Torchlight only $10 this weekend on Steam

The title says it all: indie game Torchlight, the next best thing to a Diablo title, is on sale for ten dollars through Steam this weekend only. For a short, single-player title, that's not just a deal, that's practically giving the game away.

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mcgrawgamer3221d ago

if you enjoyed diablo and like dungeon crawlers for 10 american bucks no reason not to own this game.

Cheeseknight283221d ago

Really considering this but at the same time, if I start playing this Diablo 3 won't be quite as interesting when I get to it.

At the same time, I love supporting Indie devs. Ugh.

bshubinsky3221d ago

I look at it a little differently. I'm hearing the Diablo has been delayed yet again, and for something that cures the itches, you can't go wrong for $10.

callahan093221d ago

I just picked it up and played it for about an hour. Not as cool as Diablo 2 was but it's fun for the 10 bucks I paid. No multiplayer, though? That was the main reason to play Diablo 2!

3221d ago
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