ModNation Racers Beta Impressions - Traffic Jam Ratings

Traffic Jam Ratings states "First impression, the game is amazingly fun. Imagine Mario Kart meets Little Big Planet and that's exactly what ModNation Racers is. Part of the new Play, Create, Share genre spearheaded by Media Molecule, this game by United Front Games is all about customization."

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doshey3279d ago

this game is badass i love it and to think i forgot about it

Sevir043279d ago

There were people who were asking me on my friends list how the hell did i get into the beta, and asking me how it was, I simply told them mario Kart and LBP had a sexy baby, this game is just fantastic... it seems they've ironed out the server issues as well, and now the game doesn't lock up PS3's anymore.

So far I've created 2 tracks in what i'm calling the Sev Circuit series.

Kallion City Summit-Sev Circuit
Emerald Spires - Sev Circuit 02

anywon who's got the beta download those 2 tracks and tell me what you think of it.

They are published By Seviredgamer.

Oh and i have another beta Code i got from File planet. if anyone has got a file planet account and are a subscriber you can get a code from them. i'll have more on monday, but if anyone wants the extra i have right now just PM me.

UFG and Sony San Diego studio's are killing it with this one, First day Purchase Confirmed!!!!

Play, Create, Share for the Win!!!!

monkey6023279d ago

Simply amazing game. Few issues with the Network as to be expected with a beta. The customization is simply spectacular, very easy and defined. The lobby (modspot) is perfect too.
I'm loving this game and it shows so much promise in these early stages

PS3Freak3279d ago

There is some pretty long loading times, but that is the only issue i've had so far.

The Karts control very well, and the customization is great. Can't wait for the full game.

MajestieBeast3279d ago

Very fun game although it needs some stuff fixed like. Network issues are annoying same for the fps drops and the controls needs tweaking. The create part is very fun even with the limited tools right now. I would like to do paint jobs with multiple layers like the flames but then without needing a sticker have 3 colour options with the bodies so we can blend colours.

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