Bad Company 2: First Laguna Presa screenshots

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Videogameszone published the very first screenshots from the multiplayer map Laguna Presa.

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Dellis3280d ago

I got a question, will the real game have better graphics then the Beta?
because everything about the game seems great, specially the Sound quality, but the graphics are horrible.

I think if they can make them better some how, they will get alot
of sales, but if they don't expect people to not buy the game based
on that alone, yes people will say "what the were in 2010 and games look this bad???".

jalen2473280d ago

Graphics look top notch. I look forward to playing Battlefield 2 on my PS3.

ZBlacktt3280d ago

This game will set the bar in online warefare game play. One of the best sounding games I've ever heard/played as well. Tons of options, cool feature's. Can't wait.