Gran Turismo 5 vs Forza Motorsport 3 - 1080p60 Comparison Video

PSInsider writes: "The GT Academy time trial demo was recently released by Polyphony Digital. We decided to compare this demo with Turn 10's latest addition to the Forza series, Forza Motorsport 3. You can check out the comparison video here, at PlayStation Insider."

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Blaze9293282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

No competition here. This is just unfair and embarrassing to Forza. Maybe next time Turn 10.

fr0sty3282d ago

maybe if they had actually shut their mouths for a moment and spent some time tuning those graphics, this wouldn't have turned out this way. but no.... they had to spend the entire time spouting off about how much better they were than gran turismo rather than just focusing on their product.

that's what really killed it for me with turn 10. I actually respect the game they've made, it's a very solid racer. but, they just trash talk too damn much.

Saaking3282d ago

Completely agree. Turn 10 brought this upon themselves with all those stupid and impossible comments.

Cyrus3653282d ago

There are things that Turn 10 did well, like their grass texture, i thought looks better than prologue or even this demo.

But wow once you go into inside driver view in Gran turismo, it just blows the Forza 3 out the water. It's not even close...looks like to be the same basic car, except one is being done like from a previous gen hardware, and another done in current gen hardware.

And the sad thing is, Turn 10 if they stopped running their mouth, and concentrated on stuff, could have done a much better job. In inside driver view (Damn n4g filter won't let me say C-pit) view, there is so much more DETAILS in GT5, it's no wonder it's taking them so long. They are putting like every single detail, and probably why Turn 10 turn around on forza 2 to 3, was so quick, not spending as much resources in details.

Also the Light engine in my eyes is WAY more realistic and better in Gran Turismo 5.

kalebgray923282d ago

and lighting make the world of a difference

Microsoft Xbox 3603282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

HD Youtube videos suck. For the GT demo, this video can't even capture the fine detail such as the grain texture on the dashboard.

And to those GT haters, this demo only reflects GT5's new physics engine. The TGS build of GT5 is highly superior in the graphics dept.

lowcarb3282d ago

What vid are you guys watching? The Gt5 footage looks seriously inferior. I applaud turn 10 for really doing a good job and raising the bar. For a game that's been in dev time so long I truly expected much more.

"But wow once you go into inside driver view in Gran turismo, it just blows the Forza 3 out the water. It's not even close"

I completely disagree. At 1st I was awe struck by GT5 visuals but now seeing these two side by side it's amazing how much more real Forza 3 looks. GT5 uses way to much lighting to the point where maybe it's all they could do to bring some life to it.

Traveler3282d ago

They look pretty close to me. I need to download the GT5 demo and see for myself.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

"I need to download the GT5 demo and see for myself."

Prepare to be bored.

I'm not trying to slam GT5, but that time trial demo is very dull and boring.

I don't think it was wise of them to put it out there. After 5 years in the making, people are expecting miracles, not stuff like that.

Traveler3282d ago

Oh this was written by fr0sty, one of the bigger PS3 fanboys on this site, nevermind then just dismiss anything this comparison tries to prove. fr0sty has a huge ax to grind. If you don't believe me, just read his comments in this very thread.

3282d ago
xTruthx3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

People don't get as much delusional as lowcarb and we won huh. You.. lol.. its just so sad that you even post that I'm still like thinking if this is a dream cus what you said in that post wow.. You guys are comparing a 200mb demo to a full game, do you know how sad that is ? You do realize this demo was made so people could see the new physics right ? The full game will look even better. Clearly you both haven't even played the game or are on a drug stronger than crack. we won have you even driven a car lol? cus if you think its nothing similar to that you've been playing too much NFS lol.

If you think people weren't waiting for this, i think 4 million would
disagree from just GT5P. This isn't an arcade game.

@ travaler
Made by a ps3 fanboy huh? that maybe true, i dont know the guy. But hes not talking with no proof like the guys above of my comment are, hes showing actual footage from both games, something he cant change. So even if he is a fan boy he is showing actual game play of both games and you can compare them.

Saaking3282d ago

People who think Forza is better than GT are either blind, playing on an SD TV or extreme fanboys. I'm sorry, but Forza doesn't even come close EVEN WITH TWO DISKS. GT is still king.

Oh, and the academy trial is to showcase the physics, that's it. So I don't see why you guys (especially the 360 fans commenting here) expected more. If you don't like it, erase it from your HDD and wait till a real demo or the full release.

lowcarb3282d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I don't care which console has the best graphics which means i'm not going to sit here and lie to myself that GT5 (which looks terrible in comparison) looks better. Why don't you guys just be honest for once and judge these games fairly. At one time I was just like you guys blind as a bat until this demo came out which clearly shows Forza 3 blowing GT5 out of the park visually.

edit above Saaking: Then maybe that's why Forza 3 looks so much better right now who knows. Where talking about this physics demo that you claim is not the final product. At least have the guts to say Forza 3 looks better than this demo but not the real game when it releases.

edit below: I'm watching it on the exact same tv so whats your point? If you don't see the ps2ish looking back grounds and excessive lighting they are using to obviously hide the games flaws then your the one that's delusional. No need for insults because not everyone agree's with your view on this. GT5 for me is a let down in this demo but I'm not saying the final product will look this bad because obviously none of us know. You can sit there with a chip on your shoulder all you want but it doesn't mean your more right than I am.

Edit: Your insult's are pointless truth. You can act arrogant all you want but it still doesn't change the fact that Forza 3 looks better than GT5. You for whatever reason have no idea how to judge a good looking game over a game struggling to look good. I'm sure if this were on PS2 you would be saying the same thing and you know it. What's sad is you have to actually convince yourself with a straight face that GT5 actually looks amazing.

xTruthx3282d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

LOL lowcarb dude be honest.. are you drunk or high LOL. Dude did u see the video the guy posted or wut lol,dude lol plz tell me your jk cus if your not this would be EPIC. Where are you watching the video? do you have a hd monitor or tv ? if yes, something is VERY wrong with that tv or monitor and I would change it, because if you see forza wining there's something wrong there. I have a brand new 24 inch Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM. With what are you watching this video ?

Edit: LOL this isn't even a GT5 demo, they have it like that on the PSN but this was for the GT Academy, they upgraded it from the previous version they had and you just need to go to 2:15 to see which one(which isn't even GT5) looks better and the video isnt even true HD and im not insulting Im just curious if you where high cus... being high can make you see stuff *differently*. BTW you said same tv... you mean you have the same monitor as me ?

Coded-Dude3281d ago

Actually fr0sty didn't write this.... Either way, have you even read the article? Does it actually blast Forza? I think you are misconstruing the comments of this discussion with the actual content of the article. Seems like a lot of people read the title and came in raging, with no regards to actually reading the article or watching the video.

CWMR3281d ago

-I don't care about a low-quality internet video. I downloaded the GT5 Time Trial Challenge and I was absolutely shocked at the poor quality of it. Seriously, play both versions yourself. Nothing else will change your mind faster than that.


I know they look "close" in this video, but believe me GT5 is shockingly inferior. I couldn't believe it. After the way people were spouting off about how it would blow Forza 3 out of the water I was expecting there to be at least a little truth to it. But no, it is in fact the opposite. Forza 3 wins hands down. I just hope you guys are right about this not being indicative of the quality of the final game.-

JasonXE3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

how is a 1080p 60fps video encoded at 16mbps using the VC-1 codec a low quality internet video? do you even know anything about video? because i do, i've been in the video production business for 13 years. this video is about the same bitrate as broadcast HDTV(mpeg-2 19mbps), uses a better codec (vc-1, a blu-ray standard codec), and has a frame rate not even blu-ray can do. (current blu-ray spec tops out at 1080p, 24 frames per second. that said, they can update it to include higher frame rates like they already are with the new 3d blu-ray spec they just announced).

Bear in mind folks, to see the video full quality, DO NOT WATCH THE YOUTUBE VERSION. download the file linked to in the article. it's the full 1080p60 version. watch it on your hdtv on your ps3/360.

we won3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Don't listen to Jason, videos on the web pass off as 720p and above, all the time, with actual video quality ranging from what looks to be below 720p to almost real 720p and 1080p. The DarkNight Blu-ray movies is 1080p and I've seem some that look worse than Cable HD. Images are going to be smashed anyways average PC's can't deplay 1080p.

Download to see the full size. These pics I posted from my career don't do the game justice
I think PS3 fans are seeing the unrealistic reflection effects in GT5. The paint is like mirror and unnaturally showing over done reflections, in all lighting condition hence why they must think GT5 looks better and how pro media always tries to capture Forza when the shade is blacking out the detail in Forza cars in comparison pics and vids.

JasonXE3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Keep trying We Won...

Guess what those downloadable movie bitrates are? 4-8mbps. Guess what a standard definition 480i DVD's average bitrate is? 4-8mbps. Guess what 1080p60 video uncompressed is? about 3000mbps. even blu-ray is 20-30mbps on average. yes, the downloadable movies use newer codecs that outperform the MPEG2 DVD uses, but those codecs are only about 50% more efficient at what they do than MPEG2. At 4mbps 1080p (like MS says they offer with 360 "instant on" 1080p), once the action picks up the screen will be a blurry mess. lower res than a DVD. when you have compression levels that high, from 3000mbps to 4mbps, the level of noise in the image effectively reduces the overall resolution to less than that of a DVD. Sadly, most people don't really tell any difference because people tell them it's "HD" and they blindly buy it. Do a frame by frame comparison of a 6mbps 720p video and a 6mbps DVD, and the DVD will win on every frame containing any real motion.

Also, I can post touched up photo mode pics also!!!


see if you can tell which is real, and which isn't! I'll give you a hint... neither is forza!

JANF3281d ago

Gt5 car models look great but the tracks look last gen. Forza 3 wins this one.

LiL T3281d ago

Alright I just watched the HQ video and have a serious question. I do not own a 360 ( could of bought one today but I think the G27 was a better buy) but is that seriously the final build of FM3 SERIOUSLY. I thought for sure it would look better than that with it being definitive and all. How come you can't see inside the car in the "3rd person' view. What is going on with the excessive lack of detail "in car' and the actual car models in FM3. Are they going to patch FM3 with detail or is it going to be dlc.

Triella3281d ago

You pruposedly forget a crucial point : THIS IS NOT a GT5 demo even if it is labelled as it. It's GT5 academy a time trial wich is supposed to show you the car handling and it's physics engine not the overall details or graphics of the game (be it the high texture resolution or particles management) moreover when it's only a 200mb download packed with basic textures, basic codes to handle dynamic lightning and a few algorithms like the flags floating in the wind.

Remember how GTHD was nowhere near GT5 Prologue in terms of graphics ?

thereapersson3281d ago

JasonXE just pwned your ass into oblivion

Why o why3281d ago

we won ses..."same team"

kudos to you. telling ur own people to STFU is never easy.... and you taught me something at the same time +1

@ why di.....i mean we won/bladestar/foxgod/whatever .....shame:)

4Sh0w3281d ago

I have to say I wasnt impressed, I think after so long people were expecting a better demo, but guys lets be fair it isnt finished so knowing PD they will have it polished nicely before release.

4Sh0w3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Stop the madness guys and enjoy your games.

rockleex3281d ago

It wasn't wise of them to put out a Time Trial for their own GT Academy competition?

What kind of "miracle" does a Time Trial need? This is the only miracle I've seen so far this generation:

aaron58293281d ago

I'm really dying to see someone actually organize a Forza die hard fan racing against a GT die hard fan in an actual car on an actual track.

Hmm... wait.. there was a GT Academy winner raced in a real racing car, and got 2nd place out of it...

Any forza players won any real racing yet ?

bjornbear3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I laughed when they compared GT5P to F3...THAT was sad...

now they compare it to a 220 Mb demo AND Forza 3 car model and physics <<<<< GTAcadamy just wow =P

360 fanboys stop burying yourself,

PS3 fanboys, quit beating them to a pulp or else they'll throw sales at you

Guido3281d ago

GT5's alpha demo kicks the retail version of Forza 3's a$$ across the map. Too bad too since we all thought Forza 3 was the "definitive" racing sim...

Shadow Flare3281d ago

Anyone who has eyeballs and is impartial can obviously see that GT5 slaps Forza 3 in the graphics department. You'd have to be lying through your teeth, or fingers, to say forza 3 looks better. But its not just about graphics (which btw this time trial was stripped down of). I got today the logitech driving force GT steering wheel and sweet mother is it awesome. It enhances the experience so much, it is so realistic. Anyone who likes gran turismo needs to get this wheel. It is incredible. And xbox 360 can't even use it! How can forza be the best driving sim if it cant even use the best wheel on the market?

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Coded-Dude3282d ago

I'm anxious to see what this game looks like with all the bells and whistles included.

Xi3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

do people honestly think they can tell the difference between the 2 games while they're racing racing around a track?

Who cares which one has an extra 2 polygons and which is running a frame per second faster?

just enjoy the nice cars.

fr0sty3282d ago

it's a little more than just 2 polygons extra... the amount of detail in gt5 is staggering.

and why care? well... realistic graphics provide immersion. an immersive driving simulation is what we're going for with these 2 games. both have claimed superiority over each other, so we're putting them to the test and making them put their money where their mouth is.

Xi3282d ago

damn those goggle you have on must really affect your vision.

DarkTower8053282d ago

Xi obviously bought Forza 3.

Xi3282d ago

I honestly have no need for more sim racing until the next gtr. I hope to see a new pgr and will be picking up either blur or split second.

Microsoft Xbox 3603282d ago

Even to the untrained eye, GT5 is graphically superior. Only denial can lead you to say otherwise.

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Kevin Butler of Sony3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Its not fair to compare gran turismo 5 to an xbox 1 game.. wait... that isnt an xbox 1 game? whats with the bad graphics of forza3 then? WHAT GIVES?!?!?

fr0sty3282d ago

cleanup on aisle BOOM!

EvilBlackCat3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )







Forza feels, looks, sounds & handles better than this crap!

Its good to know that i am real and all this so called Car Enthusiasts and Sim Racers are just posers full of crap!

OMG! Cant wait for GT5 release 1st day for me to play it and make comments here and everywhere!


forza3 wins hands down gt5 definitely looks inferior.

fr0sty3282d ago

ummm... no. look at that low res blurry dashboard in the interior shots, or the lack of any real reflections on the windows, or the low res reflections on the cars... even blaze (someone I know is about as console neutral as it gets, someone who LOVES their 360) gave this one to gt5. take the fanboy goggles off there...

we won3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

I really wish PS3 fanboys and PS3 fanboy media would stop it. GT5 demo is PS2-ish in the environments. Even all the non biased media doing previews are talking about how bad GT5 environments are. Trust me PS3 fanboys and PS3 fanboy media can try to make the GT5 demo seem close to Forza 3 but when you see them on hardware on both consoles as I have, you will know these fanboys are desperate. Go read all the previews, every single one of them are talking about GT5 graphics. The only thing GT5 demo has on Forza is the incar view lighting, even after that the shadows and blocky jaggies in the GT5 interior veiw almost takes the better lighting away.

Go play both games if you have both consoles and read what the previewers are saying.

GT5 Wins in interior lighting and replay crispness.

Forza 3 wins in, Physics, environments, gameplay graphics, detail, HDR lighting, textures, Gamplay mechanics.

WildArmed3282d ago

lol.. we won n fate.. you guys crack me up.

lowcarb3282d ago

Will somebody please shoot me if I hear another PS3 fanboy idiotic comment. GT5 does not look better than Forza 3 guys I mean seriously look at the video again. I'm not sure what it is your trying to prove frosty but you seriously need to calm down with your confusion. If you can't see flaws even in the poor video I don't know what to tell you.

Microsoft Xbox 3603282d ago

Most of these anti-GT comments come from newly created accounts. Won't be surprised to find out MR LOOKINGBILL and we won are the same person.

Traveler3282d ago

Well, aren't you surprised that fr0sty the fanboy from this site is the author of this comparison? That completely discounts it in my mind. Somebody that radical in their fanboyism cannot hope to do a fair comparison.

Rock Bottom3282d ago

The article says nothing about which one looks better, just shows gameplay video(try the download not the youtube link) of both games in their true resolution and frame rate, you can't really go wrong with that, you decide which one looks better.

CWMR3281d ago

-I have something better. I compared them on my own tv. I was shocked to find that Forza 3 actually looked better than GT5 Time Trial Challenge. If the graphics aren't noticeably improved for the final game, Forza 3 wins in terms of graphics.

Anybody that hasn't compared them on a HDTV has no real business saying which one looks better. I can tell you for a fact that you can't tell crap from those low quality internet videos. You need to play them both yourself. Trust me, you will see what I and others are talking about.-

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