Sony Secretly Raises Playstation 3 Repair Fee On Launch Consoles

Sony Computer Entertainment secretly raised the price for servicing your Playstation 3 at the beginning of this week. Originally a $150 flat rate fee including shipping has gone up to $179.

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EvilCackle3282d ago

To be fair to Sony, what did you expect them to do? Buy full-page ads telling everyone the repair fees were going up?

blackboyunltd3282d ago

an email would be nice, or a post on the playstation blog

Genesis53282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

It's unfortunate that they have to do this but maybe the older consoles cost more to repair. They already sell the PS3 for less than it cost to make.

It would be nice if they could give everything away for less than cost but I don't know how long they'll last without making a profit. They took a heavy hit and lost billions last year.

Yes I do have a 60 gig launch and it still runs perfectly. I also have a slim but I really treasure my 60 gig.

jadenkorri3282d ago

for now my 60GB is having no issues, but damn will I pay more to have my ps3 fixed over another console. Sony is punishing initial customers who supported them from the start.

gamingisnotacrime3282d ago

$180 is pretty steep, but there is no Slim model that offers the goody the launch model and later the 80 GB model offer

indysurfn3282d ago

Loyal Launch players get screwed on this one. $600 if you didnt have to buy on ebay at $1,200 to $2,000 dollars. Now you have to pay this? Is there a 3 year warranty like the xbox360? Glad I didn't buy on ebay for a lot of peso.

Bigpappy3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

$180 is a great deal. You paid your $600 to be first. You should have known that was too much to pay for a game console if you couldn't afford it. It is yours now and if you love it so much you should be willing to pay at least $300 to get it fixed. Do you know that Sony lost billions on those launch 60 gigs. The least you could do is help them to make back some of those loses. Stop being a cry baby, $180 is nothing. The PS3 is unbreakable if you treat it right. If you brake it you pay or buy the slim. At least you don't have to put it in the trash.

Soldierone3282d ago

your comment completely contridicts itself. People that bought a launch console did know it was too much, yet the loyal fans got it anyways. Your telling me sony should say "ah eff all you guys that camped out and supported us for 3 years?" If they really cared theyd pay another 300 bucks to fix it? thats a 900 dollar investment just for a dang console.

Then you say "support sony and pay them" WE PAID 600 BUCKS FOR THE CONSOLE, over 3 years we probably have twice as many games as all you guys paying 300 for it....and to wake up some people, Sony is still losing money on every PS3 sold. You have to spend money to make money, inventing something like the cell or Bluray (or BOTH) isnt cheap. Being a college student the "100 bucks isnt anything" doesnt apply to me, nor to the people living check by check or the ones jobless now. Thats 2 or 3 games we wont be buying cus we gotta fix something that shouldnt have broken....

Thankfully my launch 60 gig isnt having any problems at all.

pimpmaster3282d ago

wow, i really cant believe how retarded fanboys are on here, actually justifying the price increase?!?!*facepalm... theres so many mentally retarded people on the internet.

Saaking3282d ago

Sony doesn't need to offer an extended warranty because unlike MS, they delivered a reliable piece of hardware and weren't sued left and right until they were FORCED to offer the warranty.

Triella3281d ago

IPhones have only one year warranty and repair costs 199$

Dark General3281d ago

If it was up to me I'd rather pay $180 to get my 60 gig back than spend $60 less for less usb ports and no backwards compatibility.

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Tru_Blu3281d ago

After 3 lasers went out on me on my 60giger, I just bought a 80 with warranty from Best Buy. First one that went out they fixed free.. within a year. 2nd I fixed myself by buying a laser on ebay. 3rd time I tried to fix it myself again but broke a tiny wire and it was done for. Point is they should own up to the fact the early lasers/models are prone to failure and fix it free. And if you doubt my story feel free to look me up BluHavik see some of the dates for the trophies. Right around launch time, for the trophies at least.

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gaffyh3281d ago

I already paid for this fix once, if my PS3 YLODs again, no way am I going to pay again. I'm just gonna argue until they give me a free slim.

rockleex3281d ago

I'm pretty sure they still lose money on each fat PS3 they repair at $179, or maybe that's the break-even point.

But it really depends on what parts needs to be repaired.

You can bet the Cell will cost a LOT to replace or repair.

4Sh0w3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

So the ps3 didnt have mass hardware failures like 360, that does not justify raising the price of repairs for ps3. Also YLOD is now on the rise, its no coincidence that many avid ps3 fans on this site alone have been affected, theres are growing reports suggesting the bluray laser maybe the culprit, its obviously not as huge as 360 rrod in launch models, but where theres smoke theres usually fire, and if ps3 is so reliable why increase the repair costs? I cant believe how polarized some of you are, you have the pitchforks out anytime RROD is mentioned, but sony raises the price on getting what seems to be at least a growing failure among its owners(YLOD) fixed and its OK, OMG n4g is lost.

gaffyh3281d ago

@rockleex - The most expensive thing to replace is the Blu-Ray drive apparently, but most of the time it's the graphic chip or the PSU which cause the YLOD.

jeseth3281d ago

...And if this price increase is true then it just happened because my launch 60GB cracked a solder on the motherboard Tuesday morning (01:00 a.m.) after I got out of work, which is basically a YLOD, and they said the repair to my 60GB would be $150. So if this is true then it just happened.

HOWEVER, there are several computer companies that will fix your PS3 also. I chose one called PCQuik Fix out of PA. as they were one of the higher search results on google. There are also some more out on the west coast.

I shipped my PS3 with UPS Ground on Tuesday for $20, it got there Thursday, they fixed it by Friday morning, and they shipped it back UPS ground (Should get it today or Monday) for $99 BUCKS.

If you send it to Sony there is a good chance you will lose your HDD data and it takes about 3-4 weeks! If I was gonna spend $150 and potentially lose my game saves I would be pissed. I have a 250gb HDD in my 60 and there is so much time and effort put into it that thing.

Anyways, I hope my story has been helpful. Weigh your options before sending it back to Sony. And be careful fellow 60gb owners, the companies I talked to said the 20gb and 60gb YLOD at a higher rate because there is more heat generated by it and there are more solders inside to potentially crack (because of the PS2 hardware).

Anon19743281d ago

First off, this article fails to mention where they're getting their info from. Can anyone confirm this? I had never even heard about the flat $150 repair bill.

When I had my 360's fixed back at the start, it cost me $170 CDN for an out of warranty repair. I didn't find out about the fee until I actually called Microsoft. I'm pretty sure this wasn't "advertised" anywhere, and why would it be?

How much does it cost to fix your stereo? Or your TV? Or a toaster?

Seriously, what company sends out an email or a bulletin when they make a chance to their repair costs?

vhero3281d ago

Well considering the parts are probably no longer made in mass production all repairs no doubt give Sony a loss unlike MS where it probably cost them a few bucks.

Bigpappy3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Just joking around there. I was taking a fanboy perspective to see how people would respond on this site. Only a few people came back at me hard, and to those people I have the up most respect. What I said there was ridicules to say the least. The people who payed the BMW price should be treated like BMW customers. When you pay a premium price for a product, you should be pampered for that up front cost not asked to pay even more at the back end. They should keep the repair cost low for the people who payed that kind of money up front. They are the smallest user base and most likely the most loyal. That was the most fun I had at N$G but it was just a joke.

P.S jadenkorri, you are correct in your response. You have my respect, but don't expect anything more than that.

MAiKU3281d ago

since when has anyone been notified of repair fee change from support? Half or rather most of you fools don't even have your ps3's registered or sign up for the news letters.

plstcsldgr3281d ago

So i just went to sony's service page and its still 150 to fix my 20 gig and my 2 friends 60 gigs so who is full of it here? this is total BS and not true it is still 149.95 to get a refurb.

rockleex3281d ago

For saying Sony loses money on each PS3 repair?

Or for saying the Cell is the most expensive part?

Anyways, no one is defending Sony for raising the repair price without letting the public know.

I'm just letting you guys know WHY Sony raised the price for fat PS3 repairs.

gaffyh3281d ago

@rocklee - Don't worry about it dude, on N4G you lose bubbles for speaking the truth or for asking a question honestly. Just another day in fanboy land. btw I didn't disagree with you.

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GodAmungMen23282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

I understand Sony does not have to tell the consumer about increasing repair cost to a certain product,But when you have someone like my self who bought the system at launch for $600 then two years later turn around and pay $150 to have it repaired,Then four months later to be charged $180 to have it fixed that is plain absurd.the total investment now for me is $930. If I call and ask to have the system repaired after nearly a grand put into it,I at least expect some sort of costumer appreciation,instead I get "We can only exchange it for a 120gb newer model and you have to pay $120 for us to ship it to you" that's plain absurd when the consoles at launch far exceed the recently released model value. they are literally asking me to give up two consoles for the price of 1 which can only do half of what is now be advertise as "IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING". The value of a 60gb vs 120gb are clear to all of us here and if Sony or it's representatives can not see that from the amount of money I spent on the console from day one than i will no longer support and recommend my family doesn't either...And you are blackboyunitd when Sony fills a repair request they ask for everything including email,where it is completely possible to send a notification through seeing how they send you emails regarding (betas,promotions,store content,ETC.)

RememberThe3573282d ago

The people who went out and bought the PS3 at 600$ are the ones who kept the PS3 around. If it wasn't for you guys, I am positive there would be no PlayStation 3 at this point. You guy kept the boat afloat and all us PS3 owners owe you a "thank you". And so does Sony, this is not the kind of "think you" I was talking about though.

dbieon123282d ago

If your PS3 breaks twice in 4 months (essentially 4 months after initially repair) Sony should send you a new console (slim of course) no charge. Plus a game for you troubles.

That's IF it breaks twice in a short time period. Which wouldn't happen. Let alone breaking once is very very.

And the majority of the issues are probably BluRay related, which doesn't make them cheap to fix. Some repairs may actually be 'replacements' in certain parts.

ZBlacktt3282d ago

Everyone look on Craigslist. These repairs can be done locally for you by listed shops on there. They will no clear your HD either. We have 3 shops here in town that repair all 3 consoles. Don't think you need to send it to Sony as Sony just sends it to a contracted repair shop themselves. But since the PS3's have so little issues. This doesn't come up much on here.

El_Colombiano3282d ago

Yeah but what happens when you can not fix it at your shop? I get a sorry buddy, oh and your warranty is now void so you're 60GB PS3-less.

ZBlacktt3282d ago

I'd suggest you do some research since you seem to not have an idea. In the shop(s) ads here they stat they'll add a 30 day warranty on the console. With Sony, you get nothing. It breaks you repeat the process of sending it out and paying again. With a local shop, no shipping waits, no HD cleared, it's an older model anyway. It's not covered by anyone. Also, like I said, Sony does not do the repairs. A contracted shop does.

Here's one from our CL


El_Colombiano3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

On the contrary, I just had my PS3 repaired for $150 mid November. Sent the original 60GB PS3 in, got another 60GB back with a 90 day warranty. The PS3 I had gotten back was defective, the fan would go crazy for no reason. So I sent it back. Completely free of charge, shipping paid for by Sony. In the next week I had the new PS3. Everything is fine so far, and that new 90 day warranty is looking nice.

And if the PS3 ever brakes after the 90 days, three times as much as your shop offers, I can get it replaced for another 60GB PS3 yet again by Sony. Shops can not compete, be it with a third party Sony contracts or not.

And looking at your CL ad, I was turned away the second I saw "tired if waiting 2 months". There is one thing to advertise your services, and then there is lying. Never has Sony kept me console-less for more than two weeks.

ZBlacktt3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Do as you like then. The information still stands. Shold I not trust your reply because you said if it brakes? Like stops moving?, lol...

El_Colombiano3282d ago

Great reply. I can't believe I had this conversation with you.

Assurance > Being Cheap

ZBlacktt3282d ago

Trust me, I feel the same way. But then again, I see this all the time here. Cheap or smart? I own a company, so cheap I don't need to be. But being smart is something else. Keep telling yourself that you are as well and you will believe.

shadow27973282d ago

I did the smart thing and bought an extended warranty. My PS3 has broken 3 times (two Blu-ray drives out, and one weird freezing problem). All three happened outside of Sony's warranty. The first two were fixed by the third party and MY console was shipped back to me (no wiped harddrive, same serial number).

The third time I sent it to them, it was something they couldn't fix. So what did they do? They paid for Sony to fix it for me. That's right, my extra $50 paid for two of their repairs, and the $150 that Sony would have asked. Sony sent me a refurb (which I'm not happy about, but hopefully I won't have any more problems, though the BR Drive makes a lot of noise when receiving/ejecting disks, hopefully that's nothing). So now I have a 90-day warranty with Sony, and my extended warranty still covers my refurb console. Oh and Sony was very quick to send the refurb, I got it the next week. So two months is BS.

Moral of the story: Buy extended warranties on expensive electronics, especially video-game consoles.

So there you go, a happy medium between third parties and first parties where the consumer wins. Yay!

ZBlacktt3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Good to see it all worked out for you. Everyone's story is different. Getting the extra coverage is great. It's nice to see people posting "helpful" tips here ( like we did ). Instead of flaming over nonsense. I have a couple PS3's. Thanks for posting.

jeseth3281d ago

You are 100% right. My 60gb died Tuesday morning after I got out of work (01:00 a.m. - I work 2nd shift). I did my research and found a company out of PA. called PC Quik Fix and for $99 I sent it there on Tuesday, they got it Thursday, they fixed it Friday Morning, then THEY shipped if back UPS GROUND for $99 BUCKS!!!! So it cost me $120 (I paid UPS ground to ship it there because I wanted to expedite things) and I;ll get it back today or Monday! No wiped HDD, the same 60gb PS3, a 4-5 day process instead of the 3-4 weeks Sony quoted me over the phone.

It couldn't have gone better! Some peple don't know what they are talking about.

ZBlacktt3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Awesome story! Good to see it all worked out for you as well. As you can see by all the disagree's were getting. There are kids on this site who are new to the real world. Just pay it no attention, lol. Thanks for posting.

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El_Colombiano3282d ago

Whoa! What's the deal with the launch consoles!? I NEED my 60GB PS3.

ClownBelt3282d ago

Thankfully, I have no need for this. My PS3 is the beast. If you don't want problems, go for the 80 gb model.

roguewarrior3281d ago

my friends 80gb ( the one with B.C.) is out for repair. $150,90 day warranty. My launch 60gb(500gb) hasn't given me any problems. and its been used for at least a few thousand hours. [email protected], blu-rays, games & movies, ect.

jeseth3281d ago

...I thought the same thing, my 60gb is used a ton and I keep it clean as he%$. Yet sadly, Tuesday night my 60gb PS3 (250gb HDD) died while playing MW2 online.

Cracked a solder on the motherboard (YLOD). When I called around for repairs every company I talked to said that the 20gb. and 60gb. crack solders on the motherboard the most (YLOD). Its because there are more solders due to the PS2 hardware inside which have the potential to crack because of heat stress over time.

Don't jinx yourself and good luck . . .