DICE reveal new Bad Company 2 game mode, map.

DICE have officially revealed a new multiplayer game mode, Squad Deathmatch, and map, Laguna Presa, for upcoming FPS, Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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WildArmed3287d ago

Very cool. Not just another TDM! :)

Aggesan3287d ago

This could be really, really fun! For some reason I don't think assult will be such a popular class in this game mode. Or maybe it will. I hope so since it's my favourite.

Hanif-8763287d ago

Why is this mode locked at 16 players, shouldn't it be like 6 squads which is equivalent to 24 players? However, this game is looking better and better every time i see it!

NotSoSilentBob3287d ago

Damn do I wish they would add this to the PS3 beta on the last day. This is something I have been wanting in games for awhile. Instead of 2 teams having 4-10.

SixZeroFour3286d ago

halo 3 had multiteam which was 2v2v2v2...but this along with the squad based tactic will be extremely fun with friends or ppl with mics

chak_3287d ago

4vs4vs4vs4 ^^

I dunno, gotta give it a try

madpuppy3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I am really looking forward to playing the full version when it gets released in March.

Been having a great amount of fun with the Arica harbor beta map but, my desire for variety is craving more diverse locations. jungles, urban and snow covered levels are what I hope to see soon.

life doomer3287d ago

this will suck cod will own....


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