Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets Price Cut, World Of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Free With WoW Purchase

Today GameStop announced the online and retail discounts for the last week of holiday shopping. Gamers are faced with some pretty tempting offers.

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Chris3993286d ago

Get rid of your gf/ bf/ cats/ fish/ whatever now, run to EB and pick up that BC/ WOW combo!

Don't forget the diapers and Boost shakes! Gonna be a long winter, buy in bulk!

I kid, I kid. I actually went back to WOW a few weeks ago to test out the 3.3 content. Decent changes, but still more of the same. And would it kill them to implement some new character models? The environments are holding up to time alright, but the toons are primitive looking.

EvilCackle3285d ago

Well if they changed the character models, they'd have to go back and change a lot of other things like the equipment too, no? I guess they figure it's more important to keep generating gameplay content.

Chris3993285d ago

With little to no impact on a lot of the design choices - aside from 1/2 view helms.

It's really just laziness at this point. And where's the fun in creating an 80, investing all this time into getting the right gear (for so much of WOW is about the gear), just to look like everyone else? There's about a dozen (at most) haircuts for every race, a small selection of faces and a couple of features you can play with. Very, very dated by today's standards.

Where are dyes in the game? Surely recoloring something isn't going to break the game architecture? And it's in practically every MMO except WOW.

They need to jump on the customization bandwagon at some point. They are pioneers and leaders in a lot of aspects of MMO development, but in other areas, they're simply lagging.

EvilCackle3285d ago

...You're the guy I argued about Aion armor with, weren't you? :P

My point is just that new content is more likely to keep people playing than slightly better looking trinkets. Blizzard's more concerned with folks who have finished all the available content and are simply farming equipment.

I agree about the equipment dyes. That's too simple of a thing not to implement.

NecrumSlavery3285d ago

The fans have done everything. Kojima can't hear us anymore

kaz-hirai3285d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 only possible on PS3 and its Blu Ray capabilities

Shadow Man3285d ago

Halo:Reach only possible on Xbox360 and its X-Engine capabilities.

NecrumSlavery3285d ago

Retardedness: Only possible from Shadow Man's mouth by his bvllshit

Obama3285d ago

Halo:Reach still doesn't look better than killzone2, so what's your point?

BX813285d ago

@Obama you do realize PC gamers skeet both consoles in da mouth, so what's ur point?

Obama3285d ago

My point is Shadowman is wrong. Did I ever say pc is less powerful than the ps3?

3285d ago
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