How to play Minis on your PS3: a Halfbrick tutorial

As promised, the PlayStation Store has been updated with Minis that actually work on your PS3. The process of finding new and old Minis to play on your PS3 system couldn't be simpler; but, just in case you're a little baffled by firmware 3.15, Minis developer Halfbrick has created a tutorial video explaining the process.

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lordkemp0073283d ago

A halfbrick tutorial on PS3.

Thats nothing Xbox 360 give you a full brick.

This comes courtesy of the power supply.

Then you also have the option of playing the system for more than 5 hours and upgrade to one huge brick (flashing lights included.).

Automat3283d ago

I thought the Open Zone was over there ---->

Pinball Fantasies still won't play on my Ps3 though...

lordkemp0073283d ago

I would point you in the direction of your sense of humour Automat.

Seeing as you dont have one, i wont bother.