Microtransactions, Here We Come - Sony's Home Launches First Freemium Game

Marking the very first anniversary of the Playstation Home allowing a micro-transaction supported game, and a key point in the PS3's legacy - remodels itself to become a force to sustain a social networking system. Sodium, a game similar to those you may have been accustomed to on internet social networking sites such as Facebook,is the first game to be offered free through the Playstation home since it once introduced to the public.

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pixelsword3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Uh, there are dozens of free games inside of home.

As far as being "offered through home", it's probably the first game offered through home that I am aware of.

WildArmed3222d ago

Here I thought it was going to be something awesome like a profile page for each gamer.

zeeshan3222d ago

I never really got into this whole HOME thing. I did enjoy playing pool but besides that, I found it pretty boring and time consuming. It's been a loonngg time since I visited HOME so I'll try to give it another shot. Regardless if I personally like it or not but Home's community is growing. 10 million users is a lot and even if half of them are active, you got yourself a pretty damn strong virtual community. Good luck Sony! :)

gaffyh3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

Sodium One is pretty good, well the Salt Shooter that is open for free, dunno if I'd pay for it ever though. Imo, they should completely cover Home with ads (although some of it already is). That way they can keep most of it free.

PotNoodle3222d ago

Home is now an application worth using. But the whole downloading and loading process of Home scares me away every time.. one big open, streaming world would of been one of the best things that could of happened to Home.

mrv3213222d ago

I agree with that BUT it'd cost too much for the servers etc.

I am enjoying sodium a lot it's addictive as hell... you just want to upgrade everything!

Droid Control3222d ago

its time to give a little something back

Droid Control3222d ago

At least it will be tiered unlike Xbox LIVE.

Droid Control3222d ago

And i expect to spend another $35 over christ-mas

XXXCouture3222d ago

100 $ on home? damn. I don't know about Home, i got bored of it pretty quickly, but i think it has potential

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The story is too old to be commented.