PS3 Enjoys Best Year Ever in 2009

Awesome exclusives, great tech let Sony make up ground

Say what you want about the PlayStation 3's sluggish performance out of the gate when it launched three years ago, there's no denying that Sony made up a whole lot of ground in 2009.

Perhaps developers finally figured out how to harness the powerful PS3 architecture so they could crank out quality titles in a realistic time frame, as this last year was an excellent time to be a PS3 owner in terms of game releases.

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zeeshan3281d ago

In terms of games, yes at launch PS3 did have a sluggish time to deal with once they got the ball rolling, man, it's crazy! Look at all these great games. All of them AAA quality. 2009 has been "The year of PS3". SONY has delivered some awesome games and 2010 looks even more exciting!!

gamehistoryx3281d ago

2009 was the best year for the PS3 since its launch in 2006. Is about time they got serious. Lets see if they can still keep up in 2010. The Nintendo Wii is still kicking its butt and the PS3 still trails by a small gap behind the 4 year old Xbox 360.

mjolliffe3281d ago

It was a brilliant year for Sony gaming!

sikbeta3281d ago

And It's just the Beginning

Why o why3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

too much quality AND variety with the only thing missing being a driving game.. If gt5 came out this year also then it woulda been curtains for any lineup here on after even for sony

hitthegspot3281d ago

I am looking forward to 2010 and GOW 3...

OtherWhiteMeat3281d ago

The scary part is that 2010 looks even better!!!!

sikbeta3281d ago

Scary for the wallet XP

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