Mass Effect 2: new footage & details revealed

GamePro: "Electronic Arts and Bioware held an event in San Francisco earlier this week to show the first hour of Mass Effect 2 to the press and trickle out some more information prior to the game's January 26 launch. The demo answered some questions about the mysterious "death" of Shepard that early press materials alluded to."

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DizzyDino3258d ago

i got rid of my 360 2 years ago and the main reason i am buying a new 360 in jan. is this game. i loved the first 1.

toaster3257d ago

If you have a decent PC you can play ME2.

PC MINIMUM System Requirements
OS = Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
Processor = 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU
Memory = 1 GB RAM for Windows XP / 2 GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Hard Drive = 15 GB
DVD ROM = 1x Speed
Sound Card = DirectX 9.0c compatible
Direct X = DirectX 9.0c August 2008 (included)
Input = Keyboard / Mouse
Video Card = 256 MB (with Pixel Shader 3.0 support). Supported Chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or greater; ATI Radeon X1600 Pro or greater. Please note that NVIDIA GeForce 7300, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, and 9300; ATI Radeon HD3200, and HD4350 are below minimum system requirements. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required. Intel and S3 video cards are not officially supported in Mass Effect 2.

PC RECOMMENDED System Requirements
Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7
2.6+ GHz Cure 2 Duo Intel or equivalent AMD CPU
ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT, or better recommended
100% DirectX compatible sound card and drivers
DirectX August 2008

Low-end PC's can probably run ME2 ok. If you have money to spend on a 360 then go for it, but the PC route isn't bad either.

Traveler3257d ago

Absolutely. Mass Effect is one of my favorite games on the 360 and Bioware seems to have improved Mass Effect 2 in many ways. Can't wait.

champ213257d ago


agreed getting an xbox is a cosly route to go. specially if one already has a pc.

kingdavid3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Costly route? New pc = $1000

xbox 360 = $200

Youve got to assume that he doesnt have a decent pc to run it otherwise pc would be the obvious choice..

champ213257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

most of us already have a pc.

all it takes is a 150usd gpu upgrade to make it into a gaming pc, even if the pc is 3 years old with that upgrade it will outperform any console for the rest of this gen.

so that makes the pc cheaper the xbox360.

plus pc games are cheaper then xbox, online is free.

even if a new pc is bought. the price difference between games alone will make pc cheaper in the long term.

Xbox is the most expensive gaming system imo.


i am sure hes using a pc to type his posts. if its anything like a 2-3yr old dual core setup maybe running around 2.4ghz. A gpu upgrade is a cheaper alternative then the 360. plus it will run the game at a higher res then the 360 also better fps. Last Mass effect had FPS issues, id think the same will be true for ME2 on 360.

anyways its his choice, pc definitely is cheaper and superior even if he has a 2-3yr old system.

kingdavid3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

He said he wants it for this game and this game only.

Long term fees, price of online is inconclusive to this debate :P.

But yeah Ill agree with you. Youd have to be an idiot not to think long term a pc rig is better than any console for that matter and cheaper too.

toaster3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

$1000 for a PC? If it costs you that much then you're doing it wrong.

Most people who want to play PC games are just going to upgrade and not totally build a new PC.

Assuming you already have: monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, crap computer.
GPU: nVidia 9800 GT = $120
RAM: 2Gb DDR3 = $50-$100
Processor: AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 6000+ @ 3.0 Ghz (more than enough for most games)= $100
Memory: 250Gb = $50

I pretty much just upgraded your everyman computer to a gaming rig. I must suck at math then, because I'm not getting $1000 from all those numbers!

Budg3tG4m3r3257d ago

Those thinking that a $200 console is a more "Costly route" vs a PC for $350 to $1500 needs their head checked. PC will never compete against a PS3 or 360 in price as a device to play current generation games. Finding a PC to play 1-2nd year and 1st year PS3 games will cost you about $350-$500 You need a PC enough RAM a big HD Vista/Windows7 good GPU/CPU to play these on the same big screen as your console and raises the price to $600-$1500. Entry level gaming PC cost about $350 and most are barebone.

Ether you seriously need to research PC's or you're just trollng fanboys and since this is N4G I'm going to assume the latter. You don't even need Xbox Live for this game, any dlc will be for gold and silver. Go back under your bridge trolls you're all wet with jealousy and you need to dry off.

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this is going to be the best epic game of the decade....move over Uncharted2 whose your daddy.

Saaking3257d ago

Those games shouldn't be compared. UC2 is an action adventure game and ME2 is WRPG. AND they're completely different genres.

kingdavid3257d ago

If youve played ME before youd know the gameplay is similar. Sure not exactly the same but it is the same sort of mechanics. Hopefully the cover system is improved upon in ME 2 though.

kaveti66163257d ago

Uncharted 2 is a completely different game. How could even say that one was like the other? Oh, because they both have a cover system? Give it a rest. Plus, if Mass Effect 2 turns out to be as highly polished as Uncharted 2, I will eat a homeless man's shoe.

Traveler3257d ago

Wow, glad you mentioned that. I was dying to know.

kingdavid3257d ago

haha touche.

I can sleep easy tonight then.

ps3ftwin3257d ago

Steam still doesnt list this game. I wonder if they will have a preorder discount. This game at 45usd will be great.

we won3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

Most people that own MSFT platforms don't announce what platform they are getting the game on. Most of the time they talk about the game together lol

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Domer253257d ago

I wanna slam some alien punani, I'm done with earth girls. Nah; just kidding, but the game looks like a winner though.

3257d ago
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