The Best PC Games of the Decade

It's hard to believe but people are close to finishing the first decade of the 21st century. The past ten years have seen a ton of major changes to PC gaming. Naturally, games have taken quantum leaps in improving graphics, but the gameplay has also become more sophisticated, and the lines that define genres are becoming increasingly blurred.

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superrey193201d ago

Idk, i would have rearranged that list a lot and swapped some out for others, but thats just me.

tdrules3201d ago

i ruddy love No One Lives Forever, definately a series that eclipses the James Bond games (cept goldeneye ofc)

ZedoMann3201d ago

You mean these are all from this decade?
Counter-Strike was originally released as a mod back in 1999, but whatever.

I guess my gaming history starts around 2000...

Pumbli3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I find your lack of KOTOR disturbing.

Jamescagney3201d ago

I'd disagree with half of that list. But apart from that it was pretty good.

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