WWII Shooters: How The Genre Needs To Change

In gaming, how many times have you found yourself storming the beaches or Normandy, or fighting in Europe, and Russia? Far too many I'm sure. Most gamers are tired of the World War II genre in gaming. Let's face it, it's starting to get old, but what if developers were to look at the era from a different perspective?

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mrv3213281d ago

ames like Hour of Victory, Medal of Honor Airborne, and even Call of Duty 3 find themselves guilty of that in this generation. Let’s face it World at War offered something a bit different, but still fell victim to being a typical WWII shooter for the most part.

COD 3.. Medal of Honour Airborne and Hour of Victory... all realesed 2 year+ ago.

Name me the last WWII game you played that didn't have a fantasy/sci-fi theme where you though on Normady or famous battles of WW2.

Kreyg3281d ago

I think you failed to miss the entire point of the article.

mrv3213281d ago

Well if they can't bring out recent refrences then it has changed hasn't it?

Personally I find Modern Warfare games more annoying.

Kreyg3281d ago

Well, there really are no modern references at the moment.

I personally wrote that post and I went with games from this generation thus far that I have played.

The most recent WWII shooter really is WAW. All I was trying to say was, there were 2 bad games with pretty good concepts. History is already written yes, but what if you take the history and re-write it.

Instead of going with Modern Combat with the next MOH, maybe they should explored a different route with the game.

Personally I'd like to see history twisted and turned into something else. It's possible to make WWII have a bunch of different scenarios that change history and the war. I think one game I should have actually noted but didn't was resistance, it's during the WWII era and look what it does.

Exploring that route is a good way to go, if you want to keep the WWII era alive. Other than that, everything goes modern or is just another face in the WWII shooter crowd

mrv3213281d ago

There's so many good battle yet unexplored such as numerous Commando raids which we really haven't seen.

I'd love a cold war thriller game, with drama and action.

Kreyg3281d ago

Yeah, something like that would be great.

a GOOD Vietnam game needs to come out sometime too. I don't think there has ever really been a good one ever.

Elven63280d ago

Why change the war when there is plenty already untouched?

When are we going to get war games that make you feel for the characters? So far all war games are now is you shooting hordes of "Nazi's" with no reason other than the big shiny star on your map tells you too.

Why don't we see character development like All Quiet on the Western Front, Das Boot, Stalingrad, Band of Brothers, The Forgotten Soldier, etc in video games? Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy, and plenty of others do it, so why not for World War 2?

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Stretchnutz3280d ago

ehh, I was never a big fan of WWI shooters really but alternate stories or outcomes would be cool if done right. It’s all about the Aliens, the Aliens man!

Kreyg3280d ago

aliens would just be weird, but it could be interesting. but this is the kind of thinking developers should have

Saaking3280d ago

Aliens? Like what Resistance did?

Jellzy3280d ago

I haven't played a good WWII game since CoD:2. CoD:3, and WaW are all half baked IMO and never really lived up to their predecessor's.

I think dev's would be better spending more time and effort reflecting other war's.

Cold war, Vietnam etc..

I mean WWII games have been done to death.

amobius3280d ago

Another world war 2 game should not be made for 4 - 5 years im honestly sick of them

Advari3280d ago

WW2 games are a hit and miss you play the sametime line just over differant parts of the world. Turning Point I played and the concept was solid if other developers fallow suit with that kinda idea the WW2 games get stale after a while and should go on a little vacation.

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