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hitthegspot3103d ago

It would be great if there was more than one in the works..

mjolliffe3103d ago

Loved the series so far!

Maybe there's one for consoles and the other for handhelds. Like MGS: Rising and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker.

Either way, looking forward to it :D

Blaze9293102d ago

If this is GRAW3 I can't wait. If it isnt GRAW3 but a hole new GR I'll be a bit dissappointed but still excited.

Just played GRAW 2 again and the game is still a blast to play. Freaking love the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games. Hell, I love all the Tom Clancy games...except RTSs like EndWar - ulgh

Bigpappy3102d ago

I have been waiting to hear more about this game. This is my favorite co-op game. 8 player co-op with no drones or radar and no responds. Can't wait.

BattleAxe3102d ago

Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm (PS2) and GRAW 2 (PS3) are two of my all time favorite games. Can't wait for the new one!

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dangert123103d ago

brought GRAW 2 the over day(i no im late to the party
but don't this game make you wonna join the army lol

Valay3103d ago

Hm. It is a trademark, but trademarks have been on the money lately. Perhaps they'll reveal it at E3 like ruler said.

_insane_gamer_3102d ago

SO like a stealth/third-person version of Killzone?

ASSASSYN 36o3102d ago

Yes and not really. Future soldier more than likely refers to future force warrior concepts, and Land warrior concepts. GRAW games have already incorporated these concepts.

chak_3102d ago


I was expecting an old school GR, back to the roots =[

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The story is too old to be commented.