New Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Image

A new image from Shonen Jump Magazine reveals Naruto using Rasenshuriken and Sasuke countering with Kirin in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

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Sonyslave33221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Look okay i want UBISOFT to make another Naruto game .

tayz3221d ago

i thought that too. i think the gfx for 360 will be brought down a bit because of the ps3's sheer power but i hope not.

3219d ago
THE MAX SPEED 213221d ago

Can only be done on PS3. oh wait...

ExgamerLegends23219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Well that proves this game is going up to at least the sasuke vs itachi battle. Which means I get to use amaterasu AND Kamui. I'll prolly lose to itachi a couple times cuz I don't like sasuke.

And crap. I didn't think this game was really coming to the 360. I thought it was just a misprint like that killzone 2 on 360 or the Mass effect and that one zombie game for ps3. Personally I think it's stupid to put it on 360 when they already have a naruto game franchise from Ubisoft. Things...are about to get messy. I'm still waiting on the official announcement but so far that's two scans that confirm it's multiplat. I wonder how Ubi will respond to CC2 targeting their crowd if it's true.

Edit: And at the risk of sounding like a narutarded nerd, Rasenshuriken should beat sasuke's Kirin since wind element beats lightning element. BAM!!! there it is.

3sq3219d ago

I thought Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm sucks but it's on 360 too. oh wait...

Gun_Senshi3219d ago

it was Ubisoft who said Naruto is not possible on PS3.

rockleex3219d ago

And there better be as much characters as the Accel series.

Why don't they just bring Shippuuden Accel to the PS3?!!?

Its THE BEST Naruto game series ever.

Xeoset3219d ago

Meh, looks pretty rubbish still.

I mush preferred Ubisoft's Xbox 360 Narutos.

FamilyGuy3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

The first one would have done sooooo much better had it had online competitive muti-player. 700k aint "bad" but it could have been better. The fighting game fanatics in my friends list who have this game ALL wished for it and there's no reason it shouldn't have had it. Hopefully this new version will or they can expect only a small boost from that multi-platform decision over the 700k they sold last time.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3219d ago

Man, I can't find the link but what Gun_Senshi said is true.

But THE MAX SPEED 21 with its 21 accounts is stating yet another lie. That's why people take his bubbles, because his a liar just like the Mart. Always trying to turn the table with lies.

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Optical_Matrix3219d ago

Are they sure that's Kirin? Kirin covers a much wider surface range. Could just be an over exaggerated Chidori Eisou. Anyway, can't wait for this. One of my most anticipated games for 2010.

Chaos Striker3219d ago

The box to the right of "CH 710" says "PS3.Xbox360"

Ninji3219d ago

The first game was garbage. Even the PS2 games were better (which isn't saying much). I doubt there will ever be a good Naruto game. It's just going to be milked mediocre games from now on (just like DBZ). The last good DBZ game was Tenkaichi 3 and Naruto still doesn't have a good game yet.

Redempteur3219d ago

i don't know what games you played but the naruto cyberconnect games are the best ones . PERIOD

The accel saga got messy with the strikers but that's the only flaw you can find in this game

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