MechWarriors meets Crysis: InGame Shots from Living Legends

PC Games published some InGame screenshots from the CryEngine 2 Total Conversion MechWarrior: Living Legends.

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NotSoSilentBob2585d ago

These SS have been released by the Devs for awhile now. Some of them are from this week as they attempt to build hype for the beta release. Either way I am still pumped to finally play this game.

Major_Tom2583d ago

My Nvidia decided to crap out on me so it looks like I'm gonna miss the release :(. Been waiting for it for awhile now.

TheIneffableBob2583d ago

Oh man, this looks silly amounts of awesome.

TwistedMetal2583d ago

This is how crysis would look when running it on a atari 2600. this was a waste of my time. Looks like ps2 graphics lol

wwm0nkey2583d ago

So Atari 2600 looks like the PS2? So the PS2 had horrible graphics?

Also are you blind this mod looks amazing, don't troll

hello0062583d ago Show
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