Explicit Gamer: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review

Explicit Gamer writes: "Firing up ST for the first time you'll notice right off the bat it's very VERY similar to PH mainly because it uses the same engine. When big N was developing PH they spent most of their time trying to get the gameplay just right seeing as it was to be played purely with the stylus. Everything else was rushed later which is why PH didn't have much in the way of overworld scenery nor did it last as long as previous Zelda games. I'm a Zelda purist so I believe a Zelda game should have three main things: many well thought out dungeons, a lush overworld to explore freely and a storyline with an antagonist you grow to hate. Like PH, ST misses the mark on all three."

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knifefight3286d ago

All those negative comments and yet still gives it a good score. Oh, game reviewers....