Mitsubishi Offers Two 3-D-Ready HDTV Lines

HDTV sets are moving into a new direction, or dimension. The next major update to home theaters, coming in 2010, is 3-D technology. In fact, some HDTV 3-D sets are already on the market, and Mitsubishi has two 3-D-ready Home Theater TV lines ranging is size from 60 inches all the way to 82 inches. The 737 and 837 Home Theater TV series are DLP sets with 1080p resolution, and play high-definition 2-D content as well as 3-D content such as the upcoming Blu-ray 3D discs, content servers, and video game systems.

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bobajake3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I want one of those myself

dgroundwater3279d ago

Any 120Hz or higher set can do 3D stuff right?

presto7173279d ago

I've been thinking of getting a new tv. As it stands I'll just get a 32 inch 720p tv next year. I'd like to play in 3d but $1500 tv + ~$150 glasses? Come on...

The Great Melon3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )


Any 120 Hz TV should be capable of creating 3d images; however, the Mitsubishi TVs have the native ability to use the Nvidia glasses. The only problem I can see with normal 120 Hz TV's is that they can not properly sync the refresh rate of the TV with the glasses. This is essential so that there is no bleeding of the left and right images into the other eye.

Hopefully, this issue will disappear due to some clever workarounds. If the output source (like a ps3) determines where the refresh rate lines up, then the some form of the nvidia system could possibly made to work with ps3 to create 3D images.

Regardless of the current problems, I believe someone will come out and try to fix these issues. People don't just plop thousands of dollars every other year to have the best TV on the market, so companies will try and work around existing technologies.

Sevir043279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

PS3.. next year is gonna be hot. Motion control plus 3d gaming is gonna be sick i can just imagine Uncharted 2 and dead space 2 in 3d. screems* time to upgrade to an HDTV-3d ^^ Hujah forward thinking Sony for making PS3's with HDMI's capable of PS3-3d ^^

games like Heavy rain and Killzone 2 would Own in 3d, I'd wanna try it. the sets that Mistubishi has on market are pretty cheap, i just want to see how Sony goes about it. they better be cheap or about the same.

Pandamobile3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I'm pretty sure the game has to be designed to support 3d in the first place. So anything that's already released probably wouldn't support it (on the PS3 that is. Nvidia's 3d Vision software works with just about every game on PC)

KZ2 runs at 30 FPS, and enabling 3D would effectively chop the framerate in half, meaning the game would be nearly unplayable at 15 FPS.

It's not like a PC where you can just go into your GPU options and enable 3D. It's a lot more taxing on the system than you think. When you turn on 3d, the GPU has to render the same image twice, just at slightly different angles.

Arnon3278d ago

How do people not know that there's already a 3D game out?

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HyperBear3279d ago

how far will this whole 3D Stuff really take off. Im all for motion controls, Am really impressed by both Sony and M$ new Motion Controls, I more liking Sonys over Natal, but this whole case about 3D gaming and stuff is really awkward. Maybe its because I just bought a new tv 4 days ago, and now im a little choked that 3D is gonna be the rave next year and everything will be in 3D by the end of 2010, and that I would most likely hacve to shell out more money for a new 3D capable HDTV and buy Blu-Ray 3D discs. I can see it from a movie point of view, 3D movies are just starting to become standard and guaranteed by the end of 2010, most if not all movies will be in 3D, and then all will be put on Blu-Ray 3D discs. But from a gaming standpoint, I really cannot see this taking off. I know how cool it would be to see stuff flying at you from the screen and particle effects blown up in your face and what-have-you, but wont it defeat the whole purpose of what video games are supposed to be and how they are played.

Maybe im the only one who is not a big fan of 3D and having to wear glasses to just play a game, or call me old fashion, cause I really enjoy playing these games on my new HDTV, the graphics and everything just really stand out from the last generation of consoles, and playing them on older tvs. But, if this 3D thing really catches on, then I guess by 2011, ill be looking at 3D TVs and hopefully they will come down in price by then.

I just wanted to know if anyone else thinks that about 3D gaming, or if anyone else has thoughts on what they think 3D gaming will take off to. I hope im not the only person who likes the "new almost old fashion to playing video games" (and by new old fasion = playing games in this gen in HD, and not in new tech and 3D)

xabmol3279d ago

Feels like it was just the other day when I spent $2,000 on a 46" 1080p Samsung.

Now you can buy a 65" 1080p 3DTV for $700 less?

This makes me sad :(

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