Sony Gets Serious About 3D TV

Watching a spectacular movie on the big screen is one thing, but what about more pedestrian applications like video games and cable news? It has taken a long time to perfect the technology and make it practical for use in the living room, but Sony is dedicated to making 3D TV a reality as early as 2010.

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Sevir043282d ago

The Mitsubishi has 2 HDTV-3d sets on the market both 65" going for $1400

and they are DLP 1080p 120hz displays that come with the glasses for 3d display.. Thats already attractive. I just hope they make it availible for all off there TVs, because I may just upgrade to a 42 inch 3d bravia if it's priced right and have all the spec noted above in that Mitsubishi TV...

hitthegspot3282d ago

The DLP technology is not as good as the other tec out there. I know the price is right, but you get what you pay for...

deadreckoning6663282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Wait...didn't Sony drop the PS3's price so that the average joe could afford it? Why is Sony getting serious about 3DTV when less than 3% of their install base even have these TVs?

@above- Ur absoulutely right man. DLP TV's have a lamp inside that burns out every 2-3 years. U have to replace this lamp on the TV which cost about 70 bucks, not including installation.

Rumor3282d ago

agreed. and this will be BIG!

AVATAR foockin blew me AWAY!!

DatNJDom813282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

This sounds soooo exciting! Damn can you imagine playing the Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Grand Tourismo 5, and Demon's Souls 2 in 3D?? Imagine a horror game in 3D? Bullets and environment blowing up all around you. It would be nice if Sony implements the motion control in those 3D games. The possibilities are endless.

Just wanted to add, I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D and if this is the future of movies and gaming, then I'm all for it. Avatar was a great movie. If you haven't saw it yet, I REALLY REALLY recommed to watch the IMAX 3D version.

sikbeta3281d ago

This is going to be HUGENESS

rockleex3281d ago

I'm sure many of us already have those glasses from watching Beowulf, Avatar, or other 3D movies.

Even if you don't, they only cost a few bucks.

But I want to know if ANY 120hz HDTV can display 3D?

PirateThom3281d ago


Technology giants don't stand still, they move forward.

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Assassin Creed3282d ago


Why Dat3282d ago

This is why I love and will always support Sony. Despite all the naysayers and media bullshit, at least Sony is DOING something and not sitting on their lazy butts.

You haters can joke all you want about Sony's sales and stuff, but when their technology peaks, they always BENEFIT SOCIETY. Think about that next time, before you guys call Sony "fail". They look to the future. That's what a successful business/corporation does.

Incase you doubters don't believe me, it's Business 101.

ZombieAutopsy3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

The only people who really give Sony hate are bots, and the funny thing is i garuntee they all have some sort of Sony product in their homes. You're right too Sony is alwasy trying to push the tech 1 step further and that is one reason they are among the top Electronics companies in the world.

LeonSKennedy4Life3282d ago

Saw Avatar at the midnight showing.


Amazing movie! Amazing 3D!

I hope to watch movies like that at home someday.

hermie3281d ago

There were a few face-palm cliche moments, but everything else was stellar and the visuals are clearly of a whole new caliber. The most intensive/ unique movie experience I can recall.

bjornbear3281d ago

I'm a movie lover, and cinematically, it was ok (cliché stuff and so on)

but visually it was mind blowing =D i LOVED the art direction and animations!

In 3D it was pretty awsum, 3D tv's are def going to revolutionise stuff for sure =) if only they can implement the glasses better than giving you big clunky pieces of plastic =(

still, this movie was 5 stars =)

NateNater3282d ago

Now that sounds freakin awesome!!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

However, how many movies are made for 3D? Doesn't it take a long @ss time to make a 3D movie?

How long did it take to make Avatar?

Yeah, unless it cost close to what a normal HDTV cost I ain't buying it any time soon especially since I just bought my Sony HDTV like 2 years ago, but 3D sure sounds nice!

I would be more interested to see what they can do with games, but nvidia is pushing this so we will see....

NateNater3282d ago

True. Avatar took around 10 years to make i think. But as technology improves, things will get easier.

The price for these 3D equipped tvs will probably be nowhere near that of HDTVs today but it might not take long for price drops on them.

Leave it up to Sony to bring the 3D games. I've heard Wipeout with 3D is a blast. Could you imagine what Sony could do with 3D combined with their new motion contols? I can't wait to see what happens between 3D, gaming, and movies in 2010!

LeonSKennedy4Life3282d ago

Cameron has had the idea for Avatar since 1999. He got the project greenlit in 2004. He started full production on it in late 2004 and has been working with the 3D for about the past year and a half. It was ready as a film in 2007, but he wanted to perfect the 3D.

I'm so glad he did too. WOW! It was incredible!

ZombieAutopsy3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

I'll just wait 10 years or so till we get Autostereoscopic 3d tv's, maybe. I have never watched a movie or game in 3d so maybe the first time i do it will change my mind.

thehitman3282d ago

I was suppose to see transformers in IMAX but it was sold out for like a week lol... I dont think ill bother w/ seeing another 3D movie unless its in the comfort of my room. Anxious to see these 3D TVs progress once they catch on they could really boom for those movie lovers out there. Cough 3D pornos in HD cough cough.

ZombieAutopsy3282d ago

LOL i forgot all about 3d porn...guess ill be gettign a 3d tv after all.

LeonSKennedy4Life3282d ago

Go see Avatar! The 3D is so far beyond any other 3D out there. I've seen a lot of movies in 3D and Avatar is

Please, see it!

Aclay3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

If you haven't watched a 3D movie before, right now has never been the better time, go see Avatar ASAP. Once you watch Avatar in 3D, I think you're mind will probably be changed regarding 3D.

I've watched one other movie in 3D before seeing Avatar, but the way 3D was presented in Avatar far exceeds anything else I've ever watched in 3D.... just completely AMAZING.

ZombieAutopsy3282d ago

Is Avatar in 3d at all theatres or just places like IMAX.

krouse933282d ago

The non imax regal near me showed 3d avatar and it surpassed my expectations by Miles.

So yea all theaters have 3d and non 3d versions playing.

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