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Valay3284d ago

Blah. Pretty underwhelming lineup overall. Doesn't sound like there will be any announcements made at the show either.

Noctis Aftermath3284d ago

No announcements but they did show some FFVersus13 footage.

GameGambits3284d ago

I'm really tired right now, but earlier when I was trying to find FFvs13 footage by googling jump festa... I believe that it's Jump Festa 2010 that's going on now. They are 1 year ahead in what the event is, because it's for games and such that comes out next year.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure 2009's was last year.

Valay3284d ago

It's just a mobile version of the game, basically. Sad to say that it's not a new game or anything.

Jerk1203284d ago

I don't understand why people still have hope for you, Square.

You only bring disappointment.

Like Versus, who wants emo crap like that?

Probably PS3 fans, wanting to have someone that they could relate to.

ZombieAutopsy3284d ago

lmao DAMAGE CONTROLS...dont worry though youll get to play at least 3 more halo games this gen inculding Halo Warthog Racing.

3284d ago
sikbeta3284d ago

Just what I thought, now xboyz don't like FF13, well I can understand that...IS not teh shooterz lol

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I can't find a single working leaked video of the vs13 gameplay. Gahh!

Pyrrhus3284d ago

Exactly what im trying to find too.

Need a dose of ffv13 XP

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