Top 5 Playstation 3 Exclusives Released in 2009

The Playstation 3 saw some great exclusive titles this year. Five games manage to stand out from the rest of the class.

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Saaking3283d ago

PS3 definitely has the best lineup this year.

DasBunker3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

without looking at the article id say

killzone 2
demons souls
uncharted 2
and ratchet Acit

EDIT:Crap got ratchet wrong.. i dont see how flower is a bigger exclusive than ratchet.. sure was innovative but not as big for sony as ratchet

SolidAhmed3283d ago

this is the real deal, Demon's souls on the top well deserve

zeeshan3283d ago

Wow, I mean just wow. Now when you look back, this year has been brilliant. 2010 looks even better. Sony has really done a fantastic job with PS3!

JoySticksFTW3283d ago

Yes, the game's that damn good

Don't let it's reputation - or the fact that you'll probably die a lot - intimidate you, and you'll do just fine.

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George Sears3283d ago

I would also put Demon's Souls up on top of the rest of the PS3 lineup this year. This game was really a breathe of fresh air compared to all the non essential lame ass JRPG's this gen. Sort of gave me hope that at least From Software knows what gamers want when it comes to this genre.

Last year, it was Dead Space the one that caught me by surprised, this year, Demon's Souls.

D4RK3283d ago

100% agreed, Demon's Souls was without doubt one of my favorite games of the year.

Saaking3283d ago

Demon's Soul is awesome, but I think UC2 really does deserve #1. It's just too amazing and near perfect. Anyways, PS3 owners get both of them, so who cares :D

Zeal0t3283d ago

what's up with Demon's Soul? Is it really that good? It's the only game of the list that i don't own or even played...i might have to get it

Redempteur3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

as a rpg fan , playing demon soul is like trying to master a race in gran turismo with every assist turned OFF .. you'll go out of your way often ... you'll restart ..but when you master it'll feel like a god ..

Demon soul is like that but for a rpg.. it's a game that is beautiffull unique and doesn't take your hand to help you finish the game ..

So if you're up to the challenge , And/ or like rpgs .. you might take it ... i doubt you'll be disappointed UNLESS you prefer story driven rpgs (demon soul is not that case either )

va_bank3283d ago

In 20 years of gaming I have never played an RPG type game - just didn't appeal to me. This one made me forget every other game I own. I'mm 22 hours into it and feel like I'm just getting started. People also say it's the hardes game they ever played. It's super hard, but not the worst I've seen.

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GeoramA3283d ago

God of War Collection
Comet Crash
Fat Princess
Katarmari Forever
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
WipEout HD Fury

PS3 would've had the best lineup with those games alone. Incredible.

-Alpha3283d ago

Don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but it's not like the gameplay was THAT great.

Fat Princess, Shatter, and R&C are much better IMO.

I can't believe how loved Demon's Souls is. I have a Deluxe Edition wrapped nicely for Christmas but I keep checking ebay prices and the D. Edition is selling for as much as $200!

I am thinking of selling Demon's Souls Deluxe Edition for as much $ as I can, and then buying a regular version... but I also want to check out the strategy guide, it looks so neat!

Anyways, I can't wait to open up Demon's Souls... I just don't think I'm ready to play alone, the game looks daunting lol.

I'm so happy it has online. I mean, the online is quite unique too. I'm hoping to go through it with some random players/hook up with friends.

Why o why3283d ago

keep that deluxe. buy another regular copy

Redempteur3283d ago

flower gameplay was good

BUt what matterred to most is the experience you've lived while playing the game .. so far it's unique .. and that's why it is in that place .. it's one of these games you can't understand until you play it ..

the first time i reached the city i spent 2 hours waking it ... i was so happy afterwards ...

flower is just différent as a whole

AmericanPsycho233282d ago

I thank i might be getting Demon Souls for X-mas or with gift cards so if you want a buddy let me know. At AmericanPsycho23

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lordkemp0073283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Demon Soul's is a cracking title.

Please do bear in mind its as hard as an xbotters little trouser truncheon after spotting Billy Gates bent over a barrel with his breeks (trousers) at half mast.

jalen2473283d ago

I own all of those games. They are all excellent games worth their full retail price which can't be said about a lot of games.

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