Top 25 Games of the Decade: #8 - Metroid Prime

"Taking the leap from 2D to 3D, Metroid Prime was a success in every department. The gameplay design was nearly perfect, it was well balanced, the controls were excellent, and it was challenging from beginning to end.

Metroid Prime is much more than a standard first-person shooter; it's a title about exploration and discovery. The Morph Ball mode touched on these aspects as the Metroid series has always been much more than any average action title – they are landmark titles that pushed their genres forward, which Prime clearly does."

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2FootYard3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Metroid Prime is f***ing hawt! I love that sunken space station and all the cute little visors.

athmaus3280d ago

I loved this game, itwas really fun. One of teh best games on the GC

Viewtiful3280d ago

Definitely the best one IMO.I don't think anything in that entire generation matched MP.

Caspel3280d ago

Metroid Prime is where the goods are at.

Smacktard3280d ago

Metroid Prime is one of my favorite games ever. I can't think of any other game from this decade that I liked more.

DevastationEve3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

Agreed, bubbles to all! Metroid Prime was huge and epic.

Question, there's a boss that I always had issues with later on in the game (near or before getting the phazon suit). I forgot the level/map, but it's some weird eggbot-like thing that I only ever seem to beat by getting stuck in tight spot where it can't hurt me and then just shooting the hell out of it. You need a special visor to see it when it cloaks, and also it can take your health down like water, really quick.

Anybody got any idea what I'm talking about and if so maybe you got a better strategy?

edit: it's at the Central Dynamo...


Found it!

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