Go!GamingGiant: Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned Review

Go!GamingGiant writes: "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is the first piece of DLC for Borderlands, the new FPS/RPG from Gearbox. Retailing for about $10, the DLC provides an entire new area with new enemies, new characters, new quests and a new plotline. To be quite honest, I found the DLC to be more enjoyable than many parts of the actual main game, and in this review of Zombie Island of Dr. Ned I'm going to tell you why.

The plotline is pretty thin but it is packed with humor and cultural references. The plot boils down to a mad scientist named Dr. Ned and his experimentation on the undead. That's where it ends, there's not much substance to it, just like the story of the actual game, paper thin. That being said, like I mentioned before, the humor is everywhere and it's well done, you will laugh quite a few times."

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Go Gaming Giant3281d ago

good review, but $10 seems a bit high

Murgatroyd73281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

I agree, $10 is high for DLC. Developers are really bleeding us dry with all of this DLC. Sure, I think it's great that we can extend the gameplay a bit more because of it, but I feel like they're starting to take advantage of us in a big way. Hopefully when I finally get around to purchasing Borderlands, I'll be able to save enough money to justify getting the DLC.

Mario Mergola3281d ago

Good stuff, I'll be looking into this.

mjolliffe3281d ago

Loved Borderlands from the start :)

Kamikaze83281d ago

I found the zombies to respawn to quickly. As soon as I killed them all, more respawned.

thegreatest78843281d ago

This DLC certainly looked interesting, but the game overall is terrible in my opinion. I guess it could appeal to those who aren't used to loot based games, but compared to the veterans like WoW (face it, this game is a future version of an MMORPG, without the MMO)the game just doesnt work, and because of that, it fails.

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