Top 10 Games That Need Online Multiplayer/Co-Op

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"Online gaming on consoles may be popular now, but it wasn't always this way. Systems like the Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and the original Xbox attempted to bring online gaming to the masses, however, they did so with decent success. The Xbox almost made it happen, especially with heavy-hitting releases like Halo 2 that persuaded gamers to invest in the LIVE service. It wasn't until the launch of the Xbox 360 that gaming online really started taking off. Nowadays, whenever you purchase a new game, there's a huge chance that it features a mode allowing you to play with or against real people (Army of Two - perfect example of teamwork in gaming). Of course, there are still many titles available that don't let players interact with others across the globe. Normally, this is due to many factors, like meeting a deadline or not having enough manpower. In these cases, it's understandable, but there are instances where specific games would have been better with the addition of an online multiplayer or co-op mode."

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Valkyrie833280d ago

I think many games should include at least some sort of MP experience, otherwise its hard to really be worth the money - only a few games can do that (Bioshock, God of War, etc.).....nice list!

UltimaEnder3280d ago

Agreed, more co-op action please....

NegativeCreepWA3280d ago

All the Pixel Junk games should have online co-op, I don't understand why they don't do it.

Kane & Able should of had it too.

xabmol3280d ago

Online for pjGames would be awesome!

PepperJack3280d ago

i wish left 4 dead had coop

xabmol3280d ago

i wish left 4 head had coop

Caspel3280d ago

multiplayer is a must

-Alpha3280d ago

That's one of the biggest faults of this generation. Often times it's a distraction or worse, it's forced down upon gamers. Multiplayer is certainly not a must, especially for Single-Player themed games where attention is diverted from the single player aspect.

Not many developers are talented or have enough resources to make multiplayer, but that's ok because Multiplayer is not a must.

xabmol3280d ago

But it is (almost) always a plus.

UC2 didn't "need" it, but it was a great addition.

I felt RE5 suffered due to the foucus on MP though. =/

LaurenKB1233280d ago

Gotta love the coop games, gives me something to play with my husband....need more of em!

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The story is too old to be commented.