Splinter Cell: Conviction PC: No Dedicated Server Support

Ubisoft has released a Splinter Cell: Conviction Q&A which spills the beans on the game's multiplayer component. The bad news for PC owners is the game will not feature dedicated servers.

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Leord3196d ago

I don;t like this whole "No dedicated server support" theme that new games seems to have. Stupid, really.

raztad3196d ago

This is plain wrong. Dedicated servers are a must for a smooth experience. It seems MW2 started a really bad trend for PC gaming. I read RAGE wont have dedicated servers either.

Blaze9293196d ago

It isnt like this game is pitting people in 8 on 8 matches though. What is this game supporting, 2 on 2 tops and then 2p co-op? That's kind of a waste to invest in dedicated servers if so then. Not at as bad as a game that requires it as Battlefield or Call of Duty

toaster3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

If you're playing online with that low of a number of people then I see no reason to have dedi's. Dedi's are used for massive amounts of gamers playing in the same server (18, 32, 64, etc.) and Ubisoft would be wasting time and money by making the tools for dedicated servers for a game of 4.

I'm all for dedicated servers but in some cases, it's better for the developers to use their time wisely (IE polishing the experience) and not worry about stuff like multiplayer if their game is mainly for singleplayer anyways.

Bnet3433196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I was going to say the same thing Blaze929 said. This game will support like 6-8 players. If you can't host a room with that amount of players, your internet really sucks. MW2 I can understand, but this, just no.

3195d ago
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Dorjan3196d ago

Well, black and white. Let the drama commence!

Fyzzu3196d ago

I shall get some popcorn and watch the internet go mental.

Considering it's, what, four player max? I don't think it's going to have that much of an impact, really.

thetamer3196d ago

Yeah, screw you PC users! Get a console and learn how to play real games!

I don't actually mean that, however, if you grate a boiled egg, mix it with water and then dehydrate it, you have a powder which can be used as milk.

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The story is too old to be commented.