Gaming Age: Tekken 6 (PSP) Review

Gaming Age writes: "I'll say this; Namco Bandai has really got the PSP down pat when it comes to their fighters. First we had Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, which was one of the better portable fighting ports I had seen in quite a while, and then they follow that up with this, Tekken 6 on PSP. Not only is it a really solid port, but it actually improves on a couple areas from the home console versions of the game. Sure, it doesn't stack up when it comes to visuals (even though those are still pretty damn good), but for the most part the core experience of the original shines through here, minus the awful Campaign Scenario Mode from the home game. The load times are much improved here, both with the physical UMD and the download if you opt for the digital route."

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