Major Halo 3 Campaign Spoiler

Heres a video of the textured face underneath the visor of Master Chief himself.

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cajuncandb3784d ago

So this dude has a face ???

Diselage3784d ago

It's always been a topic of discussion because Bungie has gone out of it's way to not show his face. They say they do it so you can feel like your Master Chief.

For the record doing the whole "I'm First" type thing is really looked down upon around here.

closedxxx3784d ago

Save yourself some time and effort and check out the attached pics.

Diselage3784d ago

I thought it was popular knowledge that MC was really Chuck Norris

nicodemus3784d ago

I had to stop about halfway through, once I started to realize what I was looking at...

DO NOT WATCH THIS! DON'T EVEN READ THE COMMENTS! Especially if you're a Halo fan---I'm telling you, I wish I didn't.

FreedomReign3784d ago

Thanks. I can wait till Sep 25.

toughNAME3784d ago

cuz i dont wanna watch if its actually a spoiler

regardless.....thx for the heads up

nicodemus3784d ago

I looked again (couldn't help it), and yeah, i think it's fine to watch after all... The first time I saw it, I thought it was an alien, but looking again, it's definetely not. It's kind of dark and hard to see, but at one part, he opens fire and it kind of lights the face up for a second--That's when I thought it was an alien inside and was like "NOOOO!!!"

But it's not, it's definitely a man. No spoilers really (unless you want to have no idea what the Master Chief looks like)

FreeMonk3784d ago

Is it THAT much of a spoiler?

I haven't looked yet, and I really don't want to spoil what will be a big reveal when Halo 3 arrives.

I'd rather what it in HD in September whilst playing than watch a blocky 24mb video from the internet.

LoydX-mas3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Damn! I was hoping it was R. Lee Ermey :)

Semper fi and HOO RA!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.