Gears of War Tattoo

DualShockers writes:

Are you a big fan of Gears of War? Really? Not as big as DMZilla, the Community Coordinator over at Xbox LIVE. He just got himself a brand new tattoo of the lancer from Gears of War, complete with blood effects.

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JoelT3282d ago

4 syllables Ri-di-cu-lous!

*Update* -and ridiculous not in a good way!

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago

I expect about 1,000 people to say how bad that tattoo is, simply because it is Xbox related.

snipermk03281d ago

Now that is one lifeless dude..

silvacrest3281d ago

i say this is bad just because it is, its got nothing to do with the xbox, i would say the same thing to anyone with a bloody chainsaw gun

bjornbear3281d ago

being good friends with tattoo artists...and having seen a lot of good and bad tattoo's...

It is technically well done...

but the possition and the actual tatto are horrible

Oh and bubbles, don't take it personally:

when its pathetic and ugly, it doesn't always have to do with the xbox ;)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago

Let's keep it real: Here on N4G, if it's Xbox related, it is gonna get slammed.

It's one of life's simple truths. lol

Max Power3281d ago

It's not bad because its Xbox related, it's just a terrible tattoo.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

"It's not bad because its Xbox related, it's just a terrible tattoo."

Yeah, but on N4G it wouldn't really matter. ;)

If that was a tattoo of Nathan Drake (and was the exact same quality of work) about 80% of the people who post on N4G would have an orgasm shortly after seeing it for the first time. lol

I'm not even calling people out on it, it's just the way it is around here.

-Seven-3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

while i wont argue with you that N4G is 75% PS3 fans, your logic fails.

Click this link with the Killzone 2 tattoo and you will see that a lot of PS3 fans were actually saying that it is stupid to ink a game on your body.

I have been on this site for over a year and went through 3 accounts because I lost my bubbles for being pro Microsoft. I am not a [email protected] that defends his console to death but if I like a 360 game I express that I like it and why.

All I saying that this is just a site and has no significance in life so you should not let it bother you that Sony [email protected] are the vast majority.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

It doesn't bother me at all.

I realize that it is hard to tell from reading someone's posts, but 99% of the time I am just messing with people and/or just pointing out what I see.

I actually get a kick out of the rabid fanboys on this site (their devotion knows no limits lol) and feel it would be boring without them.

(Group hug) lol

-Seven-3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I too get a kick out of watching rabid ps3/360 [email protected] defend each console with a passion.

That's why I keep giving Saaking bubbles even though I don't agree with his comments but just the fact that he puts so much effort into defending his console of choice and actually believes what he post is hilarious.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago

Yes, Saaking in particular is one of my favs.

I actually admire his undying devotion to Sony.

likedamaster3281d ago

I had a Gears tattoo way back before Gears 1 came out...

except I could wash it off.

jeseth3281d ago

that has regret written all over it.

Major_Tom3281d ago

Bubbles, useless comment after useless comment. The tattoo just sucks.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago

Major Tom accusing people of making useless comments?

Oh, the irony.

You could write a book on the subject. lol

cjflora3281d ago

I would say that when you post a comment like "Now watch all the PS3 fanboys say it's horrible just because it's Xbox" kinda labels you right away as a fanboy yourself who probably does the same thing to PS3 related stories.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

It's a logical assumption on your part, but it doesn't mean that it is true.

I was just pointing out how I felt the thread would devolve, and wasn't simply trolling like a fanboy.

It is hard to know what people's motives are around here, though, so I realize it probably looked like a typical fanboy type post.

In hindsight though, it DOES feed the fanboy flames to say what I said, so I guess that makes me part of the problem. :D

Oh well, in the grand scheme of things, this kind of stuff means absolutely nothing. lol

Major_Tom3280d ago

Lol I don't get all worked up about it, you're getting all whiny accusing people of fanboyism.

ape0073280d ago

someone have a tattoo in one arm and nothing on the other

or getting a 1G or 3G achievement,I get so mad,it screws your number

great tattoo btw

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JoelT3282d ago

never cease to amaze me. Good luck explaining that one to your grandkid in like 50 years!

taz80803282d ago

Yeah this is pretty hardcore, how do you explain to your kids what it is later in life? Unless they are up to like Gear 10 by then?

taz80803282d ago

He went as far to add the blood as well. Pretty hardcore for sure. Not sure I would have went with something form Gears maybe something more classic like Contra/Mario/Zelda?

Wrathman3281d ago

why? thats a man...not a chick

Megaton3282d ago

That's pretty fail. The tattoo itself doesn't even look really good. I've got friends in prison who could put that sad crap to shame with one of their homemade guns.

kaveti66163281d ago

Yeah, dude. We all know people in prison that can put civilian tattoo artists to shame.

Megaton3281d ago

My sarcasm detector is reading off the charts.

Wrathman3281d ago

love this needs a whole new thread titled...ive got friends in prison!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life3282d ago

Nice! : )

Getting Wanderer raising his sword to the 3rd Colossus on my back. : ) (Would have him on Aggro, but that's not consistent with the game.)

DelbertGrady3281d ago

Go for it! Sounds like it will be an awesome back piece :)

The most FAIL people to get tattoos are the ones that can be seen on L.A. Ink etc who always have some pathetic crybaby reason for getting it.

"I'm getting this buttugly picture of soaring eagle with a heart around it as a memory of my sisters nephews chinchilla who died from prostate cancer."

Even more fail is to tattoo your name on your body. Either you're full of yourself or you suffer from amnesia.

LeonSKennedy4Life3281d ago

I agree entirely. My friend Jake got his name tattooed on his huge black letters. Now people tease us about being gay...

...because my name's Jake too.


DelbertGrady3281d ago

You know what to do then. Chloroform, a vice and a sturdy sander will solve the problem.

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