Playstation Network Premium Could Be Amazing If...

PushSquare's "Twiggy" discusses the potential feature-set, pricing and marketing that could make the rumoured Playstation Network Premium service a success.

What would make you bite?

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mjolliffe3279d ago

Twiggy - The Stig of the gaming industry. Brilliant.

get2sammyb3279d ago

If that's a compliment (which I think it is) I'll pass it on. Either way, Twiggy loves hearing from folks.

Crimsonite3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

personally i think $70 a -year- is way too much. I think they should lower the $30 to $20, the $70 to $45 and offer an all in one package for $55-65.By lowering their prices alot more customers would be willing to spend money in a time of recession.

edit:sorry yeah i know it was a year just made a mistake typing too fast.

Elvfam5113278d ago

It's $69.99 for a year $9.99 month and one is 29.99 a year 4.99 s month

presto7173278d ago

but I like free. So I'll just stay with free.

Redlogic3278d ago

but i freakin called that music service part of the paid PSN -

Redlogic - 24 days 1 hour ago
21.1 - i think
that they will add a itunes-esq service. What a great way to break into the market by using an install base already established well around the world!

go me!! back to reality, my curiosity has definitely been peaked

Saaking3278d ago

Sony is going to make Premium worth the price and if they do, I'll happily pay for it. As I've said before, I don't mind paying as long as I get my money's worth.

Raf1k13278d ago

If there are a bunch of different features in the premium price I'd like to see an option that allows you to purchase only the features you want.
That way if cross-game voice chat was a premium thing I'd be able to pay for that as it's about the only thing I'd bother paying for.

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Sangria3279d ago

I really wish we wont have to pay for cross-game chat feature, or at least we may have a free limited version, but I know people I want to talk with wont subscribe to any Premium service.
And 70$ is far too expensive (especially if it translates in Europe at 70 euros), 30~40$ is pretty much a right price, even though proposed features in the survey were very interesting, I'm already handicapped with the Live price, I wont pay even more for a Prmeium PSN.

snaz273279d ago

Firstly we dont yet know for sure exactly what sony are gonna offer, and i dont know why people focus always on the cross game chat, i know its a pretty neat feature, if say you could chat and do whatever you like on the ps3, say play a game then finish then browse the net etc, all while seamlessly chatting away. however there are many more propossed things on offer, even the waggering system would be ace, especially if you could use the credits to buy content, but then it may get into the realms of gambling and that could get sticky. anyway my point being just wait and see what they offer first, they may well make it so damn cool that you HAVE to have it! lol... i have a pretty good feeling about this actually, and if it is that good id defo shell out 40-50 pounds for the year. be thankful to sony that they are atleast keeping everything you have now free!

Sangria3279d ago

If I focus so much on cross-game chat it's because it's the feature I know I'll use the most. I don't have friends on XBL so it's useless, but on PSN I have a load of friends and I know personally some of them, so a cross-game chat on PSN would be awesome, and I'm ready to pay for a premium service because Sony did much for me (cheating with my warranty, giving me free goodies, free games, free beta codes,...) so I want to compensate.

However because my biggest awaited feature is cross-game chat does not mean other features are pointless, cloud storage games, full title trials, loyalty rewards, discounts on Store are really great for suscribers, but cross-game chat is for me the flagship.
But 70$ a year is just too much.

Forbidden_Darkness3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

If you read my blog, currently prending, you would see why it cost so much, but even so, its defiantly worth the price. I know you'd rather have cross-game chat free, but you should come to expect some things aren't free, its just like microsoft, it costs money to CGC, but atleast on PSN, even if you dont pay, you can still play online for FREE.

mastiffchild3278d ago

Tjhing is somwe people, mhyself especially, would STILL cubscrive to Live id there was NO Xgame chat! So, if Sony do wreck their service by bringing ir in at least it'll ruin fewer games if you must pay for it but I'd be AMAZED if they can manage to get this working very well without taking what we already have away from us.

People pay for Live not because of crappy features like Xgame chat that they could EASULY do without(would anyonme honestly pay a fee rather than wait five minutes?)but to PLAY online. Seriouslym Sony will have to come up with stuff that you can't already do better and for free(legally or otherwise) on PC. If they can't then they'll have to make us pay to game online like MS have done. What annoys me now is that I was dense enough to pay for Live for so long and all it's achieved is hastening the death of free opnline console gaming. Why were we so stupid?

Anyway, tunes, films, longer demos? Apart from the demos you'll still get better value away from your PS3 and most gamers I know have NEVER played a PS1 classic unless they're also PSP owners and even then it's only a few. As gor the cloud based game saves-it's a cool idea but I already have a few flash drives that can carry my saves about for nothing and a bif enough HDD not to worry at home.

So, personally, I can't see this working and the prices quoted are shockingly dear and would make sure of total failure. the main draw is STILL online play and unless Sony grasp the nettle and make us pay for that then this all falls down and seeing that they really can't do that I think the premium service should be put away til at least PS4. I'm done with having to keep paying different bloody people just to go online! IHAVE to pay GT for a poneline I don't want to have broadband to play online THEN I pay through the nose for a crappy 8meg connection (all that my exchange can do is up to about 5.4 though!)through my damn ISP because Sky (who I also subscribe to for football)don't do the free internet for TV subs in my area!So, ignoring outlandish phonecall prices(my total BT bill is £87 every month and we average less than 10 mins od calls per day!)I pay £12 LR and £19 ISP every month to get online at all without paying Sony and MS into the bloody bargain. We should NEVER have allowed MS to do what they have and the fact I only sacked it after the ads and avatars became too much makes me equally as much at fault as anyone-which I regret more than anything else I've ever done in gaming(and I bought TH AND Haze day one!)as it's damned gamers everywhere to yet another blatant rip off when console gamers get the crappy end of every stick already. The console makers need o understand we aren't a bottomless pit of cash that will accept anything we get thrown and still say thanks and "can we pay more for this crap?". So we need to stop meekly paying for thjings that should be funded in ways other than ripping us off but as soon as MS knew they had us they banged in the ads AS WELL!

And now Sony are joining the despicable party, eh? Well, great, but I promise you, nothing listed there(and not the laughable price-seriously have they learned nothing from their PS3 pricing mess?)wikll make thuis an exciting thing anyione but the most loyal, rabid and deluded Sony fanboys will want any part of as long as we can still game online for free It's the be all and end all of charging online goodies on cnsoles and if Sony don't see that then I'm astounded. And , seriously, who in the world thought ANYONE would pay those mooted prices for any of the vaguely interesting but ultimately unneccessary stuff listed here?

Hopefully, when they introduce it they keep the high prives, make Xgame chat part of it completely but keep online gaming free, watch it fail in a month or so and then forget about it! But their pricing! Think about the video store. Everyone I kno in the EU wanted it to arrive and out of 50 or so mates I only know one who has EVER used it to rent or buy anything and he only did it once, drunk to see how it woprked and fell asleep before he even watched anything. And why is this? BECAUSE IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE by miles and so is the mooted monthly outlay for premium PSN-whatever it ends up meaning as I'd want something spectacular for that kind of money considering we already game for free.

It'll be pat for online PSN gaming soon enopughj, though, because we were daft enough to pay MS for what seemed like a novel idea for consoles at the time even when we'd bveen playing for years on PC! Makes me wonder if we really are all supid sometimes.

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perseus3279d ago

I always wondered why people care about chatting so much. When I want to talk to my friends, I go out with them. I don't sit at home staring at a television screen, talking and laughing away over the net, while my wife gets more and more annoyed at me for hogging the TV and being a noisy assh0le.

You folks should get out more often. Games are fun, but real life is better.

DelbertGrady3278d ago

Do you go out with them in the middle of a game? Does that mean you leave the game session or do you bring your consoles with you?

Marceles3278d ago

...if PS2 games were available, or a discount on games on PSN

Sigh3278d ago

a huge library of PS2 titles on PSN too. That would be amazing.

DelbertGrady3278d ago

Who needs backwards compability anyways?

Forbidden_Darkness3278d ago

@Marceles: If you didn't read the survey, it did say a discount on the PSN store, along with free ps1 games, free ps themes and free ps minis...

ZombieAutopsy3278d ago

If they offer discounts on the ps store for subscribers that would be a HUGE plus, and maybe free dlc for first party games. I dont really know what they would offer though but im sure itll be worth it.

Forbidden_Darkness3278d ago

@ZombieAutopsy: If you didn't read the survey, it did say a discount on the PSN store, along with free ps1 games, free ps themes and free ps minis...

ZombieAutopsy3278d ago

Yea i just read it, i wasnt aware there was even one till i read this article as all i have done is work and sleep for the past 2 months.

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