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New Modern Warfare 2 Patch

BLPGaming's News Editor, Gamenewsnrumors, writes, "After a recent patch just a couple of weeks ago, Infinity Ward is already back with more fixes for recent glitches and bugs with the game." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Xbox 360)

rohsik  +   2050d ago
thank god! they are fixing Model 1887 shotgun. it was really annoying when people running around dual-wielding that shotgun..specially when the same person with that shotgun kills u more then trice, hell break lose in my room...hope they release the patch ASAP
mrv321  +   2050d ago
I got my nuke with 1887's it's pretty sweet I don't think they are overpowered if I did I wouldn't have prestidged.
Jinxstar  +   2050d ago
"I got my nuke with 1887's it's pretty sweet I don't think they are overpowered"

They aren't? So your just that good then? If you get the same KDR using other weapons then you can say your that good. Otherwise they are OP. Simple as that.
DavidMacDougall  +   2050d ago
"...I don't think they are overpowered if I did I wouldn't have prestidged."
So if they WHERE overpowered you wouldn't have prestiged?
mrv321  +   2050d ago
I got my nuke using 1887's because it was close combat which the shotguns are designed for. It was domination I was defending B, got seven kill... my harrier came... got 11 kills then AC130 and then nuke.

I could have easily been killed if someone flashed or stunned me... they didn't. My KDR is only 1.69 SO i WOULDN'T say I'm good just lucky.

If they where overpowered I wouldn't have prestidged because I didn't want to loose them... I didn't prestidge for a while on MW because the .50 cak was cool

Plus the my little pwny callsign is awsome.
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Jinxstar  +   2050d ago
The highest KDR out of 30 Peeps on my friends list is 1.45. Mine is 1.32. I am the seconds highest and there are some very good players on my friends list. 1.7 is due to those shotguns. Really try switching them out and see how you do? Do you only use them in close quarters or do you always have them equipped just in case you run into a CQC area of the map?

People using them does get really damn annoying but as far as I'm concerned they are fine to use. They are in the game after all. Which means I could use them too if I wanted. It's not cheating or anything. just kinda... Lame...
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mrv321  +   2050d ago
If I'm honest I use the scar quite a bit more than I should.

But no I only have them out if A) close quaters or B) headquaters.

I prefer the SPAS 12
Jinxstar  +   2050d ago
I hear ya man. Not telling you how to play just saying that a lot of the time when people have a nearly auto kill button then talk about how good they are it gets annoying... Kinda like bragging when you beat your girlfriend in street fighter...

I have a couple load outs I like. I have the Hbar(Or whatever that LMG is) with HB sensor. Commando, Marathon and light footed for my run and knife set up.

My normal is M16 with Acog and HBS. I use Scrambler perk, Stopping power and Bling

Sometimes I use my stealthy one which is Bling Cold blooded and Ninja(The rest is the same). It's fun but I feel like I need to unload on people to be effective...

I use the AA-12 Shotgun, Claymore(Almost always), Stuns, Final stand DS

KS Predator, Harrier, AC130.

Pretty sweet set up most of the time. Had some really good rounds.
mrv321  +   2050d ago
I am not as good, I honestly have no idea why my KDR is 1.69 maybe it's the fact I have good games like my last one 39 kills 14 deaths using the scar holographics and SPAS 12 only... called in 4 predetors. But other games it's more like 1 kill 14 deaths.
fatalred alarm  +   2050d ago
They were a bit overpowered.
To be honest, Those shotguns are a bit overpowerd and i'm happy they're nerving it.

not sure if anybody cares.. but gonna post my setup anyway ;D.

nuke setup: ( if i feel like getting a nuke ).

KS: Harrier, Chopper gunner, nuke
( and now i'm trying to get all moving emblems so my KS looks like: Attack helicopter, chopper gunner , emp )

Fal + red dot sight and grenade launcher.
spas 12 + grip + FMJ. ( recently got 1000 kills with it ).
P1: bling pro
P2: Stopping power pro
P3: Ninja Pro

To the guy above, I would remove that scrambler as it will give away your position to nearby enemies.

my normal outfit would be:
spas-12/ Stinger
P1: Bling or slight of a hand
P2: stopping power or cold blooded.
P3: Ninja or steady aim.

I also love the tar <3.

Current K.d. 1.87 ( not by camping, got the most running around medal 400 times ).
current level: Second prestige lvl 39.

and i never and i mean NEVER boost/glitch/hack. it's to low for words.
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mrv321  +   2050d ago
Here's a tip actually swap to your other weapons. So many times someone comes bursting in with a scar or a fal only for me to whipe them out with the shotgun.

This happend on terminal HQ. I was behind a desk in the shops I had cold blooded on no one though I was their. Last survivor I popped up and 3 guys stood infront of me with assault riffles I took them all out before they could get off a shot... tip of the day use a stun and USE THE SHOTGUNS! It gets so annoying when people accuse you of being a newbie when infact all they do is run around with an Assault Riffle.. it's damn annoying.
finbars75  +   2050d ago
I Agree
The 1887 shot guns are the most unrealistic guns I have ever come across.First of all those guns dont have a 30 foot shot kill radius period.I know its a game but if you are going to use authentic guns then put them in a game properly.First of all you cant spin them on your hands to reload.You have to do it the old musket way.Powder and and a rod to shove it down the barrell and the shot itself only has a 15 foot radius kill max.So gay how IFW has no clue of a how guns are suppose to work.The patch did nothing because im still getting shot from about 30 feet and dying.I had to put painkiller on just to see if it helps and nothing still dying from 30 ft. or more out..Plzzz learn to fix games before you release you them.With all the money these guys made off of mwf 2 you think that one patch would do it all.Shows the inexperience of this company even after the cod4 problems.I most likely will never buy another cod made by IFW again.I think I will stick to the MOH series thats brought back from the dead.
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camachoreloaded8806  +   2050d ago
LOL @DavidMacDougall
Dude, before you go on correcting the logic of other comments, make sure you spell your sh1t correctly. Especially if the whole word is capitalized, haha.
outlawlife  +   2049d ago

you don't load an 1887 like a musket, it is a lever action shotgun, works the same as a lever action shotgun today

it has a tube magazine that holds 5 rounds, and you can load the next shot by spinning it, trick shots and wild west shows have been doing this since the introduction of the lever action

not to mention this is also done while riding a horse because it is easier, many of the guns were modded with a huge loop style lever like the one in the game to make the action easier to work with one hand

before going on a rant about something you should know what the hell you are talking about

for instance here is a guy spinning a winchester rifle, identical action to the 1887/1901


and for good measure here is someone doing it with a real model 1887

it isn't hard to do
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aaronisbla  +   2049d ago
@ finbars75
You actually thought this was some kind of musket gun? Idiot, Outlawlife already owned you pretty hard in that last post, take his advice, think before typing next time
goflyakite  +   2049d ago
they seriously need a patch for the assault rifles.
2 hit kill + [little to] no recoil + no sway = ridiculous.
JonnyBadfinger  +   2049d ago
IW are going backwards
Seriously people who whinge about the Model 1887s are the same hypocrites that run around and abuse the guns glory and brilliance every chance they get.

There was a reason why they werent unlocked until level 67 any sooner and then there would be a problem.

Why isnt IW focusing their time on MAKING A PROPER matchmaking search system. I can search for about 3 hours and never find a green bar game. Luckly the Americans are terrible at the game, even with their precious host they still suck beyond human limits.

I say Activision hand over all rights for CoD over to Treyarch since they make the supreme Multiplayer expirence. FACT. NO ONE should have to play on a Yellow ping. And Treyarch understand that, and deliver the ultimate matchmaking search preference in which EVERYONE benifits. Poms connect to Pom, Yanks connect to Yanks and Aussie/Kiwis connect to Aussies/kiwis.
lovestruck06  +   2049d ago
@whoevers complaining about getting killed by double 1887 shot guns
im level 60 prestige so i dont have those shot guns. but you know what i do instead of complaining when i get killed by a guy with those guns after he dies i steal his guns then kill him with it. personally i love the shotguns there so much fun. personally i refuse to use flash bang, its like throwing sand in ur enemys eyes then shotting them id say thats way nubier then using dual 1887 imo. you may say those granades are tactical try gettiing flash banged over and over by a team and all u can do is just put ur controller down a wait to die. or what about those professional campers that have heart beat moniters, and one man army and they plant like 5 trip mines. what about how people knife u from ten feet away then when u do it it dont work. what about kids that all use 203's and rocket launchers with danger close pro on and one man army cuz i swear this one guy shot three rockets without dieing. what about the guys that 203 or javelin across the level at spawn and kill you cuz they know where the other team spawns. after all that bs the shotgunss really dont seem like that big of deal especially when like mrv said a camping guy with shottys can be easily defeated with baking granades, using the same weapons, flash banging. if u that idiot that keeps running into the room with fal and get pissed when u die. you should realize its not the shottys ur just dumb.. a whole team using 203's and rocket luanchers all getting multi kills is a bit more justified piss off. just saying......
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2050d ago
Now people are going to find something else to get nerfed.
mrv321  +   2050d ago
FAMAS? Grenade launchers... eventually they'll compalin about the riot shield.
SonySoldierEternaL  +   2050d ago
why don't you two get a room?

both of you are noobs
cyborg6971  +   2050d ago
I'd like to see someone have a shotgun in both hands and shoot. Then I would laugh while calling the emt's as both wrists would shatter. I can't believe this noobtastic crap is in the game.
mephixto  +   2050d ago
G18 Akimbo is next
meatnormous  +   2050d ago
I have shot a shotgun with one hand before and it doesn't break your wrist. It was a 12 gauge with just game load though.
cyborg6971  +   2049d ago
So you weren't firing a ranger. My point is to duel weild a shotty is not gonna happen at the accuracy and range this game depicts.
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2049d ago
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meatnormous  +   2049d ago
I never said that shooting a shotgun 1 handed was accurate. I said that I have personally shot a shotgun 1 handed and it didn't shatter my wrist like you said it would. I am by no means defending the people that use the dual shotguns cause I can't stand them either. A ranger is a 12 gauge shot gun and the shotgun I used is a single shot 12 guage.
JeffGUNZ  +   2049d ago
@ meatnormous
Like you said, you used game rounds, try shooting one handed tactical rounds. You'll mess your wrists up. You might not break them, but you will most likely drop the shotgun and the rounds will go above your target. Duel-wielding shotguns are very unrealistic. If they wanted to do Akimbo, they should have just left it at handguns.
AllroundGamer  +   2050d ago
i had a KDR of 2.37 even before i started to play with those shotguns (and i'm always a runner, never a fcking camper, who are btw destroying the whole game...) , which was hell of a fun, now they are almost useless :( Infinity Ward should rather fix the matchmaking and disconnecting problems, but their programmers probably aren't experienced enough to fix it...
S-T-F-U  +   2050d ago
Makes me laugh when people go on and on about campers. "Camping" as you put it is a tactic. A good one at that. I honestly dont see a problem with people doing this and I dont see why you do have a problem with ppl doing this. If they are camping in one spot and they kill you then you know where they are going to be when you respawn. Advantage you?
AllroundGamer  +   2050d ago
camper aka "coward" :P
ehkinoh  +   2050d ago
I'm sure camping is annoying to the idiots who do nothing but sprint around the map looking for the next person to knife...

Seriously though, I found the best tactic is to mix it up. Kill 1 or 2 people from a good spot, and then move to another area close to where you originally were. Generally people will want to go for a "payback" and will be looking for you at your old spot. The whole while you've set up a new ambush.

To Allroundgamer: If you just want to run, go play as a scout in TF2...
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2049d ago
I love you runners. You keep running into my claymores, and my FAL. I love how persistent you guys are. You can almost put you kids on clock.
AllroundGamer  +   2049d ago
and yet still few of us runners have more than over 2 kill/death ratio :D so enjoy your "staying on the same spot", you will be very much likely the last on the score list anyway... i want to play the game, not to drink some tea behind a barrel the whole game :p
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2049d ago
My MW2 K/D ratio is 1.75. :) I have been a conservative gamer since the day xbox-live launched. And it has worked wonders for me. My Halo 3 K/D is 1.83. Yours works for you. Mine works for me. I am not going to change my methods because you feel bad. I will set up shop and put warheads on foreheads all day.

"camper aka "coward" :P"

And only in a kids delusional world can you measure someones bravery in a video game. I like to see you pull that running crap in the real world in real combat. I bet my method gets more use than yours.
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AllroundGamer  +   2049d ago
and that's what it is - only a game, where you don't have to worry too much about dying (and won't have to camp in a corner...), therefor i always play it with more action in it, which is also why i have such a high ratio, because i know how the average/cautious gamer thinks and i always surprise him with some bullets :)
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2049d ago
I bet you put serious thought in how people think in a video game. s/c I honestly think you are waaaay to into this. What do you do for a living beyond systematically analyzing what the average/cautious gamer thinks? Does this analytical process take up most your day? Do you get paid for it?
aaronisbla  +   2049d ago
i love it when someone hates campers
if you know they are camping and you keep getting killed by them, why don't you mix it up somehow?

And oh how i hate when some one always refers to their k/D ratio as a way of proving skill when it really isn't it. Then again i play a lot of Hardcore Headquarters, if you wanna run out in the open like an idiot, don't get mad if my iron sights lock on to you.

k/d ratio is hard to take into account when you have some players like myself who enjoy using the riot shield, especially if it helps your team win games.
playnation  +   2050d ago
shotgun = coward noob
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   2050d ago
Hmm....Anyone else getting....
deja vu here? Something about number of patches and overpowered shotgun ? Perhaps someone else can recall Killzone 2 being hammered with the same criticism.
whitesoxfalife  +   2050d ago
i already this article last week check us out at realtalkgaming.com
GAMER NOT FANBOY  +   2049d ago
the scrambler is a dumb perk, just lets u know there is an enemy around you, it almost always works in the favor of the person being scrambled
KaBaW  +   2049d ago
True, but only if you are good.
Dark General  +   2049d ago
Actually I've found out that if you're wearing scrambler and you're rolling 3 deep+ it's a great distraction. The people in the immediate area will usually search out whoever has scrambler on more times than not. It's a very nice setup when used properly. Or applying the same tactic for a ghetto "counter UAV" for game modes where you have to attack or defend an area.
aaronisbla  +   2049d ago
works well in hardcore
the pro version since it delays claymores, but i prefer sitrep on hardcore, helps me find campers easier
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finbars75  +   2049d ago
Sorry buddy I miss read my info when I was checking up on the info.Disregard what I said about the loading like a musket.My bad but the way it does shoot is incorrect If duel weilding.I did read that its impossible in real combat.Trick shots are practiced for a long time and they didnt try it in war for they where worried about gun jamming or going off in the cycle.But at least I can admit I was in correct.no biggie. I did like the modern way in the youtube.I can see one shotgun but not running but not two especially people running and trying it.Cant see it happening period.
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pustulio  +   2049d ago
wow americans just whine when they get their ass kicked
It's true, they are awesome and not overpowered also you people don't like them cause you get your ass kicked all the time but you can use them and if you don't like to use them, then you're a retard they are what they are, and you're just a little girl whining about you sucking and losing cause you don't have them or don't like to use them and i hate infinity ward more for making them "not overpowered" and how "they are meant to be" what a bunch of BS ¬_¬

And for everyone i have got 26 nukes all off them with the ACR or M16, not with the "overpowered" shotguns, they are not overpowered and are great for close combat for the thing they are meant to be used also you can use stun and flash grenades, rushing to the same guy is not the way to kill him you guys don't know how to play and whine about it saying it's infinity ward's fault
Goldenarmz  +   2049d ago
about time, those guns are so annoying. I mean for ppl say its not cheesy or . .it isnt cheating if its in the game cuz you can use em. THat makes NO SENSE what so ever, if a gun is over powered regardless if anybody can use it is dumb. The worst is when your in a game and the entire team is using them. The range is ridiculous. you shouldnt be able to snipe with a freakin shotgun. You can be in a different game type and still get hit by those dumb guns. Glad they are nerfing them.
MuLTi-PLaTFoRM  +   2049d ago
No difference to me.. only had these shotguns for 3 levels before i prestiged, never used them..
2.10 KDR :)
KaBaW  +   2049d ago
They are over powered shotguns.
But, just because you use them doesn't make you good.
I prefer to just put a bullet between their eyes, then complain.
DirtyLary  +   2049d ago
No more laggy op shotgun rushers?

hmm I might play this again.
killnotic  +   2049d ago
I'd rather they just fixed the other weapons in MW2 instead; half of them are underpowered and the other half are just plain useless.
Dark General  +   2049d ago
I agree with you somewhat. I don't feel like having stopping power for damn there every other gun I use. I find it specially funny when some of the sidearms are better than the actual primary guns.
cyberwaffles  +   2049d ago
skill with MW2? how is that possible?
blahblah123  +   2049d ago
Every time somebody gets owned by whatever weapon, they demand a patch from IW.

Shotguns are overpowered. Thermal scope is unfair. M16 has no recoil. Tactical knife is for noobs.

Adjust, adapt. Check your corners and learn to aim.
JeffGUNZ  +   2049d ago
I feel the game is overall balanced and a great experience, but the model 1887's are too overpowered. If someone can hold onto duel wielding shotguns after they fire and it doesn't break their wrists/or they drop them, then the accuracy is going to be terrible. It should account for that, but it doesn't. You can hit people in faleva down an alley and in a window with not aiming. I am a tactical firearms instructor for the state of PA and I am telling you they are overpowered and completely unrealistic. IW realized this and are fixing it. If IW thought they were fine and not overpowered, they would not patch them. These are things that come with releasing a game and having millions of people playing it.

Duel-wielding shotguns are a ridiculous concept. Shotguns are designed to for two-handed firing and anchoring on your body for support. The stock/butt of the gun is designed to rest between your chest and shoulder area, to help take the stress of the recoil off your hands keeping the firearm stable and in result, leading to a more accurate shot. if you duel-wielded a shotgun in real-life, if you even held on to the guns after you fire, then your bullets are going 10 feet above your attended target 9.5/10 times. Duel-wielding should only remain for pistols only, and even that is a little far-fetched for a war-related game.
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El Nino  +   2049d ago
The weapons are so unbalanced its a joke lol

@ least there fixing the 1887, akimbo shottys r ridiculous neway
it would never happen, i;m suprised these clowns @ infinity cant let u dual wield the intervention or some other sniper, yes it'd be unrealistic because no scope, but this if IW afterall, guess we'll have to wait for MW3 for that

i'm done with IW honestly, lack of pc support and the unbalanced weapons is one thing, but the glitches and hackers make the game no fun at all.
El Nino  +   2049d ago
@ blahblah
People are moaning because you dont need to aim, especially with akimbo shotguns, you could be stood 20ft away and they just blast you, and the crosshair isnt even near you
twintipskis34  +   2049d ago
its not like ONLY people using shottys can have a high kdr. I have a 2.83 and i NEVER EVER use shottys unless i run out of ammo in my assault rifle
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