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DualShockers writes:

"Grandia III wasn't the first title in the series I played, but it was the better of the two (the previous one I played being Grandia II). It offers a fairly standard story with mildly unique characters, but offers a lot when it comes to the battle system and the eerily mezmorizing alternate world that proliferates a good part of the narrative.

Naturally, when I think about RPGs I'm passionate about over the course of my gaming history, nearly all of them have a story that draws me in. This one may be the exception."

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BlackIceJoe3258d ago

I so would love to see a new Grandia game. I so think Grandia is a great series and is just right to have a sequel. So I for one the IP holders to Grandia make a new one.

Noctis Aftermath3258d ago

You are not alone, i didn't play it on the ps2(didn't even know grandia was on ps2 at the time) but i played the psone grandia way back and loved every minute of it.

Chadness3258d ago

I kind of want to play the PSOne Grandia, I hear it's on the Japanese PSN, maybe one day they'll bring it here.

iiprotocolii3258d ago

The Grandia series was awesome, hands down. The second one, to me at least, brings back great memories just thinking about it. I would love to see the series get picked back up and see what they can do with it this gen. I had some real good times back then with RPGs... Good times.

FACTUAL evidence3258d ago

Grandia 2 for the dream cast all the dam way!

Myze3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Grandia 3 wasn't bad, but in my opinion, it was definitely the worst of the series (not including the horrible spin-offs), with a lackluster story, which was the best part of the previous two games. The first one was by far the best, and is one of my favorite RPGs on the ps1 (one of many, that is).

I would love to see a new Grandia, but hope it's more like the first one.

FamilyGuy3257d ago

That's definitely one of the many rpgs that I love for things that have NOTHING to do with the games storyline. Star Ocean is pretty high up there too.

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3258d ago
iiprotocolii3258d ago

Personally, I wasn't TOO much of a fan of Grandia III. It was good, but it just didn't do it for me as the other ones did.

Baka-akaB3258d ago

Grandia 3 was quite dissapointing after a rather excellent grandia 2 . It had a good gameplay but the rest ugh ...
It was contrary to what's claimed in the article , quite cliché . to the point that you know the hero would always crash his plane , and when ..

Criticizing religion isnt the most original thing in jrpgs , but Grandia 2 did it fairly well and with characters far more interesting imo .

But hey if you enjoyed G3 , more power to you . i just didnt much

Redempteur3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

Grandia 3 battle system was great ..almost perfect ...

graphics ( backgrounds ) were also top notch ...

The designs were okay considering the premises of the story

What made it so bad was the poor execution of the story , the lame twists , the horrible english voice acting ( IMO ) and the lame boss ennemies ( on disc 2 ) ... disc one was a perfect IMO

Quite fun to play .. but i doubt someone who finished it will go back to play it again

PS: and what's the deal with a main character who is a pilot but crashes 5 times during the game ?? come on ..

PS2: the "void" parts were beautifull again and hect is easily my favorite character but then again you play with her only 3 levels ...what a waste of potential .

G3 was a great game plagued by bad decisions ..who designed the final dongeon ? who decided to prevent you from choosing your team ? 2 characters are ABSENt from the 3/4 of the game like they never existed ... what poor writing .. if they didn't existed on the ending credits you could swear they disapeared for real ..

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