New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay Trailer Shown at Jump Festa I find it surprising that most of us forgot about Jump Festa this year. Even more surprising though is that a new Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay trailer has been shown there.

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Hellsvacancy3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

Damn i want this game its day-1 4-me, the other FF13 (the girlie 1) is a rental in my book 4 the very reason that "it looks like a girls game"

iron_sheik3256d ago

but FF13 versus is like the real FF13 game
since it will use 1 50 gig blu ray and is the real next gen FF13 that we all want

3sq3256d ago (Edited 3256d ago )

agree FFXIII is disappointed. Just check the link out and you'll understand.

LordMarius3255d ago

all aboard the hype train, FF13 is old news now

cLiCK_sLiCK93255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Wow. I got really excited when I read: "New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay Trailer ..." Only find out the rest of the title says: "New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Gameplay Trailer Shown at Jump Festa". Just goes to show how bad I really want this game.

This game is the main reason why I bought a PS3. And yet, we dont know jack sh!t about the game. The irony....

Saaking3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

It's exclusive, so it'll be a LOT better than FFXIII. You can count on it.


FFXIII isn't being dismissed for being "Girlie" it's being dismissed becuase it simply will never be what SE promised (The best RPG of the generation). It's a gimped version of what could have been, and FFvXIII will be what FFXIII should have been. I'm sure FFXIII will be good, but just not as good as it could have been.

Myze3255d ago

While I completely agree FFvXIII looks more appealing to my taste, to completely dismiss FFXIII and call it girlie (I'm guessing since it's main character is a girl) is kind of ignorant. FFX looked just as girlie (read: colorful) and it was pretty damn awesome. If it's solely because it has a female lead character, you have two options, FF6 (no truely main characters, but Terra would definitely be the closest thing. XIII doesn't look like it has a true focal character either) and FFX-2. FFX-2 was very girlie, FF6 is the best FF game ever made (imo). FFXIII looks nothing like FFX-2 (or 6 for that matter), so I prefer to reserve judgment on a game till after I've actually played it.

The true test (since I've avoided spoilers, I don't know either way) for XIII is if they decided to make the storyline about character development or politics/lore. FFXII went with the latter and it really hurt the storyline. FFvXIII clearly (at least from what we've seen) is gonna be very strong on character development, and that is the main reason I believe it will be amazing, with other factors being the design and darker nature and of course the director.

Pyrrhus3255d ago

XIII seems alright, but i cant judge until ive played it.

This one being exclusive, should hopefully be developed faster. But the idea isnt to hype it too much llike we did XIII

camachoreloaded88063255d ago

immediately dismiss FFXIII just because it's a multiplat. It was in development since 2005, how the hell could the PS3 version have possibly been compromised, with all that time it took to make the game? Whatever, don't play it if you don't want to, it's completely your loss.

You all act like the gameplay and storyline would have been exponentially better than it is now had it remained only on the PS3. What, the storyline for XIII is gonna get a little crappy towards the end because the main writer was working on the 360 version? The combat isn't as good as it could have been because the man in charge of the battle system was busying working on the 360 code? Should be happy that more people get to enjoy the Final Fantasy series, damn fanboys.

Aquarius3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Has SE even finished making the Crystal Tools Engine yet?

It's meant to be using four of the cells at once...but KZ2 is already doing this.

UC2 is using all SPEs efficiently, they are never idle.

@ above but SE are westernising the game unnecessarily i.e. changing the main theme song.

kingdavid3255d ago


Really well said. Unfortunately, you're gonna end up with a million disagrees even though you are 100% correct.

I can say the only thing which wouldve changed would be perhaps alterations to the graphics but that is it.

ABizzel13255d ago

This will be the first final fantasy I'm thinking of getting day one.

Ssxtreme363255d ago

but seriously.....really?

i honestly do not want to hear anything about this game until they release some type of gameplay footage for everyone to see.

(N4G) "New Trailer for FF verses XIII!...."
(ME) Awesome, wheres the link to the footage?
(N4G) "was just reviled at a private theater at....."
(ME) .....are you f*cking kidding me? f*ck off with these N4G Traffic Gold BullSh*t. until i see some gameplay footage, its just another game thats coming out a year down the line. sure the CGI trailers were "amazing" but c'mon, "its going to sell 8 mil!" how the hell can you tell when we have literally seen nothing.....

shawnsl653255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Just remember that Versus is made from the original Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and kingdom heart team. You can expect A++++ Story and gameplay from the dev team.

I am still going to buy the FFXIII that is coming out next year. At least it won't have an annoying main char (like VANN from FF12 *what a wimp*)

Shang-Long3255d ago

Screamed like a lil grl when I saw this title

KnightOfAlbion3255d ago

Or Tidus I really found Tidus annoying! x) I think it was his voice or something...

Noctis Aftermath3255d ago

The reason why people are expecting more from this title is because it will be aimed at a mature audience, something that most japanese developers do not do because gaming is still treated as something meant for kids in japan.

FF13 was not aimed at a mature audience just to clarify.

ThanatosDMC3255d ago

Lame... i clicked thinking the video would be in the link. I feel used.

Chris3993255d ago

but you're setting yourself up for a kick to the groin as this could easily go multi-plat.

Square Enix made the EXACT same promises about XIII. Literally almost the same spiel, word for word, about console exculsivity, using all the PS3's power, blu-ray and all that.

And soon as they got a cheque from MS, they sang a different tune. Jesus, Tecmo did a similar song and dance with Quantum. I wouldn't be surprised to see Bioware pump out a PS3 Mass Effect.

Lesson is, unless it's 1st/ 2nd party, it's exclusivity is totally up for grabs.

Noctis Aftermath3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

While i won't rule out the possibility of it going multiplat, i'd bet on it staying exclusive, sony probably already have the deal locked it, sony could even be giving them things that are worth more to them then a one off cheque from MS.

sack_boi3255d ago

You seem to be an expert in Japanese culture...

stonecold13255d ago

will be a day 1 purhuse for me

Eamon3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Yeah lets diss a game before either of us have ever played it because we always know better.

And now the "ff13 is gimped" has become too old for dissing, let's now call it a "girlie game" because, of course, we can rate it and make unbiased opinions without even playing it of course.

But don't worry, we never "suddenly" started dissing it because it became a multiplatform game. Oh no no no. We generally loathe it because we are smart that way. It's merely a coincidence that our hate started when ff13 was announced for another platoform. No doubt.


Even if this game never came to 360, I bought a PS3 for it anyway and I am still going to get this on PS3 because it's on one disc and it's most probably going to be superior (although nothing is confirmed yet). I would have loved to get it on 360 for the achievements though.

Funny thing is, most of the haters above ^ are most definately going to get this game. So they're not only insulting S-E's intelligence but also their own intelligence... oh wait.

callahan093255d ago

I agree with Chris399 on this one. I'm not holding my breath for this to stay exclusive.

gintoki7773255d ago

versus will be amazing
it appeals to us more because of the characters and the more serious darker theme.
ff`13 is much more lighthearted
no doubt versus yes ill say it again will be amazing

spectyre3255d ago

Great video.
That is the exact image I have in my head when I imagine what most of the fanboy posters on this site are like.

hatchimatchi3255d ago

The ps3 fanboys are looking really childish right now.

Dismissing FFXIII because it's multiplat...

None of us know what the game was gonna be like if it was ps3 exclusive, it might have been the exact same game. I have the japanese import and the game is nothing short of incredible. There's nothing wrong with Final Fantasy being on multiple consoles, the series started on the nes and there were 6 main canon games in the series before it made the jump over to the playstation. Another thing is that videogames are expensive as hell to make nowadays, i don't blame square for wanting to make some money. I think it's messed up that they blew off the ps3 and released a bunch of exclusive rpgs for the 360 but i dont find anything wrong in making a game that plays on both consoles.

Dismiss the game all you want but all you're doing is setting yourself up to miss out on a great game.

Before i get flamed for this i wanna point out that i don't even own a 360. PS3 is the console i game on the most.

Be a gamer, not a blind console fanboy.

zeeshan3255d ago

No video!??? WTH? Ah well, it's not like this game is going to arrive any time sooner. I mean, this should be ready by the time we are ready to move to PS4.

kewlkat0073255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

More of a Crisis Core type game. It's looking good. This have a release date?

"Just remember that Versus is made from the original Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and kingdom heart team. You can expect A++++ Story and gameplay from the dev team."

Minus Kingdom Hearts don't forget these guys.
-Hironobu Sakaguchi
-Nobuo Uematsu

shawnsl653255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Well this game IS the #1 reason why I bought the PS3. #2 on my list is split between Castlevania : lords of shadows and God of War 3. I don't really care if it goes multiplat later on. As long as it is not gimped in any ways or held back, and delivers another FF3 & FFVII type experience for me.

Was it 3 that had cecil in it? I forgot, wayyy too long ago.

raztad3255d ago

I think people need to get used to the idea SE games are not exclusives to the PS brand whatever it means. Probably the only factor keeping FFVS exclusive is Nomura himself, but even then he is just an employee. Never trust anything SE says. Probably they are lying.

That said. I hope main FFXIII is a good game. I read a very good preview from 1UP and hopefully those new japanese PS3 owners will have an awesome ride.

Ravage273255d ago

how i wish this is coming out first :((((((((((

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Lavalamp3256d ago

Even a small amount of information such as this makes me feel excited! I can't wait to see it for myself!

The Great Melon3255d ago

Same here. They just slowly trickle out information at these things every year.

iron_sheik3256d ago

the game will easily sell around 8m on ps3 ww with 3m-4m coming just from japan

ff13 will also do around 6m on ps3 ww

sack_boi3255d ago

8 million is too low, try 50 million, with 40 from Japan alone and the rest from the rest of the world. All that, day 1 off course.

Oldsnake0073255d ago

sry dude, your sarcasm failed

sack_boi3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Even you were able to tell I was being sarcastic... so, no.

Skyreno3256d ago

aww heck yeah i want see the trailer ... does anyone has it.. is it on youtube??? ahh i can;t wait :( so EXCITED

Myze3255d ago

I have a feeling, now that XIII has been released, there will start to be a lot more FFvXIII footage/info available, at least in Japan. They're probably pretty far along on it by now.

Pyrrhus3255d ago

Incredibly excited for this.
I prefer the 'darker' atmosphere of this game.

Looks nice. And finally starting to get information about it wiht XIII out of the way.