Torchlight Update Adds Steam Achievements

E4G: Runic's critically-acclaimed action RPG, Torchlight, has received a major update to add support for Steam Cloud functionality and Steam Achievements.

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thereapersson3197d ago

I was wondering when they were going to update this title through steam. The official updates were already out and the Steam version was still sitting at 1.11. Nice to see they finally got around to doing this. :)

dkblackhawk503197d ago

More games coming with Steam Cloud support, getting good :P

likedamaster3197d ago

Bu...bu...but achievements are for silly console gamers! LOL. That's good but I didn't get it from Steam.

toaster3196d ago

Stem has had achievements for a while and I'm pretty sure TF2 was one of the games that started tracking achievement progress.

Letros3196d ago

It's only $10, I purchased!

3196d ago
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