IGN: Best Nintendo DS Games - 2009

IGN writes: "The Nintendo DS is this generation's most successful videogame system, and the library quality continues to reflect why so many people jump on Nintendo's handheld. 2009 wasn't lacking in variety or in quality of games, and here are some of the most significant titles the year had to offer."

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3281d ago
Eric Barrier3280d ago

I would have also but Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on there.

Jamescagney3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

You're all wrong.

Kum bi yaa my lort, kum bi ya.

And so on.

Irnbruguy3280d ago

I'd go with scribblenauts tbh..
one of the best games i've ever played..
and the fact that longcat/tacgnol and other various lulzworthy things are in there just made it alot more epic

Cheeseknight283280d ago

Not trying to devalue your opinion, but if Scribblenauts is one of the best games you've ever played you must not play too many games. The game got to the point where only very specific items could get you through the levels. I tried and tried and tried to find alternate things to get through the challenges, but 9/10 you had to stick to your guns (Jetpack, Wings, Pegasus, Shovel, etc.) to get through anything.

Let's not get started on the control scheme either. I just want to see a Scribblewii next year, I think it would work a LOT better.

Irnbruguy3280d ago

What i should have said is..
"best games i've ever played .. on the DS"
The rest i've found to be quite meh'ish...

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