched an entire year earlier. that makes the PS3 look twice as impressive with those sales.

I, honestly do not understand where in HELL this PS3 doom and gloom comes from. Research people. You don't take some fanboy on the streets word for it.
Eromu  +   2244d ago
Exactly, the Gap is small and closing.
ps12&3lover  +   2244d ago
is this 2006/2007...cuase by the looks of this title i could of sworn we are back in early stages of ps3....someone needs to tell this writer that ps3 is not going anywhere even if ff13 flops the ps3 still is not going anywhere..

this guy must have been under a rock for the last couple of months cause ps3 is on fire and nothing is going to put that fire this site just had its last chance...
Omega Zues  +   2244d ago
Wait whats this? another doom article? shocking...


Even if every house hold in the world had a PS3 consoles articles like this will still come up.
sashimi  +   2244d ago
I was wondering when the Ps3 is Doooooomed or else "articles" were gonna be coming. Guess they love coping and paste every other Ps3 is doomed "article" that has been out to date.
pixelsword  +   2244d ago
Tisk, tisk, tisk...
...if FF is Sony's final chance in Japan, this article is admitting by default that the 360 has NO chance in Japan.
stonecold1  +   2244d ago
same with australia
newzealand china japan europe 360 is way beyond the ps3 by this time or even mid 2010 ps3 360 will be in last place sooner than we think
rakunado  +   2244d ago
You seen how much shelf space is allocated for ps3 in JBHIFI? It's almost double that of xbox360!!!

Well... here in Melbourne CBD anyway! XP
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00  +   2244d ago
this shouldn't have gotten approved.
Ninji  +   2244d ago
And the people who actually approved this garbage
should have their approving privileges taken away.
TheTruth2009  +   2244d ago
PS3 Fans have the audacity to put down the approvers of this article.
The people that tried to stop it should be put down too.
Just because you don't have the vernacular to explain why you disagree with the article isn't good enough reason to not display it.
Just like this website. You take bubbles because you're COWARDS.

Debate your side.
Stand your ground.
Articulate your point and counterpoint.

Oh wait. You can't articulate blind fanboyism. It doesn't rationalize well.

Final Fantasy XIII is not only the final chance, it's not even a REAL chance.
It's a multiplat. It doesn't belong to you. It's ours too. Sorry.

2010 is the bombshell year in which Sony ceases to exist in gaming.
Microsoft is gearing up for a MONSTER year. And those mediocre titles you keep listing will come and go. Quietly.
Enjoy your games. Because they'll be long forgotten once Microsoft starts dropping bombs.

And Natal and Halo: Reach is the main course.

NO ONE CARES about the PS3.
Move on.
It's over.

Now go and buy something.
Like Premium Services for PSN.

Hypocrites. :-)
awesomeperson  +   2244d ago
Ahh the Truth, you fail more and more with every hidden comment.

In Japan Final Fantasi XIII IS an exclusive, and Japan is probably where FF will sell the most. So it is a very good thing. But your right, Final Fantasy isn't a final chance. There isn't a final chance. You see, Sony made a big victoyry in this gen, which they are proud of. They introduced Blu-ray as the next-gen format.

Mediocre titles? So Gran Turismo 5, which will outsell most of your 360 exclusives is mediocre? God of War 3 is mediocre? HEAVY RAIN is mediocre?

You think Halo Reach will shift more units? Wrong. Anyone and everyone who gives a shiz about Halo has gotten a 360 already. That title will move lots of software but noth much hardware. Natal is a joke to gaming. Sure Casual gamers will buy it, along with pedophiles practising their raping skills on Milo, but eh?

Premium Services for PSn will be an ADD ON. We will still be able to play online for free if we wish. Thats the difference. You are FORCED to pay to play online, while we can buy extra features and play online at no exctra costs.

Oh and I'm waiting for your second account, Ricco to back you up.
Unicron  +   2244d ago
Hypocrites? Shouldn't you be out supporting flops on the 360 like Star Ocean IV and the various GTA DLCs? Man, for a system where "every game is a success," there sure are a lot of titles that did piss poor. But that's to be expected when the fanbase is too busy trolling here.

Hah. Go buy some games tool.
#26.2 (Edited 2244d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Karooo  +   2244d ago
No one cares about the 360
To be honest the 2010 games for 360 aren't that exciting enough, apart from alan wake.

they wont be able to make a good halo when 360 has DVD limitation it will be the same stuff like odst.

God of war 3 and GT5 is bigger than anything 360 has. 2010 is the year when all main franchies of the PS3 come.

PS3 cant die anymore its install base is 30 million, Blu ray is the main Format now, sony only loses 30$ per ps3.

Once sony drops the PS3 price to 250 or 200$ and enable BC, the 360 is finished.
wingman32x  +   2244d ago
"2010 is the bombshell year in which Sony ceases to exist in gaming."

This is quite possibly the most retarded thing I've heard anybody say on this site. Even if Reach and NATAL end up being as soul crushing as you predict, sony would still withstand it. Halo 3 and Gears 1 & 2 failed to "Kill" the ps3, so it should survive reach and NATAL. Ok, let's say it does "Kill" the ps3. Sony would still make another console you idiot. It doesn't make sense. Should an NFL team disband from the NFL just because they had a bad season? Sony won't leave the industry that it helped create. Believe it or not, it's possible to learn from your mistakes and improve your next system. Look at the gamecube. EVERYBODY said Nintendo was done. How did nintendo respond? They pulled off the biggest comeback in the history of gaming and won a generation that isn't even half way over yet. ANYTHING can happen. It's stupid to resign from the industry because you made a mistake. Sony isn't going anywhere.
MichaelJackson   2243d ago | Spam
Zechs34  +   2243d ago
The truth...
All I have to say is I almost never reply to anything on here simply based of the stupidity of your words, but I am really going to enjoy taking that last bubble... Now guys, get ready, lock your doors, The Truth 2010 Incoming.
Oner  +   2243d ago
Just for you TheTruth2009 ~

Related video
#26.7 (Edited 2243d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
talltony  +   2243d ago
Truth you are just so DELUSIONAL!
LOL this game wont even exist on 360 in Japan you tard!
Ninji  +   2244d ago
The article got approved with a false title.
Real title should be "Latest 'Final Fantasy' may be Square-Enix's final chance". Obviously there are much better games than FF13 that are PS3 exclusive (even Japanese gamers hate FF13). FFvs13 will be better than FF13 anyways so it being the final chance isn't even close. It's just a bunch of butthurt xbots crying about not having any games so they try and find something to bash about the PS3 and they fail as usual.
horndog   2244d ago | Spam
spunnups  +   2244d ago
Has this person never heard of God of War, Gran Turismo, or the 15+ other 1st Party studios sony has? guess not
xabmol  +   2244d ago
Latest 'Halo' may be Microsoft 360's final chance
Can standard FPS battles, characters called "Master Chief" and "Cortana", and a convoluted story set in a alternate fantasy world turn round Microsoft's Xbox 360?

(see wut i did tharr?)

Besides, isn't this just another 3rd party multiplat game? How's that going to "SAVE" Sony? Sony does not survive on ONE game and ONE game alone, like some other companies do. Sony could lose 5 whole franchises and still have a lot more than it's closest competitor.
#30 (Edited 2244d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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