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WarDevil Gets High End Motion Capture Equipement

WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within draws upon strong filmic narrative, a complex story unfolds, immersing the player into a vivid and complex world, far beyond that from conventional video games. Vicon announced the sale of 16 of its Academy Award-winning motion capture MX40 cameras to Digi-Guys for its motion capture scenes. (PS3, WarDevil)
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SimmoUK  +   2908d ago
This is one of those huge titles just sitting under the radar, the videos of the engine are amazing, i like the art direction and the whole theme of the game. We should see more at E3...
Blasphemy  +   2908d ago
This game looks amazing I can't wait to see more on it.
insertnamehere  +   2908d ago
Wow, I thought this game was dead.
Rims  +   2908d ago
This game will be..
Simply amazing. I hope it will be at E3!
Rims  +   2908d ago
double post
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tehcellownu  +   2908d ago
war devil is goin to turn out amazin on the ps3..cant wait to see more videos of it..
Marty8370  +   2908d ago
Awesome PS3 exclusive.
GaMr-  +   2908d ago
This Game is 2 things.

1. Under the Radar.

2. Is going to be amazing.

BIOSHOCK Supplement anyone?
Cartesian3D  +   2908d ago
change that F'in avatar (PERFECT!) ,many fans here are 6 years old ..
ShAkKa  +   2908d ago
welcome back
where were you? you used to be my favorite poster.
BlackIceJoe  +   2908d ago
I have gone to the wardevil site and even too the Digi guys site and from what I have read. This really is going to try to be one game that looks and feels like a movie and if it can pull that off I would be thrilled. That being said this game should be a good one.
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SimmoUK  +   2908d ago
Please tell me you've seen the trailers, you have got to watch the trailers words cannot describe how good this engine looks!

To blackicejoe below:
That's great mate just didn't want you missing out, this game looks stunning and it's one of my most anticipated early 08 titles :) E3 should shed more light on things! oh happy days...
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BlackIceJoe  +   2908d ago
Sorry about that SimmoUK. I have seen the trailers I saw them on the wardevil web site and a few other places and I for one really can't wait to get to play this game. Plus see what has changed from the last trailers.
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SimmoUK  +   2908d ago
Think how good it looked last year, I meen seriously it looked absolutely fantastic in them trailers i don't think there's one person that can say otherwise, kinda reminds me of terminator as well which is a good thing, I think jaws are going to hit the floor!
Cartesian3D  +   2908d ago
I allways care about animation and physics in game.. this section can make any game looks FAR more better ..

just like HS .. good luck digi guys ..

art design is amazing too BTW..
kevin  +   2908d ago
this will be one of the games that will truely start to show the Gigantic gap between the ps3 and 180, along with killzone 2 at e3

the guy underneath me he is so funny, does he mean eragon, anyway the only way that the 180 or 360 has anything comparible to this, is in a cutscene, it must be the online that is comparible, or maybe some way in the gamplay, but the graphics, H3LLS NAW, nice try funny one
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Odion  +   2908d ago
First off Kevin your a piece of sh!t which is like a cancer on this site, please take yourself and huntersville and leave.

Secondly the 360 already has a game thats compariable called Ergon.
Saint Sony  +   2908d ago
So, when is this coming?.. 2008.. 2009?
There are lots of discussion and stuff in web.. even trailer for PS3/360. So is it PS3 exclusive or not?

Looks damn fine.
tony  +   2907d ago
i'm waiting for this game and project offset so bad. the industry need this, cause all the games are looking almost the same lately.

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