Left 4 Dead Update Released

E4G: Updates to Left 4 Dead have been released.

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dkblackhawk503168d ago

Valve is still updating Left 4 Dead?

mjolliffe3168d ago

Obviously. It's only a year and a bit old and they promised to keep updating it with new content and ideas.

dkblackhawk503168d ago

Hmm but they should be trying to fix Left 4 Dead 2's AI.

Pandamobile3168d ago

Why wouldn't they. They still update the original Counter Strike.

dkblackhawk503168d ago

But...but...CS is old school awesome :P

Pandamobile3168d ago

Point being is they never stop updating their multiplayer games.

likedamaster3168d ago

"Point being is they never stop updating their multiplayer games."

I thought most would already know this about Valve. Silly me.

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dkblackhawk503168d ago

"Fixed a common crash", that is a good thing :D

DarkBlood3168d ago

well luckly i still have my left 4 dead 1 for pc despite planing on getting the second one for the xbox i'll have to pop it in and check out this update

dkblackhawk503168d ago

The update definitely had its pros.

3168d ago
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