First Crysis 2 Screenshots and Info to be In the Next PC Gamer

InCrysis: "PC Gamer tweets that the first Crysis 2 preview is just around the corner. The preview will be published on the February 2010 issue of PC Gamer Magazine and it comes equipped with the first two screens from the game. The cover image shows an illustration of Nanosuit 2 in action and states that Crysis 2 will go into a mind-blowing new direction. Check out the cover image below. According to Maximum PC the issue will be available for purchase starting next week."

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rawrockkillz3280d ago

Awesome! I would like to see a trailer though.

Arnon3279d ago

Win. Preparing to place net behind computer for possible mind-blowing.

LeonSKennedy4Life3279d ago

If the PS3 version holds up well, I'm getting it over the PC version. I'm just really tired of playing games on my PC...only to have them LAG no matter how powerful my machine is.

Consoles FTW, baby!

t8503279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

ps3 version will be low/med settiong almost no AA.

any 2 yr old pc with a decent gpu will out perform it. by decent i mean a 88xx series nvidia card or 48xx series ati.

iamgoatman3279d ago

If every game you play is lagging then it's probably because you aren't using a good enough graphics card. What are you using at the moment?

Like t850 said, the console versions will be running at low res, low to mid settings and no AA.

I have a 8800GT, it's considered an old card but I can run Crysis on high settings, 1680x1050 with 2xAA with an avg of 40FPS, and i'm betting it will still make the console version of Crysis 2 look like crap.

Letros3279d ago

Also, if you're PC is that bad, try running it at PS3/360 level resolution, 1280x720, should be able to hit 40-60fps maxed easily with a $150 GPU.

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Ausbo3279d ago

im interested to see what the console versions look like.

that sucks it is the pc mag because they won't show what the ps3/360 will look like.

However, the pc version will obviously look better.

dirthurts3279d ago

A crap CPU or power supply will give you tons of lag, no matter how fast your card is.

LeonSKennedy4Life3279d ago

: )

I've been PC gaming for years. I know how to make a computer run a game.

I bought mine off of It's a freakin' BEAST! It'll do Crysis on Ultra High...and Assassin's Creed at the same time. (Assassin's Creed is one of the most demanding games out there...especially for physics.)

My computer isn't the problem. It's just that no matter how good your computer is, PC games have more hiccups. I love Crysis...and it runs really well on here. Still though...every once in awhile, there's some LAG...especially online.

That's really what I'm worried about here. I prefer to play a game like KZ2 or R2 where there's absolutely no LAG. Crysis lags terribly online...obviously depending on many things. Lol.

reneki3279d ago

if your playing crysis on ultra and complaining that you lag once in a while, your not doing it right.

and by your comment im assuming you don't play multiplayer, which is one of the main reasons to get it for pc if not the graphics. M+K > pad.

Letros3279d ago

Poor quality RAM will typically give frequent hiccups, not surprising from ibuypower.

W-k3279d ago

yeah I'm going play it on ps3, don't really care if the pc looks better or not,I'm sick of pc games my computer,its a year old and i cant get half of my games to work on it,its driving me crazy I'm sick of trying to get them to work all the time when i can just pop a disc in my ps3 and it works with no problems at all i don't have to sit there trying to make it work I'm done with pc gaming for that reason i am just tired of it i got a 5 year old game i cant even get to work,no disrespect to you pc gamers but its sooooo much easier on a console to play games

reneki3279d ago


i don't see a problem with that...pple can chose to play as they wish. though when it comes to multiplayer...i feel its just easier on pc with vent, m+k, headset, server browsers, custom servers, better clan support, just about everything thats important when it comes to competitive gaming.

likedamaster3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

I'm going to side with Leon on this one. I know what a PC can do with a game, I'm more impressed with what a console can do.

With that said, I'm glad they're taking a different approach than the usual "Island with palm trees" setting. It looks awesome but we already experienced that. Now to see the power of their new engine in a different setting. It will be impressive, no question.

cmrbe3279d ago

This game is made for PC. If you have a PC that can run it then its a no brainer. PC. Rage is also another that i will play on PC. Its really the only way to go with these particular games.

Pootangpie3279d ago

but I have to LOL at leon thinking the PS3 version going to look better hate to make you won't to kill your pathtic self but the PS3 version going to look worse then the 360 version OH NOEZ!

DaTruth3279d ago

Not gonna be what it was before going multiplatform. What makes Crysis Crysis is impossible on a console.

It's going to be a completely different game unless they tailor make the least selling version. But for some, money isn't everything, so it's not impossible.

frostypants3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

@3.2: Are people trying to use "lag" to describe poor framerates? Kids these days..."Lagging" has nothing to do with the graphics card. Lag is a networking term. Of course, the guy who said his PS3 has less lag than his PC is similarly confused...there's no way the PS3 should have less lag over the same internet connection, unless his PC's networking hardware/drivers were fubar'd.

Crysis was all about visuals, so assuming this one is the same then this is a PC purchase all the way (if at all...I thought the first was an average game that fooled a lot of people with pretty graphics).

y0haN3278d ago

>Crysis game

OK pal, you enjoy your failure.

Bathyj3278d ago

Its not about what versions technically better than the other. PC is alway a stronger machine.

Some people would just prefer lower console resolutions to sit on couch and watch it on a 50 inch screen over high resolutions on a 20 inch, sitting at a desk.

Motion3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Thank you. You beat me to it. It drives me crazy when people interchange latency and framerates/hiccups. You can lag like crazy with a 1000ms ping, but still be running the game at over 60fps. Or you could be running the game at 5 fps with a nice 10ms ping.

ExgamerLegends23278d ago

I don't really like playing games on pc. But i'm not quite dumb enough to say the console versions will be better. It's all about power boys. And pc's just happen to be more powerful. killzone 2 and uncharted 2 are the only console games that can come close to rivaling pc games. But killzone (while it had amazing graphics and physics) wasn't as open as crysis's world. And Uncharted 2 (while having great animations detail and a pretty open world)didn't have graphics that were on crysis's level. Though both killzone and UC2 were superior to most pc games. And on top of that the killzone engine i hear has been modified to have larger worlds, more ppl on screen and 5x the polygon count (no easy feat considering it had a pretty large poly count to begin with. Can't wait to compare the pc version of crysis 2 with killzone 3's graphics.

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jjesso3279d ago

my opinion is that this game should of just stayed pc exclusive and they should of maybe made a different game for consoles

Letros3279d ago

Well, I party agree with you, but I think CryEngine 3 will do good things for gaming. Developers are able to make a PC game and have it ported to consoles in real-time.

Although, we wont have those MASSIVE levels for sandbox style play which we're a first in FPS(Stalker too, sort of), which really was a big part of what made Crysis awesome.

Motion3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Thats pretty much what they did with FarCry pc, and FarCry Instincts for consoles. Totally different games.

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