Mass Effect 2 Expansion Packs Possible

BioWare intends to release downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 after it hits stores. The new content may be larger than you'd expect, though.

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dgroundwater3283d ago

They should pack in extra guns/armour equipment packs in WITH the story expansions. It gives you a huge incentive to make the purchase. The idea of purchasing game items like guns for a dollar or whatever seems so wrong. That's why I laughed at Dead Space DLC.

EvilCackle3283d ago

I just don't care about the new equipment period. By the time DLC is released, I've generally finished the main campaign already so what's the point of collecting better weapons? It's not like I'll need them for anything.

bakasora3282d ago

i hate this tread.
they planned a DLC even before the release.

DiffusionE3282d ago

Don't you just love it when devs devote almost half of their precious game development time to make DLCs way before the game is released? Shouldn't they be dedicating 100% of the dev-time and dev-workforce to making the final release version of the game as bug-free and amazing as possible? Shouldn't the DLCs only be in development AFTER the actual game release?

There's a full month till release date and they're talking more about the DLCs than the retail game itself? WTF!

pimpmaster3282d ago

i call bs, this is exactly what they said about the first one.

3282d ago
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