1UP: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Preview

Jeremy Parish: "I'm about three hours into the final Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII, and things are starting to fall into place for me. I'm getting a sense of the shape of the plot, I've met five of my six party members (and saw the sixth, briefly, in a romantic flashback sequence), I have a handle on the new combat system, and I've finally opened up the character-building and skill mechanics. And what I realize now that I see the game splayed out in front of me, its innermost workings revealed, is that it owes a lot to Final Fantasy X-2."

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FamilyGuy3280d ago

I hope this topic catches heat

This is exactly what I been thinking as I've been watching the streams of this game. Even though this is only a preview from a person who's only three hours in it shows a lot of why this Final Fantasy is still worth buying and not so deserving of the criticism.

Still a day one buy for me.

hay3279d ago

There are spoilers of the few in the preview for f*ck's sake! If you don't know what's going on there, stay away from it!