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FF XIII on Xbox 360 Losing 15GB of Data?

In an effort to keep the number of discs down to a minimum of three, the Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII appears that it will have to make some unpleasant compromises.

Site is NSFW. (Final Fantasy XIII, Xbox 360)

Credit url: twitchplay.com
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Bungie   2022d ago | Spam
rbluetank  +   2022d ago
this is why blueray helps dev....
i can not imagine paying full price for a game that has 15 gb of data losss..... compared to the other version... i am glad i picked the right system for this game...
lucifon  +   2022d ago
Put childish fanboy ego's aside you do realise that almost every single videogame you play has compressed data of some kind? Its completely illogical and an utter waste of space not to. Noone even notices the difference. Let alone the performance gains from compressed data due to access time being lower. This is just standard development logic, and is the case with literally pretty much every game out there.

I'm not saying the 360 version is superior in the slightest, but what I am saying is no doubt both versions will be pretty much identical.
talltony  +   2022d ago
:( Guess we will never hear that saying again.
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talltony  +   2022d ago
Everybody knows you can only compress so much. The 360 version will be much more heavily compressed and still be 15gb's less than the ps3 version. Everyone will notice the cutscene differences, The lower quality sound on 360, and the fact that you still have to switch disks 3 times and still not be up to par with the ps3 version.

Cant beleive both games will even cost the same.
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lucifon  +   2022d ago
Quite frankly thats just bullshit. I own both consoles so will simply buy for whichever I can get cheapest. Disk swapping? Seriously? If people cant be bothered to get off their arses for 5 seconds every 10 hours of gameplay then they have serious issues. Back in the PS1 days games with multiple disks (yes final fantasy) used to feel like you got a ton of value for money.

If the difference is extremely noticeable then i'll put my hands up and admit I'm wrong. However odds are the average consumer won't notice any difference whatsoever unless you stick a magnifying glass up to the screen. Most of the game's 'cutscenes' are in-engine and are not simply a video file.
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MK_Red  +   2022d ago
Shouldn't you guys wait until the 360 version is out as well before arguing which one is the right console or how much identical the 2 versions will be?
Guitarded  +   2022d ago
Little secret for you talltony.
Bluray is not "NEEDED" for games. The evidence is in the fact that the 360 is getting the same game as the PS3. Bluray is a nice to have, but absolutely NOT NECESSARY. Most people can't tell the difference between compressed/uncompressed video and most people don't have a 7.1 surround system capable of utilizing lossless audio.

Why o why  +   2022d ago
yeah Guitarded
neither is dvd...cds will do ¬_¬

ill be polite enough to fix it for ya Bluray isnt NEEDED for gaming but it sure an hell helps and is better than dvd<9
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young juice  +   2022d ago

yeah blu-ray is not NEEDED for gaming but the 360 is holding everybody back, can you imagine what they could do with assassins creed without having such limited space. sports games could be better cus you would be able to add allot more commentary,imagine what the halo,gears,or even l4d could do.

Think about it man!
beardpapa  +   2022d ago
gee according to the article,

"However, concerns over a crippled Xbox 360 version are misplaced – of the 38GB of data on the disc, only 8GB is game data, the rest being given over to sumptuous CG movies (see above), leading to the promise that the in-game elements will be “mostly” identical, whilst the movies simply enjoy far lower data rates to compensate, an admittedly dubious consolation."

Man.. that means after all these years, the biggest RPG this year only has 8 gigs of actual game data? What is this? RPG FF verison of MGS4 but no installs? Though, I have to admit Square has always made fantastic CG movies but is this pushing it too much maybe? From another article on SanCon, the 2ch readers state half the game is very linear, no towns, and battles use rehashed resources. This is all Squeenix can come up with?

Someone fire that d-bag Wada already.
talltony  +   2022d ago
Bluray is better for games if you want a better quality experience and this articles just proves it once again. Don't ever forget that more space is always better than less space so this shouldn't even be a debate. Bluray is better and needed if you want gaming to progress.... End of.
SilentNegotiator  +   2022d ago
The cutscenes on the 360 version are going to be like a Youtube Video (Before they added HD).
Saaking  +   2022d ago
Seriously, if you have the choice you'd be incredibly dumb to buy to the 360 version. If you don't have a choice, well too bad.
Mikeyy  +   2022d ago
""QUOTE: The cutscenes on the 360 version are going to be like a Youtube Video (Before they added HD). "

I was thinking more along the lines of those Realplayer videos back in 1996. on my 28.8k modem, the video buffered up, made some weird ass noises then blurridly played something that wasnt very distinguishable.
PopEmUp  +   2022d ago
Looking @the Pic
is dam Sure worth the money, not only that you get at least 10-12 bonus disc :)
Digitaldude  +   2022d ago
Lol ill get hate but, does this mean the game couldve been better if not on the 360.
Since SE said they were making it identical, they must make sure it fits on DVDs. So does this mean they couldn't add as many movies, graphical updates or sidequests and what not?
Who knows but we know one thing, Blue Ray is getting more important as time passes.
Rampant  +   2022d ago
I solved it. They put all the game files two times on the ps3 because of the inferior load times. No need for that on 360. That and sound compression makes for an equal experience on my setup!:D
sikbeta  +   2021d ago
@Why o why
"yeah Guitarded
neither is dvd...cds will do ¬_¬"

What are you talking about, cartridge is teh future, oh, wait...

rebirthofcaos  +   2022d ago
it will be more the compressed music and videos, but since SE sold their soul they will remove some videos or parts to the ps3 and the 360 NA release
NoxiousD  +   2022d ago
removal of movies?
What do you mean movies will be altered in the ps3 version due to the 360 losing data? Can you back up your statement?
Elven6  +   2022d ago
Don't worry, it's just fanboyism, they think because the game is a multiplatform title the PS3 version will automatically suffer. =/
Udidntlistenpunk  +   2022d ago
Inferior port...CONFIRMED
No way to deny this now.

Subpar non HD shortened experience.
talltony  +   2022d ago
Yea owned once again!
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BadboyCivic360  +   2022d ago
TRUTH BE TOLD: most 360 owners like myself wished the 360 had a bluray drive...its just a better format and i will not pretend otherwise
BadboyCivic360  +   2022d ago
wow, disagree for telling the truth...
if you guys feel like dvd is better then i wish you all the best in life...but ill take 1 bluray over 5 dvds any day
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Elven6  +   2022d ago
When did Square confirm that it wasn't HD?

BadboyCivic360: A HD DVD drive was POSSIBLE at one point, Toshiba sent Microsoft prototype drives in the spring or summer of 2005 IIRC according to employees on the HDi team at Microsoft. At most a minor delay might have been required or a small increase in price but the 360 could have had a better built in format.

I myself am a quality purist to a certain extent so I hate seeing games that are compressed beyond belief like Mass Effect, the various JRPG's, etc.
Foliage  +   2022d ago
A large amount of the content on the disc is comprised of core assets required to play the game, not only that, you have characters/enemies/assets/envi ronments/sounds/etc. that are used in multiple sections throughout the game.

This means that this content that is absolutely needed for the game, will need to be placed on every disc. So the estimate of the loss of data in the article is an understatement. The inferior 360 version will lose a lot more.
TheXgamerLive  +   2022d ago
WOW! Sony fans are so simple minded
You all seem to forget that the Xbox 360 can display in 3gb what takes the ps3 about 5 to 6gb to display. Compression techniques people, compression techniques. Both games will have the exact same content.
regardless, I've been watching actual game play footage on JTV for FFXIII in japan for 2 weeks now and I gotta say, it's very underwhelming.

edit: How can you disagree, look at cod mw2, it takes what about 8 gb total on Xbox 360, what does it take on BR? Go ahead look it up with your mandatory download, lol, I'll guess it takes about 13gb total, thus clarifying my statement ladies.
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we won  +   2022d ago
As I was saying in the gamer zone
PS3 fanboys are still angry about the lost PS3 exclusive coming to the 360 hence all the forced praise of the PS3 version and attack on the 360 version. This is why we get all these speculation articles before the game is even out, with no real comparisons or facts.

Has it ever crossed anybody's mind that not only is the 360 version compressed but parts of the PS3 version are duplicated on disc because of the slow Blu-ray drive?
xcox  +   2022d ago
^^^ @Xmoron and loser above
you make me laugh so hard: how can you spin that one? ha!

you can't!
but' it's hilarious watching you try
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we won  +   2022d ago
LOl at the retard above
Did you even read the article idiot?

Anyways I bet the PS3 has better quality movies and the 360 will have better quality gameplay. LOL this 360 article is filled with hundreds of PS3 fanboy troll comments, hoping their once PS3 exclusive is
inferior on the 360 lol
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Oner  +   2022d ago

Related video
PopEmUp  +   2022d ago
Lmao @the Picture
God you gotta love those Final Fantasy collection on the 360
joeyisback2585  +   2022d ago
lol ff13 for 360 flop confirmed haha
xcox  +   2022d ago
PS3 gets the HD version
360 gets the youtube version
xcox  +   2022d ago
&quot;360 gets the youtube version &quot;
i forgot something...

360 gets the youtube version for the same price as the HD version

stb  +   2022d ago
3.1 - "360 gets the youtube version "
i forgot something...

360 gets the youtube version for the same price as the HD version


jajajaJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ AJA uuuu reallly got me here dud.
Timesplitter14  +   2022d ago
My guess is compressed audio, compressed CG and compressed everything
NoxiousD  +   2022d ago
PS3 version will be uncompressed
Since the PS3 verison is uncompressed, I doubt very much it will be altered due to the 360 version. I am getting it on PS3 no matter what. It's really good to have a choice in this. The systems are the same price now so its easier to chose.
TapiocaMilkTea  +   2022d ago
And my guess is it'll probably ask for a lot of disc swapping when you're on the last disc and want to go back to previous places to do side quests.
jack_burt0n  +   2022d ago
I dont know any 360 only owners that plan on buying it anyway.
leila01  +   2022d ago
And your point is?
kaveti6616  +   2022d ago
His point is that since he doesn't know anyone who's going to buy it on the 360, that means that nobody is going to buy it on 360.

His logic is "undeniable."
aaronisbla  +   2022d ago
his point was in the original post, not sure why that was hard to understand, even if his point was fanboyish.
Mikeyy  +   2022d ago
I don't either, They all wan't to play as "TEH MASTERCHIEF"

samoon  +   2022d ago
Holy $H1T.

4 DVD's isn't enough??

How big is this goddamn game???

Btw this isn't going to end well..
xoxideu  +   2022d ago
gimp in
15gb out
eagle21  +   2022d ago
slopbox 3crappy :)

enjoy your 1,000 discs....watch for those scratches. :)
happy_gilmore  +   2022d ago
gimpbox 3fixme FTW
bu bu butt the ps3 is a trojan horse for teh blue-rayz
n to the b  +   2022d ago
360 = HD-DVD trojan horse
PS3 = blu-ray trojan horse

both MS and sony pulled the same stunt.
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Akagi   2022d ago | Spam
NoxiousD  +   2022d ago
The PS3 game will be the exact one from the JPN version. the 360 version they sacrificed 15 gigs worth of data which is the audio and video. It will look a lot nicer on the PS3, I will be nervous to see the flaws of the 360 version... i hope it isnt crippling like framework issues...
Magnus  +   2022d ago
This game I am getting on the PS3 but if I remeber Final Fantasy 8 use to be 4 discs so whats wrong with an extra DVD with that extra 15 gig of info Lost Oddessey had i think 5 or 6 DVDs. Looks to me like the 360 owners are getting the shaft unless M$ decides to turn that extra 15 gig into a DLC for extra coin.
TapiocaMilkTea   2022d ago | Spam
Anorexorcist   2022d ago | Spam
STICKzophrenic  +   2022d ago
I own both consoles, and I don't plan to buy the game for either, so this doesn't affect me at all.

I do have a question, and I don't want to rile up anyone because it is an honest question...

I've heard that sometimes games on Blu-Ray have the data duplicated multiple times due to the speed of the drive. Is it at all possible that some of the 40 GBs is duplicated data and for the 360 version could be removed since the DVD drive has a higher speed?
Myze  +   2022d ago
Whether or not stuff has to be repeated on a blu-ray is dependent on how efficient they are when printing it. However, what isn't able to be changed is that fact that on multiple discs, a HUGE chunk of each disc will be the exact same stuff. Just like every other multi-disc-based rpg available, I'm sure most locations can be revisited on each disc, so all that stuff is just reprinted for each disc, along with the big chunk of data MS requires on their discs for security purposes (unless they have since taken that out, since apparently with all the piracy it does nothing).
STICKzophrenic  +   2022d ago
Good point, Myze. I appreciate the honest (and civilized) response.
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chidori666  +   2022d ago


"Which begs the question – just where is that other 15GB of data going?"

1. loss sound ( no dual audio and no 7.1 )

2. crap textures

3. around tons of loadings
#17 (Edited 2022d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
gnothe1  +   2022d ago
some of you guys are idiots, an its apparent you didn't read the article, here's a piece from it(However, it may not be as bad as it seems. The game data itself appears to take up just 8GB, while the CG movies appear to take up the vast majority of space.)ok!! you see that!! 8 gigs of game data. PLUS you guys know that the PS3 version is gonna have duplicate data on the blu ray disc to help with the read speeds, an that is know as FILLER!!come on guys,any chance you guys get to take a jab at the 360 or DVD you take it wether its valid or not,PLEASE GROW UP CHILDREN!!

if theres over 40 gigs of data an only 8 gigs of that is game, do you honestly think there 32 gigs of CG movie in that game. come on guys I know your smarter than that!!
TapiocaMilkTea  +   2022d ago
Yea......that brings up a good point. How will 3 DVD be enough when the game data takes up 8gb? Don't forget each DVD will also have duplicated game data, otherwise when you're on the last disc, you will be limited to one city/dungeon, and going to previous places will require you to switch discs. So definitely in the 25gb combined capacity of 3 dvds, you will have many duplicated data.......it's safe to assume the duplicated data will be more than PS3, since it's not necessary on a bluray, just for improving read speed.
#18.1 (Edited 2022d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
NewNameNow  +   2022d ago

I would assume that means this game is pretty straight foreword for the most part, don't think you will be visiting too many places again like with Final Fantasy VIII
Ps_alm3k   2022d ago | Spam
NoxiousD  +   2022d ago
Your mother plays Wii!!!
FF13 will be awesome on the ps3!! I agree the 360 will be hit with DLC for alternate language tracks and costumes and stuff
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   2022d ago
360 is a beast at decompressing...
maybe they'll keep it to 3 discs.
Mikeyy  +   2022d ago
You said that with soo much pride. LOL
Cyrus365  +   2022d ago
they'll probably downscale the video from whatever it is, 720p or 1080p to a lower resolution, and rely on Xbox 360 upscaler, or the TV upscaler to kick it up back to a better resolution.

And they definitely cut on the audio, it's already been said the PS3 will have Loseless audio...which is great, however only few gaming homes homes haves speakers/recievers capable of producing loseless audio. So i'm not sure most will notice any difference.
Aceluffy  +   2022d ago
You know what I like to hear the most ?
FFXIII for XBox 360 version canceled !
I mean, if the developer has to do lots of extra works to make it on as few DVD discs as possible by compressing plus they have to cut some corners to make it work on 360, does all of that trouble worth the effort considering 360 fans are 75%-90% FPS/TPS fans ? Games without GUNS won't succeed in 360, that's a well-known fact.
If this game is really meant to be multiplatform, why isn't there a Japanese FFXIII for 360 ?
Please Squenix just end your unecessary deal with M$ to bring this game to their sorry ass console. God forbid if they encounter some other problem and decide to delay it further more, millions of FF fans in NA will be furious !
n4gn4gn4gn4g  +   2022d ago
Data Throughput
on X360 and PS3 is virtually identical. The 'speed' of the drive is irrelevant if the throughput is the same.
X ziyad X   2022d ago | Spam
Codeman420  +   2022d ago
honestly wat did you expect.
rezenu  +   2022d ago
Wow, there goes the bluray is not needed argument.
billjimbob   2022d ago | Spam
bruiser81  +   2022d ago
"In an effort to keep the number of discs down to a minimum of three"

Don't they mean a max of 3?
Lucreto  +   2022d ago
It is just compression.

Also it was not confirmed it was on 3 disks, they said they hope to put it on 3 disks there could be more.

If people want to see what the 360 version will look like there are videos of the Ps3 version on gametrailers that are compressed that should give an indication of the 360 version.
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