The Saboteur PC Patch Set To Be Released Today

E4G: Good news for those who were planning on playing the Saboteur but had a ATI card.



Patch is being uploaded to servers. Still looking to hit online just after 4:00pm


The Saboteur BETA Patch size is 13.8MB - Links going live shortly.

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dkblackhawk503280d ago

I bet ATI owners are happy now :P

LeonSKennedy4Life3280d ago

Probably not.

They're still ATI owners. : )

MostJadedGamer3279d ago

PC gaming is a complete, and total mess. Just play games on consoles, and you can avoid all the problems, and hassles, and expense. PC gaming is just completely worthless. I don't feel sorry at all for people who have all these problems with PC games because they should know enough by now to only play games on consoles.

dkblackhawk503280d ago

Hmm, quick fix I suppose...

dkblackhawk503280d ago

Sorry, forgot to add the dates lol...It took them about 10 days to fix it, they should have spotted this bug before releasing the game...

mrv3213280d ago

These guys lost their jobs, right before christmas. Not nice now. Considering that most people where fired ten days seems ok, Gears 2 took an age to fix with a full studio. Respect the countless farthers and mothers who will have no money for christmas all because EA and gamers don't get these type of games.

dkblackhawk503280d ago

Agreed, EA certainly picked the perfect time to lay them off.../sarcasm.

mrv3213280d ago

The worst bit about it is that they made a good game.

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jjesso19933280d ago

no iam sure they are happy some lucky ati owner has most powerfull graphics card on the market remember i my self 5750 and and got bought this for xmas cant wait to test out my new system

tdrules3280d ago

so powerful yet so useless.
so many games ive seen having problems with ATI, must suck for them
nvidia owners on the other hand, win win win

dkblackhawk503280d ago

But for Nvidia, you have to pay the price...

warfed3280d ago

Yes so many games... can you count how many? I have both ATI and nVidia cards. They both have problems at times but nVidia definitely got the most fanboys and you are clearly one of them.

ian723280d ago

I got this for ps3 and its a good game, bit like gta.
If you are thinking about getting this game for PC, if you like games like gta then you should like this.

Johnny_Cojones3280d ago

Even with a clean Windows 7 install & the latest drivers, both 5870s I've owned haven't performed up to snuff in some of my favorite games.

Sticking with Nvidia.

dkblackhawk503280d ago

Ours are performing quite well, maybe it is another issue?

warfed3280d ago

lol that card can run crysis maxed without a problem... what are some of those favorite games of yours?

Johnny_Cojones3279d ago

Red Faction Guerilla & GTA 4 are the ones I have issues in.

Dirt 2 looks great in DirectX 11.

Batman: Arkham Asylum plays great, although I did like PhysX.

Any open world game I've played has had framerate issues, though, particularly when I'm aimlessly driving around destroying things.

I don't get it.

I realize how powerful the card is. All I can think of is that it may be a compatibility issue with my EVGA X58 3 Way SLI mobo.

Contemplating a MOBO upgrade, to the new X58 ASUS with SATA III and USB 3.0. Not because of the 5870, just because I want one for when the 6 cores come out next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.