Uwe Boll directing Mass Effect film? BioWare says no.

"When you sit down for a chat with two of the top gaming developers in the video-game industry, there is no telling where the conversation might range. From the upcoming, and highly anticipated, Mass Effect 2, to the world of developer consolidations and who might play Sam Shepherd in a Mass Effect movie – if there is one – the topics were varied.

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski had the opportunity for a sit-down chat with Dr. Ray Muzyka - CEO and General Manager, BioWare & Vice President, Electronic Arts, and his BioWare partner Dr. Greg Zeschuk - President and General Manager, BioWare & Vice President, Electronic Arts during the Edmonton event."

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wogsy3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Im sorry N4G but this is not news!!!!!
Its not even a rumour!!!

Anyone with half a brain cell realises that hiring Boll to make the so called "First movie in a franchise" would be commercial suicide..

Uwe Boll has the worst reputation in the Film industry so why severly hinder your new franchise by hiring this hack.. Just the mention of this guys name stops people going the cinema so why would a succesful company hire this guy for the first film in a franchise???
Think about it! It just wouldn't happen!!

Gods sake man what a totally crap article!
If its having to put up with PS3 fanboys ruining every comments section then now I have to put up with made up articles that have no basis of proof!!! Your just printing keywords like "Boll" just to get a few hits..
This website has OFFICALLY jumped the shark!

Caspel3279d ago

you obviously didn't listen to the interview. Greg & Ray say they wouldn't want him to direct the film. You jumped the gun with that assumption.

Viewtiful3279d ago

Rofl fail. Try actually reading more than the blurb next time. N4G nerd rage failure.

Saaking3279d ago

Boll!?!??! NO, please, no. I don't want to suffer through another terrible movie. This guy will literally make everything he touches turn to sh1t.

Elven63279d ago

Its been ages since I've seen a Boll movie and I can't say I was impressed with what I saw. I've heard his Vietnam movie was decent, his movie about Darfur has been getting some buzz as well.

Anyway, do we even need a ME movie? The game itself is basically an interactive movie in some ways!

Caspel3279d ago

Ray stated he watched Far Cry on a train ride in Europe without any sound and was interested in finding out what the film was since he didn't know the title until the end of film.

Government Cheese3278d ago

My friend and I actually watched the Far Cry movie on Netflix a few days ago and it really wasn't that bad. Some parts were pretty cheesy but it was entertaining at least. That's the only Uwe Boll movie I have seen though

Caspel3278d ago

I have yet to watch Far Cry the movie, but I plan on doing so when I need something to pass the time.

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mrv3213279d ago

Common Sense-1 Uwe Boll-7 or so god awful movies.

Sarick3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

I recently saw his dungeon siege movie and didn't realize he directed it till the end.

Did this movie stink because I loved the movie. I understand the guy has a big mouth but why does everyone hate his movies. Perhaps I've got bad taste but I enjoyed Transformers 1-2 as much as his "In the Name of The King" I was shocked after seeing the end state it was one of his films. Maybe I always followed group thought on the internet that all his movies are horrible.

Here is the link to the trailer.

If all his movies are this bad then I have bad taste.

DelbertGrady3279d ago

BioWare says OMFG Jesus CHRIST F*CK no no NOOO!!!

Demon55003279d ago

BioWare are doing the right thing here, we all know who should make this movie JC....:)

kissmeimgreek3279d ago

im sorry, but i dont think jesus would make a very good movie, hes more of a book kinda guy.

But that there James Cameron. yah hed do pretty good.

Baka-akaB3279d ago

mmm the only license and not creator owned movie i'd see James Cameron accept to do would be Gumn/Battle angel or Parasyte . And even back then he kinda fullfilled part of that fantasy with his Dark angel serie ... even if quite different from it .

Caspel3279d ago

They do speak on who they would want on the film... James Cameron

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